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Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained
Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How did Toto solve the Piggy-bank case?

The second episode takes us to the time when our deranged detective Ron was still a bonafide student at Blue. Having cracked a cold case that nobody could afford to solve, he caught the attention of the people as the greatest genius ever graced the school. It leads people to think of him as a person who might possess the ability to think as a criminal. 

This is, after all, his life motto. Resolve the cases that detectives have left unsolved. 

Ron Kamonashi’s detective skills do remind me of Rampo from Bungou Stray Dogs, and his personality definitely reminds me of Dazai with hints of Gojo Satoru. Isn’t it, people?

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 2 Recap: How does Ron make Toto his puppet?

This episode deals with the case of the locked room piggy bank theft. 

Toto pays a visit to Ron on Kiku’s advice to check on him. Before he knocks on the door, Ron opens it up with excitement, anticipating that he must have come bearing cases to solve. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

He immediately begins sulking and returns to his usual resting mode. He tells Toto how his extraordinary deductive abilities, honed at the world’s preeminent detective training academy, are squandered. 

But things went haywire when he was expelled on suspicion of murdering the suspects he went after. His detective license was revoked, and he was barred from sleuthing at all. 

On breaking the prohibitions, he shall be sentenced to death by Blue. 

On this note, it reminds Toto that he sleuthed in the last case. Toto will do the superficial sleuthing in order to avoid a death sentence, but Ron will do the actual work. Toto will dance to the tune of Ron and solve cases. 

But only if Toto brings up cases for him will this be possible. However, poor Toto cannot do so because of his superior, Amamiya-san, who happens to scare the life out of our timid Toto. 

This takes us to the crime that was committed on the same day. 

A dead body of a man in his twenties is reported to have been found dead on the riverbank. Everyone in the investigation division except Toto is preparing to visit the crime scene because, according to Amamiya, he is worthless and unfit to work with the team in this regard. He is assigned to all the odd jobs that are not taken up by the other officers in the division.  

“One day, the trash man will rule over all humanity,” says Ron. 

Toto shares the information with Ron that a report was made about missing money from a piggy bank. The instant the news reaches his ears, Ron jumps right on his feet, ready to solve the case, even if its a petty theft case. A case is a case. 

And with that, the sleuthing commences. 

Ron is disguised as an employee of Piggy Bank Emergency Services and visits the place where theft has taken place. He notices a suitcase and immediately pounces on it, thinking it to be the suspected piggy bank. The real one was in the living room – the impregnable pig. 

While Toto begins with the interrogation, the pieces of jewellery on the shelf, which are quite noticeable, catch Ron’s attention. 

Well, if the thief stole the coins from a piggy bank, pilfering money from which is next to impossible, why did not he steal the jewelry that was right in front of his eyes? That’s weirdly suspicious. 

Talking about how weird it is, the girl mentions the recent silent phone calls, after which she made sure to lock the door before leaving. Then how did the theft take place? Even Ron gives up thinking. 

The elder sister comes home and tells them about her whereabouts from yesterday. 

The piggy bank, which weighed like an iron statue just the other day, weighed lighter the next day. Just when Toto thinks that the investigation is not progressing, Ron solves it. 

He hears the clanking of the coins and decides to break the piggy bank in order to make sure of his deduction. 

The coins are sent to forensics for fingerprinting. In the meantime, Ron goes for a walk. 

Ron’s invеstigativе approach is truly beyond Toto’s comprеhеnsion.  Dеciphеring his mеthods and stratеgiеs for handling casеs is a challеngе in itsеlf.  Undoubtеdly,  his tеchniquеs arе thе most еxtraordinary of thеm all.  

Toto meets up with Ron at the place they were supposed to meet. The forensic results are out. It states that the younger sister’s fingerprints are not on the coins. 

But how is that possible? Isn’t she the one to put the coins in when she finds out that the piggy bank weighs lighter than before?

Well, Ron already knew it. 

The place they meet is the place where the dead body was found. Amamiy and her team were still there, investigating the corpse.

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions Episode 2 Ending Explained: How did Ron and Toto solve the Piggy-bank case?

We know about how Ron solves his cases with his peculiar and out-of-the-world method, where the dead body happens to speak to him and helps him solve the case.
“Dead bodies talk”. That’s what Ron believes in.

As instructed by Ron, Toto summons the sisters to the riverbank. 

He explains the case and says that if breaking the bank is impossible, it is always possible to replace it with another, and he takes out a piggy bank from the parcel Ron retrieved from the dead body.

The sisters recognise it as their piggy bank. So the point is, there were no fewer coins because they were stolen. The previous piggy bank was broken. In order to hide that, a new one was purchased as its replacement. Now the question is, who purchased the piggy bank?

The evidence speaks against the elder sister. 

The dots were aligned. The fingerprints that were found were those of the elder sisters. 

It does not end with just theft. The reason she hid the piggy bank was not just because it was broken; it was a murder. She murdered that man. 

What’s the real story behind the murder?

The dead man was her stalker. That connects with silent phone calls. To not beat around the bush, the elder sister used the piggy bank for her self-defense and hit his head with that. 

 Toto narrates the entire story and how it must have happened, why, and how the piggy bank was replaced and the dead body was dumped on the riverbank. 

The large suitcase, the piggy bank, the fewer coins, the jewellery – all these shreds of evidence suggest one thing- the elder sister is the criminal.

She gets caught in all ways possible, and there is no escape from it. She confesses and accepts it.

Should she be considered all guilty? Was not the stalker at fault, and did she not act in self-defense?

It is true that had the stalker not been there in the first place, no murder would have been committed. But killing someone and concealing it in itself is a crime. She will not be spared. 

Now that the mystery is solved, does that mean the episode ends here? Absolutely not. Don’t forget the reason why Ron’s deductive skills are forbidden. 

After the criminal is found, Ron subconsciously and involuntarily pressurises the criminal to death. It’s more like hypnosis. He hypnotizes them into committing suicide. This is the time when Toto comes into use. 

Just like the other day, he saves the criminal from committing suicide and from drowning in the water. 

Later on, Amamiya explains that if the authority accepts the case as an act of self-defense then they may take that into consideration for her dumping his body as well.

Soon she jumps to the point where Toto gets an earful for violating the regulations. But here we see Amamiya bewitched by Kamo’s—I mean, Ron’s—cool deductive skills.

But things get a bit darker at Blue, where the authority finds out about Ron resuming his work. To avoid another tragedy of a detective killing people, the Principal orders an investigation of Ron Kamonohashi. 


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