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Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?
Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?

Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?

Monkey D. Garp is an esteemed Marine hero with a storied legacy. Throughout the journey, he has stood as a symbol of justice, valour, and unwavering commitment to protecting the innocent.

Counted among the elite ranks of characters like Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard, Kaido, and others, Garp’s steadfast spirit and formidable strength have left a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss the events that took place in Chapter 1088 of One Piece and provide you with an answer to the question: Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece? 

However, the once-revered hero finds himself at the heart of a dramatic and precarious situation, as recent events in the manga have cast a shadow of uncertainty over his future.

The climactic encounter on Hachinosu Island with the infamous Blackbeard Pirates has set the stage for a pivotal confrontation, pitting Garp against his former protégé, Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, who has taken a controversial path by joining the very pirates he once fought against.

As the chapters unfold, the tension builds, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the outcome of this emotional clash.

The uncertainty surrounding Garp’s fate has sent ripples of speculation throughout the fanbase, sparking numerous theories about potential plot twists and unexpected alliances that might define the course of the story. 

Amidst the uncertainty, fans cling to hope, reflecting on Garp’s heroic journey and unwavering commitment to justice. His sense of duty and sacrifice for the greater good have earned him the title of “Hero of the Marines,” a symbol of inspiration for generations of aspiring warriors.

What happened on Hachinosu Island?

Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?
What happened on Hachinosu Island?

The Battle on Hachinosu Island was a pivotal and intense confrontation in the One Piece manga, pitting the legendary Marine hero, Monkey D. Garp, against several officers of the Blackbeard Pirates, including the former Marine Admiral, Kuzan “Aokiji.”

The events that unfolded during this battle have left fans in suspense and uncertainty about Garp’s fate. The battle was triggered by the brave actions of Koby, Garp’s protégé, who offered himself as a hostage to the Blackbeard Pirates to save the lives of 800 marines and a battleship.

Learning of Koby’s sacrifice, Garp immediately embarked on a rescue mission with members of SWORD, an organization within the Marines.

Garp’s display of his godly powers was a sight to behold, even in his old age. He fearlessly took on influential members of the Blackbeard Pirates, showing that his reputation as a Marine hero was well-deserved.

However, tragedy struck during their escape from Hachinosu Island when Koby was tricked by pirates and attacked by Shiryu of the Rain, one of the Blackbeard Pirates.

In a selfless act of heroism, Garp threw himself in front of Koby to save him, taking the deadly blow meant for his protégé. As a result, he suffered a fatal injury, rendering him vulnerable.

The battle reached a turning point when Aokiji, Garp’s former apprentice and a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, confronted his mentor. The two exchanged powerful blows, and despite Garp’s valiant efforts, he eventually lost control and collapsed on the ground.

The chapter ends with a touching scene, showing Garp lying on the ground, surrounded by Blackbeard Pirates, with one side of his face starting to freeze due to Aokiji’s Time Capsule power. This image left readers with a mixture of emotions, unsure about whether Garp had succumbed to his injuries or if there was still hope for his survival.

Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?

Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?
Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?

As mentioned by Beebom, the ambiguous fate of Monkey D. Garp in the One Piece manga has left fans in a state of suspense and speculation. The latest chapters, specifically chapter 1088, have presented a dramatic and emotional scene where Garp finds himself in a life-threatening situation during the battle on Hachinosu Island.

While the events have strongly hinted at the possibility of Garp’s demise, his death has not been explicitly confirmed, leaving room for hope and uncertainty.

In chapter 1088, after receiving a lethal blow from Shiryu, a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, Garp is left critically injured and vulnerable. Despite the odds stacked against him, Garp shows his indomitable spirit by mustering the strength to continue the fight. 

The battle reaches its climax when Garp faces off against his former apprentice, Aokiji, who is now a member of the Blackbeard Pirates. The emotional weight of this confrontation is evident as Garp and Aokiji exchange powerful blows, their history and deep bond adding an extra layer of complexity to the fight.

