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Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained
Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: How does Hori envision her life with Miyamura after graduation?

As the series bids its final farewell the journey has been nothing short of remarkable. The show will be dearly missed leaving a void in the hearts of viewers. The charming characters have left an indelible mark and witnessing their evolving stories has been an absolute delight. Cloverworks deserves accolades for consistently delivering exceptional episodes.

Throughout the series, the portrayal of school life was a masterpiece beautifully capturing its essence and evoking deep emotions. The emotional depth infused into these moments left a lasting impact.

One of the most commendable aspects of Missing Pieces was its ability to infuse emotional significance into even the smallest facets of the character’s lives, an element the main series could not fully delve into. It embraced the slice-of-life atmosphere while maintaining the core of romance creating a truly unique and heartfelt experience for viewers.

Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: How does Hori express her deep affection and emotional connection with Miyamura as they approach graduation?

The final episode begins with Hori in a sleepy state- too sleepy to even comb her hair and get ready for school. As the perfect boyfriend Miyamura is, he brushes her hair and styles it for her. 

Hori shrieks from the bathroom after seeing the hairstyle Miymura did for her. He had styled her hair in a top bun since he was not very sure of tying her hair into a ponytail.

Since he has worked so hard for the bun, and seeing Miyamura’s puppy expression, Hori decides to keep it. He compliments her for looking extremely cute with a bun. 

She steps into school and everyone starts complimenting her for her new hairstyle and Miyamura is proud of his work. Hori asks him to style her hair again. On the other hand, she expresses her jealousy of Miaymura’s silky and frizz-free, tangle-free hair to Sengoku. 

The next day in the school, Sengoku is seen clearly struggling to lift up the boxes and re-organize their Student Council Room. Sakura and Sengoku clean up the room to rearrange the additional stuff since they won’t be using it for much longer. 

Ishikawa and Shu come in and help them with lifting up the boxes. Seeing them do so, pisses Sengoku off. Why? Because they could easily lift the boxes without breaking any sweat, pretty much unlike Sengoku. 

Remi and Hori join them after dumping the garbage. They are followed by Yanagi, who comes to give Remi her phone back, which he found out in the trash area.  

Yanagi also helps in shifting the boxes and this time Yanagi, too, lifts the box very easily. Even when Miyamura comes in with a heavy box in his hands, it serves as the last hit on the nail. Sengoku is definitely the first from the last in muscle and strength rank among the others and that depresses him. 

Sengoku must not feel depressed anymore as we have found someone weaker than him. And he is their classmate – Yasuda. 

While rearranging, Shu finds a postcard that has a picture of a beach on it. He pictures all of them visiting a beach and having fun. 

While crossing the Karaoke, Hori feels nostalgic and the scene suddenly takes us back to the time when the group was in its blooming phase, before Hori and Miyamura came into a relationship, when Ishikawa still had a crush on Hori and Miyamura still had his long hair, glasses and still extremely introverted, sad and lonely.

In this entire “recollection of memories” section, the scenes are from her perspective. There is a scene in this section where Shu, Ishikawa, Hori, and Yoshikawa are walking in the corridor to go to Karaoke. They are joined by Sengoku, Sakura, and Remi. Later, Yanagi accompanies them. Hori cannot shake off the feeling that she is missing out on someone but she does not know who that person is. 

Of course, that person is Miyamura. 

There is also a scene where she even forgets his name. And that scene smoothly transitions to the present time, where she calls him by his name and he responds in the sweetest and gentlest manner after a split second of pause and eye contact.

“We found each other” 

~ Hori Kyosuke. 

The scene again shifts to Miyamura and Hori relaxing in Hori’s house. Hori resting her head on Miyamura’s lap and they are enjoying a peaceful and heartfelt moment of closeness.  Miyamura daydreams of all the coincidences that have happened to make the present moment possible. If even one had not happened, the world might have been a completely different place today. 

Hori claims it to be destiny. The stars have brought them together and they have found each other. 

It’s Katagiri High School’s 63rd Graduation Ceremony and we have a monologue of Hori. 

Now that they have graduated, every fleeting moment has brought these two together. All the initial shyness, the awkwardness in looking into each other’s eyes, and maintaining eye contact have all gone. 

Now, the picture is advancing. They laugh together, hold each other’s hands, and touch each other without any particular reason. When they do stuff like this, they really do not know the reason behind it.

Sometimes, some things are better enjoyed when there is absolutely no reason behind doing it.

Hori wishes to live a life that has Miyamura in it. Leading such a life would be wonderful for her. In retrospection, she wonders, how Miyamura has developed and he should always remember that no matter what happens, Hori will always be there by his side.

He should not forget that there’s a light shining on him and she will be there to keep the darkness at bay. Whenever she feels low and defeated in life, she wants him to give her the reassurance that she is not walking the path alone and be her guiding light.

With Miyamura in her life, the sky has always felt bluer than before. He had helped her explore what Hori did not know even existed within her. He helped her discover herself. The world is more vibrant and peaceful when Miyamura is by her side. 

Her love for him is profound, and while she’s aware of the ticking clock of time, she’s eager to savor every moment, gradually revealing the myriad ways in which her affection manifests.

“The words to describe it would be so ephemeral they might just fly away. So just like the petals falling around us, I want to take my time letting you know.” 

~Hori Kyosuke. 

Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Ending Explained: What changes occur in the post-credit scene of the episode, highlighting the evolving relationship between Hori and Miyamura?

In the post-credit scene, Hori calls Miyamura, who is taking a peaceful nap. She asks him to come to her place, not just alone but with a Shortcake, Mont Blanc crepes, a cheesecake, and a Choux cream. 

Oh, he was really late though, 4 hours late to deliver the order. 

And some things haven’t changed yet. Miyamura is still terrified of Hori. 

Just when Miyamura thinks that Hori will shower her with punches, she gives him the biggest surprise. 

Hori has chopped off her hair a little too short. Remember the hair length Miyamura had before, now replace Miyamura’s face with Hori. That’s how it is. No matter what it is, Hori still looks cute. 

And there is another surprise. Miaymura has chopped off his hair too, a bit too short than his usual hair length since she wanted to normalise their hair lengths. 

Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained
Horimiya Missing Pieces Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Cloverworks

“When I’m with Hori-san, I get to have all sorts of new experiences.” 

~Isumi Miyamura

No wonder they are the best match for each other. 

It’s interesting how the episode began with Miyamura helping Hori put her hair in a bun and ended with Hori accidentally cutting her hair too short. Change is a prominent theme in this episode, not just in their appearances but also in the context of their graduation.

The parallel between the graduation finales of both seasons is noteworthy and appreciated. The first season predominantly centered on Miyamura while the current one shifted its focus to Hori. Both finales underline the profound significance they hold for each other.

In the first season’s finale, viewers witness Miyamura contemplating life without Hori, and in the second season, it’s Hori who envisions her existence with Miyamura.


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