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Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Does Ha Eun Gyeol Manage to Befriend Ha Yi Chan?

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

It has been a long time since a light drama like Twinkling Watermelon (also Sparkling Watermelon) kept us on our toes. It is not a thriller that ends in cliffhangers, but it keeps us anticipating what will happen next until it is all we can think about.

Previously, Ha Eun Gyeol was made aware that he had to find out the reason why the owner of La Vida Music sent him to the past and find a way to return to his time. Ha Yi Chan sneaks into Choi Se Kyung’s school and meets Yoon Chung Ah. Meanwhile, Ha Eun Gyeol, who was waiting for him at the entrance, encounters Choi Se Kyung.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Recap: Does Ha Eun Gyeol Manage to Befriend Ha Yi Chan?

We get a glimpse into Se Kyung’s childhood. Everything changed when she discovered she was adopted. So she buried her desires deep in her heart and started to adopt the likes and dislikes of the couple’s deceased daughter. That was also why she started learning cello.

With that, we return to the events of the previous episode. In the short span of time that they converse, Eun Gyeol is surprised at how similar she is to her older self. He, still not used to the different timelines, repeatedly offends her by calling her aunt.

In the sports storage room, Yi Chan notices that Chung Ah’s forehead is bleeding. He takes his tie off to use it as a makeshift bandage, but Chung Ah bites his hand. Yi Chan screams from the pain, which alerts the person chasing him, the school’s physical education teacher, to his location.

Chung Ah’s bullies get notified that the teacher is looking for keys to the storage and panic. They rush to the scene, but both Yi Chan and Chung Ah have escaped using the side door. The teacher is frustrated, and the girls let out a sigh of relief.

Yi Chan realises that Chung Ah was not hiding but had been locked up by her bullies. He advises her to tell someone about the incident. He brags about being strong, having learned some things from the sports students living in his grandmother’s guesthouse.

Yi Chan tells Chung Ah that he can protect her. He gives her the band’s recruitment advertisement, as it has his contact number. He tells her to contact him, still not knowing that she cannot hear or speak.

Meanwhile, Eun Gyeol has made a pretty bad first impression. Yet he approaches Se Kung one more time to ask about the owner of Viva Music, his mentor. She is surprised that he knows her father.

Se Kyung’s adoptive father is a university physics teacher. Since Eun Gyeol looks quite young to be his student, she asks how he knows the man. He tells her that her father taught him to play the guitar.

Se Kyung realises that he was referring to her biological father and remembers all the times he secretly sent her flowers on important days or occasions. But she seems far from happy to hear about the man. She goes on the offensive, thinking he sent Eun Gyeol.

Yi Chan reaches there and gets worried seeing Se Kyung agitated. Eun Gyeol realises that his father wanted to form the band for her. Se Kyung storms off, and Yi Chan chases her. He rushes back and shouts at Eun Gyeol for making her cry.

At home, Se Kyung’s adoptive mother tells her that they might be moving to the US earlier than planned. She wonders whether Se Kyung would have any problems with it. Se Kyung’s response is instantaneous. She tells her to think about it carefully. However, Se Kyung agrees to stick to her plan as she wants to do what makes her mother happy.

Se Kyung is irritated to meet Yi Chan, who goes to her house to meet her. He apologises for bugging her. Nevertheless, he would be forming the band and playing at the school festival. He had promised to do so, and Yi Chan is a man of his word. He asks her to keep her promise and watch him carefully. Until then, he would try not to appear in front of her.

He then grabs hold of Eun Gyeol, who had secretly followed him, and leaves. Yi Chan gets pissed at him again and wonders who Eun Gyeol is. The latter whispers in his mind that he is Yi Chan’s son.

Yi Chan is confused by the look in Eun Gyeol’s eyes. He sarcastically wonders whether he is from the future or something, and Eun Gyeol is shocked at how he knew it. Frustrated, Yi Chan leaves.

