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Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is Ri Hwa Ja?

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

In the previous episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon, we were introduced to our lead lady, Gang Nam Soon. Nam Soon is blessed by the superhuman strength that every woman of her bloodline inherits. But her powers are not limited to her strength. She also has great speed and jumping ability.

In the story so far, we have seen a girl by the name of Ri Hwa Ja pose as Gang Nam Soon and approach her mother, Hwang Geum Ju. Ganghan Precinct receives a tip about a mule being present on a flight from Mongolia, and detective Gang Hee Sik, with another detective, heads to the airport.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Recap: Who is Ri Hwa Ja?

At the airport, the detectives are thoroughly checking the luggage of every passenger aboard the flight from Mongolia. Hee Sik even tears apart a mask to check whether there may be drugs hidden in it. The owner of the luggage, a nurse, discloses that the huge number of masks were part of relief supplies.

Nam Soon also gets her luggage checked, but the items there are anything but regular in Korea—Ppappa’s mane and ankle bone. There is also a magic wand.

Hee Sik retains the items for forensics to go through, not without some resistance from Nam Soon. In the end, Nam Soon relents after Hee Sik promises to help find her mother.

Nam Soon then heads over to her new apartment in Gangnam. It was introduced to her by an agent she contacted online while in Mongolia. Much to her shock, she was scammed. The scammer also stole her passport, her phone, and all the money she had.

Hee Sik collects Nam Soon’s belongings from the forensics department since they have been cleared for drug presence. But he is not able to contact her since her phone is stolen.

Nam Soon packs her things up and goes to the Han River. She mistakes the tents set up as Mongolian ger and makes one for herself with construction scraps, banners, and a tree that was to be cut down.

Hee Sik is with his senior, Young Tak, at Bong Go’s studio. He almost saw a picture of a young Nam Soon holding the magic wand but he was called in. Bong Go is impressed by Hee Sik’s looks and hands him a discount coupon for the studio.

Nam Soon files a complaint at the precinct. She soon realises that it would be difficult for the police to get back to her. This reminds her that some of her belongings are with Hee Sik. She asks the officer in contact to help her locate him.

Hee Sik and his seniors manage to arrest a middleman in the drug trade. He was making use of a woman with a child to leave empty feeding bottles filled with drugs at feeding stations in public places. Hee Sik wondered what they were dealing with.

At the same time, in a laboratory, a lab tech is showing a man in a suit their latest synthetic drug. It looks like ripped-up tissue paper in its solid form. It dissolves completely in water and forms a drug that is 200 times stronger than fentanyl and 400 times stronger than heroin.

Even 0.00001 g of the drug can instantly kill a person. The lab tech dissolves a mask, looking like the ones the nurse on the flight from Monglia was carrying, in a beaker. He then proceeds to evaporate the water in a controlled environment and transfer the residue to a petri dish.

Using a cotton swab to stick the powder in the ears would make it react 300 times faster when it is delivered to the brain than inhalation. It also leaves the system 20 times faster and is undetectable in urine.

Nam Soon meets two homeless people who offer to help her live without money—locations to places that offer free soup meals, free washrooms, and free wifi—in exchange for her building them a ger of their own.

The officer who filed Nam Soon’s complaint informs Hee Sik of the same. He is worried for her but finds it pleasing that Nam Soon finds him handsome.

Nam Soon lands back at the precinct when patrolling officers go over to Han River to solve a dispute between the park volunteers and the homeless trio. Nam Soon is crying in despair when, like a ray of sunlight, Hee Sik appears before her.

Nam Soon is thankful for Hee Sik having confiscated her belongings. At least her magic wand was not stolen because of it. Hee Sik and Nam Soon get closer.

Hwa Ja is in a shady restaurant. She plans with her companions to steal Geum Ju’s jewellery since she is unable to get access to the underground safe. The conversation is heard by Geum Ju’s personal secretary, Jung Na Young. She had bugged her when Geum Ju had asked her to tail Hwa Ja.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Ending Explained: Will Gang Bong Go Recognise Gang Nam Soon?

Hee Sik hands Nam Soon some money and advises her not to live in the ger. She promises to pay him back as soon as she gets a job. Since she would require a passport, Hee Sik offers to vouch for her.

He hands her the coupon for Bong Go’s studio so that she can go and get some passport photographs clicked. Hee Sik also points his residence out to her so that she can go find him if she’s unable to contact him. Nam Soon uses that knowledge to check up on him and discovers him dancing around his living room—in his underwear!

In the meantime, Geum Ju joins the Heritage Club, whose members are society’s elites. She plans to flip the power pyramid so that all people can live well in the world.

She might have started being the biker in leather boots to accumulate good deeds so that her daughter, wherever she might be, could live well. But it might not be the only reason behind Geum Ju’s actions.

Na Young confirms Geum Ju’s suspicions that Hwa Ja is not Nam Soon. Geum Ju does not take any action and tells her to quietly observe. Hwa Ja is watching a viral video showing Nam Soon chopping down a tree with her bare hands, and she seems to have realised who it is.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 2 of Strong Girl Nam Soon

Hee Sik leaves his personal phone with Nam Soon since she lost hers, and he has his work phone while on duty. She also teases him about dancing in his neon underwear. Hee Sik is baffled at how Nam Soon knew about his activities from the previous night.

At the Heritage Club, she comes into contact with a man who hands her a card. He tells her that if she really wants to change the world, she should go to the place mentioned in it. It is the place that grants access to special people.

Hee Sik calls Nam Soon to remind her about the passport photograph. She ends the call before he can say anything else. Hee Sik feels like he is being dragged around but doesn’t dislike the feeling.

Nam Soon reaches the studio just as Bong Go is closing it for the day. He sees her profile and stops in his tracks.

Elsewhere, at the laboratory, the man in the suit takes the cotton swab from the lab tech. His face is revealed as he inserts the swab into his ear. It is the man in black from the business class.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 2 Review

This was an episode of revelations, an introduction to some secrets, and a little fun on the side.

Ri Hwa Ja is not related to Hwang Geum Ju’s nightly activities. She is a greedy person planning to steal from Geum Ju. Her sixth sense is spot on, though. She had a feeling that Nam Soon was alive, which was confirmed when she saw the video. It is to be seen whether she accelerates the theft or brings harm to Nam Soon.

Within an episode, Hee Sik and Nam Soon met and grew close. That is almost too fast and definitely rare in Korean dramas. But their moments were cute.

Nam Soon remembering his name as Gan I-Sik (liver transplant) instead of Gang Hee Sik was funny yet a little dark. It highlights learners’ struggles with pronunciation when learning Korean as a foreign language.

Gang Bong Go had said that he could recognise Nam Soon in a heartbeat since she had Geum Ju’s eyes. But it would solve that segment of the drama too quickly. So the chances of that happening are low.

Then again, there’s enough suspense and thrill with the new synthetic drug. So the drama might reunite Nam Soon with her parents soon, though it might not be in the very next episode.

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