Despite the grim situation, there are reasons to believe that Garp’s fate may not be as dire as it initially appears. One compelling factor is the wording used in the newspaper report about the battle on Hachinosu Island, which states that Garp has “disappeared” rather than confirming his death outright.

This deliberate choice of words by the author, Eiichiro Oda, has sparked speculation that Garp might have survived or orchestrated his “disappearance” for a strategic purpose.

Garp’s history as a Marine hero and his strategic brilliance lends credence to the possibility of a hidden plan. Some fans theorize that Garp’s apparent defeat at the hands of Aokiji could be part of a larger scheme to gain the Blackbeard Pirates’ trust.

By earning loyalty from his former apprentice, Garp might be positioning himself as a spy within the Blackbeard Pirates, seeking to thwart their plans from within. Another perspective suggests that Garp’s survival could play a crucial role in Blackbeard’s schemes.

Holding Garp hostage could be the cunning leader’s way of pressuring the World Government and the Navy into granting Hachinosu Island recognition as a legitimate nation. The strategic value of capturing such a renowned Marine hero would be immense in negotiating with the authorities.

What are the possible scenarios for Garp’s Survival?

Will Aokiji kill Garp in One Piece?
What are the possible scenarios for Garp’s Survival?

The fate of Monkey D. Garp in One Piece remains uncertain, and while his strategic sacrifice in the battle on Hachinosu Island appeared dire, there are several possible scenarios for his survival.

One Piece is known for its unexpected twists, and Eiichiro Oda often surprises readers with creative and intricate plot developments. Here are some potential scenarios that could explain Garp’s survival:

Hidden Resilience

Garp’s legendary status as a Marine hero might hint at his exceptional resilience and willpower. Despite suffering a fatal injury during the battle, Garp’s unwavering spirit could keep him clinging to life. He might find the strength to endure and recover from his injuries, defying all odds.

Strategic Retreat

As a strategic genius, Garp might have recognized that escaping from Hachinosu Island was crucial for the greater good. Sacrificing himself to create an opening for the other Marines to escape could be part of his plan. He might choose to retreat and bide his time to strike back against the Blackbeard Pirates later.

Aokiji’s Intervention

Aokiji’s appearance in the battle could play a pivotal role in Garp’s survival. Despite their confrontation, Aokiji might decide to spare his mentor’s life, realizing the importance of Garp’s presence in the ongoing events. This act of mercy could allow Garp to escape and recover.

SWORD Involvement

As a member of the secret organization SWORD, Garp might have allies and backup waiting in the shadows. These covert operatives could step in to rescue him, ensuring his survival and protecting his position within the Marines.

Blackbeard’s Motives

Blackbeard, being cunning and opportunistic, might see the value in keeping Garp alive. Holding a Marine hero like Garp hostage could serve as leverage against the World Government or other powerful adversaries. Blackbeard might have reasons to keep Garp alive for future schemes.

Secret Ability

Garp might possess a hidden ability or power that could aid in his survival. Whether it’s a unique Devil Fruit power or an ancient technique passed down through generations, such a trump card could prove pivotal in escaping the clutches of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Revolutionary Involvement

Garp’s connections with the Revolutionary Army, particularly through his son, Monkey D. Dragon, could come into play. The Revolutionaries might intervene to save Garp, either to protect their asset or to gain a powerful ally in their struggle against the World Government.

Temporary Defeat

Garp’s apparent defeat and injury might only be temporary. He could be incapacitated but not fatally wounded, leaving room for a dramatic comeback in future chapters.

The fate of Monkey D. Garp in One Piece remains an intriguing mystery that has left fans eagerly awaiting the following chapters for answers. While it seems that Garp faced a life-threatening situation during the battle on Pirate Island, his death has not been explicitly confirmed.

Garp’s history as a Marine hero and his strategic prowess offer hope for his survival, and his role in the ongoing Egghead arc may be far from over. As fans eagerly wait for more Chapters to be released, the fate of the “Hero of the Marines” hangs in the balance, leaving us to ponder the potential twists and turns that await in this epic saga.

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