As has been the norm, Eun Gyeol gives chase. Yi Chan tries hard to loosen his tail, but Eun Gyeol follows him to the guesthouse. His grandmother is pretty angry and chases him across the courtyard. Eun Gyeol is shocked at his father’s poor results.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 4 of Twinkling Watermelon

Yi Chan introduces Eun Gyeol as his tutor, the CNU alumnus. His grandmother doesn’t believe him and tests Eun Gyeol, which he passes with flying colours. Yi Chan and Eun Gyeol start to bond.

Se Kyung has a meeting with the school’s chairwoman about her moving abroad. The chairwoman requests that she not spread the word about it. In a roundabout way, she expresses her dislike for Se Kyung’s closeness to her stepdaughter, Chung Ah.

Se Kyung encounters Chung Ah outside the office. She tells her about her move to the US and asks her to keep it a secret. Se Kyung reminds her to be present at her fiance’s concert.

The next day, Eun Gyeol goes to Yi Chan’s school with his gym clothes. He goes to the band room and sees an acoustic guitar, which reminds him of the one he used to play as a child. He tunes it and starts playing.

Yi Chan and Ma Ju hear it. They set out to find the guitarist, and Yi Chan, literally, runs into Eun Gyeol’s arms. The latter makes him attend his classes.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Ending Explained: Will Ha Eun Gyeol Successfully Join Ha Yi Chan’s Band?

Chung Ah worries that Yi Chan will cry when he realises that Se Kyung is leaving. She leaves the concert ticket and a fake note, from Se Kyung to Yi Chan, at the ice cream store where Yi Chan works. By the time Yi Chan reaches there, the concert has ended.

Yi Chan, believing that Se Kyung sent the concert ticket, calls out to her. Se Kyung is angry at his behaviour. She is very rude and insults him. She wonders whether he is serious about the band or just wants to win over girls. He doesn’t even have a band.

Eun Gyeol, having reached there, tells Se Kyung that Yi Chan has a band and that he is the guitarist. Her fiance, On Ji Hwan, suggests they jam together since the two missed the concert. Eun Gyeol agrees and encourages Yi Chan to sing. The crowd bursts into cheers.

Eun Gyeol asks Yi Chan why he still wants to form the band for Se Kyung even after she insulted him. Yi Chan reveals that he will not be going to college but will be stepping into society. He wants to earn money to reclaim his grandmother’s restaurant that his father lost.

His high school days would be the last time Yi Chan would ever attend school. So he wants these last days to sparkle as radiantly as possible. Be it falling in love or forming a band, Yi Chan would do anything to make his life sparkle.

Yi Chan is about to have an accident, but Eun Gyeol saves him. This reminds Eun Gyeol of a scar on his father’s back. His father got into a serious accident when he was in class 11. The accident his father had mentioned hasn’t happened yet.

Twinkling Watermelon Episode 4 Review

All our main leads seem to have troubled pasts.

Choi Se Kyung was adopted. From the discussions of the guests at her birthday party, her parents were in showbiz—the owner of Viva Music and the actress, Shin Ah Young, mentioned early in the episode. For the adoption to not be dissolved, Se Kyung moulds herself into the deceased Han Na. She does everything according to her adoptive mother’s wishes.

Observing Yoon Chung Ah’s reaction to the tie incident and her stepmother’s veiled dislike for her closeness with Se Kyung, she also seems to have had a troubled past. The rope is thought-provoking. Was it used to tie her or strangle her? On a side note, as predicted, Chung Ah was the girl at the bookstore.

Ha Eun Gyeol feels guilty for the almost fatal accident. And Ha Yi Chan does not seem as carefree as he shows. There is a depth to his thoughts that children his age, who haven’t been through suffering, hardly possess.

And if anyone else wondered how Eun Gyeol learned to speak in a family of people who are unable to hear or speak, you have your questions answered here. It is difficult to imagine how relieved his great-grandmother would have been that he could hear and speak.

This brings us back to wondering how Ha Yi Chan lost his hearing and his voice. Or whether he actually did. Is it related to that serious accident that is yet to happen?

On a brighter note, the older Se Kyung had told Eun Gyeol that her first love was in a band. She seems to have no feelings for her supposed fiance. By her reactions, there is no chance that it will be Yi Chan. So Eun Gyeol? Was her first love the time-travelling Eun Gyeol?

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