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How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have? What is the best arc in Spy x Family?
How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have? What is the best arc in Spy x Family?

How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have? What is the best arc in Spy x Family?

Spy x Family, the Japanese manga and anime sensation, has taken the world by storm since its debut in 2019 and with the anime adaptation premiering in 2022, its popularity continues to soar.

Created by Tatsuya Endo, this unique series seamlessly blends spying, family dynamics and humour into a captivating narrative that has left fans eagerly anticipating each new chapter and episode. As the story unfolds, it is divided into distinct arcs, each bringing adventures, challenges, and revelations.

This article is here to answer one of the most asked questions by the fans: How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have? What is the best arc in Spy x Family? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of Spy x Family, exploring the number of arcs that make up this captivating series and delving into the intricacies of each. From the initial Introduction Arc that set the stage for the entire story to the latest WISE Arc, we’ll provide insights into the themes, character development and unique twists that define each arc.

But that’s not all. As fans of the series are well aware, Spy x Family offers a rich world of storytelling, making it challenging to pinpoint the absolute best arc. Yet, by the end of this article, you’ll have a definitive answer: What is the best arc in Spy x Family? We’ll take you on a journey through the highs and lows of the story and by examining the arcs in detail, we’ll determine which one shines the brightest in this remarkable tale.

How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have?

The manga boasts 11 main arcs, spread across 64 chapters, along with supplementary mini-chapters that add depth to the narrative.

However, with the ongoing manga, the number of arcs is subject to change as the story evolves.

These arcs vary in length, with the longest being the Great Cruise Adventure Arc, spanning 15 chapters and the shortest, the Introduction Arc, comprising just two chapters. 

Introduction Arc

Number of Chapters: 2

Chapters: 1-2

The Introduction Arc is where Spy x Family kicks off its captivating story. In these initial chapters, readers are introduced to Twilight, a spy with a mission to create a fake family. This marks the beginning of a unique journey filled with humour and intrigue as Twilight, posing as a father, navigates the complexities of family life.

This arc lays the foundation for the series’ themes and promises an enticing blend of spying and family dynamics that continue to captivate readers throughout the story. It’s the starting point for the thrilling adventure in Spy x Family.

Admissions Interview Arc

Number of Chapters: 4

Chapters: 3-6

The Admissions Interview Arc delves deeper into the complexities of Eden Academy, where the Forger family must navigate the challenges of admissions interviews and social interactions. As Twilight, posing as Loid Forger continues his mission, readers witness the family’s attempts to blend into the elite school environment.

This arc introduces us to the dynamics of Eden Academy, showcasing the characters’ efforts to maintain their disguises and adapt to their new roles. It’s a crucial phase in the series, offering insights into the family’s evolving relationships and the humorous situations that arise as they strive to meet their mission objectives.

Eden Beginnings Arc

Number of Chapters: 4

Chapters: 7-10

The Eden Beginnings Arc continues to explore the family’s journey within the intricate web of Eden Academy. As Anya prepares to enrol in the prestigious institution officially, the Forger family embarks on a quest to acquire the necessary uniform.

However, this arc introduces a cloud of discrimination and potential kidnappings, adding an element of suspense to their preparations. In this phase of the series, readers gain deeper insights into the family’s challenges, both within the academy and in the larger world of spying. 

Secret Police Arc

Number of Chapters: 4

Chapters: 11-14

The Secret Police Arc marks a pivotal moment in Spy x Family as the story delves deeper into the world of spying. Twilight, the master spy, faces the pressures of his role when Yor’s brother Yuri visits the Forger Family who is also in the secret police and a sinister conspiracy begins to emerge.

As Twilight grapples with his responsibilities and the secrets surrounding him, readers are drawn deeper into the complexities of the spying world. 

Stella Star Arc

Number of Chapters: 6

Chapters: 8.5, 15, 15.2, 16-17, 27.1

The “Stella Star Arc” explores the academic challenges faced by Anya and her classmates at Eden Academy as they strive to earn coveted Stella Stars. These stars are essential for securing their positions as Imperial Scholars, adding prestige to their education.

Throughout this arc, readers witness the characters’ determination as they engage in various activities to earn Stella Stars. 

Doggy Crisis Arc

Number of Chapters: 6

Chapters: 18-23

In the Doggy Crisis Arc, Spy x Family takes a delightful and unexpected turn as Loid Forger decides to help Anya earn a Stella Star through community service. The family’s outing to a hospital for their duty takes an unforeseen twist when Anya, supposed to be on her best behaviour, fails miserably and is excused from her duty.

However, as Anya walks away, she hears a cry for help from Ken, who is drowning in a pool. She rushes to his aid, who can’t swim either, leading to an eventful rescue mission where Loid, ends up saving both of them. Anya’s bravery and quick thinking earn her a Stella Star and a dog as her prize. 

Midterm Exams Arc

Number of Chapters: 5

Chapters: 24-28

In the Midterm Exams Arc, the academic challenges intensify for Anya and her classmates as the looming midterm exams approach. Anya faces the pressure of not failing her exams, as doing so would bring her several steps closer to expulsion from Eden Academy.

This arc delves into the student’s academic pursuits and the stress that comes with academic performance. It also highlights Anya’s determination to excel despite her unique abilities and the challenges she faces as part of the Forger family.

Campbelldon Tennis Arc

Number of Chapters: 7

Chapters: 29-35

The Campbelldon Tennis Arc takes readers on an intriguing journey as Twilight, accompanied by his fellow agent, Fiona Frost, enters an underground tennis tournament. Their mission: to retrieve the Zacharis Dossier, a document rumoured to reignite the flames of war before the government of Ostania gets its hands on it.

While Twilight is immersed in spying, Yor grapples with her insecurities and concerns about Twilight’s mysterious lover. 

Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc

Number of Chapters: 7

Chapters: 36-42

The Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc brings a rare opportunity for Damian as he sees a chance to reconnect with his distant father during the biannual Imperial Scholars Mixer. This event, hosted by Eden Academy, is a significant occasion for society’s elite.

However, Twilight has its own agenda, setting the stage for humorous clashes and unexpected developments. In this arc, readers are treated to a blend of comedy and intrigue as Damian’s aspirations collide with Twilight’s mission. 

Great Cruise Adventure Arc

Number of Chapters: 15

Chapters: 43-57

The Great Cruise Adventure Arc marks a thrilling and suspenseful phase in Spy x Family. In this arc, the assassin Thorn Princess receives a high-stakes mission: to protect Olka Gretcher and her son from a group of skilled assassins aboard the Princess Lorelei cruise ship.

This mission intertwines with the Forger family’s life as they win tickets to the same cruise ship. As Yor, posing as Thorn Princess tries to protect her secret identity from Anya and Loid, who also board the cruise, the arc is filled with tension, action and intrigue. 


Number of Chapters: 7+

Chapters: 58-TBC

The WISE Arc is the latest phase of Spy x Family, and while the details beyond Chapter 58 are yet to be revealed, it promises to be a significant development in the story. Many of WISE’s spies and personnel are tasked with bringing peace between the nations of Ostania and Westalis.

Within this arc, readers can expect further exploration of the world of spying, as well as the personal and professional challenges faced by the characters. Twilight, as a key figure within WISE, will likely play a central role as the story unfolds.

What is the best arc in Spy x Family?

How Many Arcs Does Spy x Family Have? What is the best arc in Spy x Family?
What is the best arc in Spy x Family?

Among the riveting arcs that make up Spy x Family, the Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc is among the most captivating. In this arc, the intricacies of social gatherings and familial dynamics take centre stage as Damian seeks to reconnect with his father, and Twilight orchestrates his covert mission amidst the chaos.

The Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc offers a delightful blend of humour, spying and character development. It explores the complexities of relationships within the Forger family and provides a glimpse into the inner workings of the spying world. Twilight’s humorous attempts to infiltrate Damian’s meeting with his father add a layer of comedic brilliance to the narrative.

Moreover, this arc showcases the series’ knack for seamlessly weaving together multiple storylines while maintaining a perfect balance between comedy and intrigue. It highlights the dynamic between the characters and their growth throughout the series.

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