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My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained
My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Miyo able to save Kudo? How perfect is the ending of the anime?

Miyo’s mother’s legacy was discussed in the penultimate episode of My Happy Marriage. Miyo awakened her special ability of Dream-Sight after discovering the truth that had been hidden for so many years. Right after awakening her ability, she got the chance to use it to save her fiance’s life,i.e., Kudo’s life, who was attacked by the Grotesqueries. 

In the finale episode entitled “Light in the Darkness,” we will see how Miyo uses her Dream-ability to save her husband-to-be. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap: How does Miyo use her Dream-Sight ability for the first time? Will she succeed in her first attempt?

The episode begins with Kudo dreaming of being in an unknown land surrounded by grotesqueries. He is unable to identify whether he is dead or alive or if it is reality or an actual hell. The place he is in looks like a hell hole, for sure.

In Kudo’s house, Miyo has lay down next to him to use her special ability on him. Her soul will leave her body and enter Kudo’s body in search of his soul. Miyo is ready to bring her husband-to-be back from the dead.

Using her abilities, she is teleported to a time when the Saiomori House is still intact. 

Kudo is fighting the Grotesqueries. He analyses the situation and comes to the conclusion that it cannot be the mortal world. One thing he is certain of is that he cannot die in this world, no matter what. 

And when he is deep in his thoughts, he hears Miyo calling out his name. 

She enters the Saimori house, and when she is about to look for him, a child appears. It’s almost like a ghost is playing with her, making Miyo follow her. She chases the girl and comes across a familiar red door. 

She touches the handle, and her memory of getting abused by her stepmother flashes back. 

The door opens to reveal a room where she was last abused by them. What she finds in there is her past self standing in front of her. 

The grotesqueries seem to have no end. The desire to meet Miyo and bring her back provides him with the drive and motivation to keep fighting the never-ending army of Grotesqueries.

Miyo’s past self says that she will never meet him again and that she is not good enough for him. She builds a barricade made of thorns to stop her.

When she says that it is easier for her to stay alone, Miyo answers that she believes she can change it. It is because of the love and care that she has received from others recently that she has realised that she should be by his side.

Where her past self tries to convince her that it is easier and more painless to give up, Miyo expresses her desire to apologise to Kudo and not give up anymore.

But now, everything has changed. Miyo has changed. She believes in herself because Kudo has put all his faith in her and believes in her. All she wants is to be by his side. Forever. 

The moment she says this, she undergoes a mesmerising transformation wearing her Dream-Sight maiden dress. 

The encounter with her former self gives birth to a new Miyo, one who is braver, more determined, and stronger. It is great to see Miyo finally accept herself and brush away the darkness that is been clouding her mind. 

The old Miyo disappears, and now Miyo is left with Kudo’s kumihimo cord that fell off Kudo’s hair while he was fighting the Grotequeries. 

Kudo finishes off the last grotesquery only to find more of them in queue. This is when he hears Miyo. Like a guardian angel from above, Miyo comes to save Kudo. 

Seeing this new side of Miyo, Kudo is awestruck and glad at the same time. 

On the other side, Makido comes to the ritual place. Knowing that Miyo Usuba has appeared, he uses his ability to eliminate Kudo and Miyo. 

But he underestimated the power of Miyo. Despite using all of his powers to attack them, Miyo finishes the grotesqueries with a single blow of her ability and ultimately saves both of them from Mikado’s hell.

Following this, darkness was vanquished, and light enveloped everything. 

Standing in front of the Cherry Blossom tree, Miyo gives back the kumihimo cord to Kudo and says that it is the thing that guided her to him. He crouches down for her, and she ties the cord around his hair. 

She then apologises to him for lying back then when she was asked what she wanted to do by the Usubas. But Kudo also apologises for losing his temper and hurting her with his words when he actually did not mean to hurt her. 

Miyo eventually confides in him, expressing her desire to be by his side. Unbeknownst to her, Kudo had always harboured the intention of keeping her close, right beside him. 

After enduring numerous challenges and facing the twists of fate, Miyo successfully brings Kudo back from the brink of death, safe and sound. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Miyo able to save Kudo? how perfect is the ending of this anime?

While everyone rejoices at the return of Miyo and Kudo, Arara leaves the room. Miyo sees him and stops him. She apologises to him, as she won’t be able to accompany him back to the Usuba house at this moment. Kudo arrives from behind and challenges Arata to another duel, which he promises not to lose to him again. 

The fear of not being able to see into the future had taken over Mikado and he committed a sin by opening the grave and putting people’s lives in danger. He has to atone for his sins sooner. 

Kudo and Miyo come back to their sweet home.  

Her daily routine had found a new, tranquil rhythm. The tormenting nightmares are now buried deep in the past. They relished the simple joys of sharing meals and having trivial conversations. To her, the moments she spends with Kudo hold immeasurable joy, constituting the very essence of her happiness. 

In the post-credit scene, several days later, D-day arrives, when her lessons learned from Hazuki will be put to the test. 

Miyo arrives, clad in an angelic white dress, looking absolutely ethereal. Kudo is enchanted at the sight of such an angel that has bereft him of words. 

Their heartfelt conversation at the end exhibits the depths of Kudo’s affection for Miyo and his earnest desire for Miyo to become his wife. He wants to make certain of her genuine willingness to marry him, emphasising the troubles that come along with him. 

Miyo, in response, blushes and expresses her affection for Kudo. Miyo also expresses a hint of self-doubt, fearing she may burden him. In reaction, Kudo assures her, reaffirming his wholehearted choice to be with her, free from any regrets. 

Miyo, feeling honoured, indicates her willingness to accept his proposal, despite her inexperience.

In essence, their conversation fantastically captures their blooming love, their unconditional faith in each other and their shared excitement about embarking on the journey of marriage collectively.

Throughout the tale, Kiyoka is the hero and saviour, a character brimming with unwavering strength and resolution to protect those in need. His self-appointed duty to defend and protect Miyo, irrespective of the cost, has been a defining trait. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Miyo able to save Kudo? How perfect is the ending of the anime?
My Happy Marriage Episode 12 Recap and Ending Explained

However, as the plot unfolds in the finale episode, we are presented with a fascinating twist where both the protagonists go through a fantastic transformation.

In the turn of events, Miyo steps into the spotlight as the hero. Her character, which was evolving gradually, touches the zenith in the final episode, revealing a side of her personality that had remained hidden till now.

We are thrilled that Season 2 has already been confirmed. We are hoping to get a glimpse of the upcoming party and witness Miyo’s show-stopping outfit that’s bound to turn heads and create quite the buzz. The anticipation is building, and it’s certain they’ll be the talk of the night.

Undoubtedly, we can anticipate encountering more cunning adversaries and facing new challenges. The excitement is palpable, and we can hardly wait for what’s in store!

What better way to conclude this Cinderella story than with our leading lady resplendent in her gown, strolling arm-in-arm with her “prince”! Here’s hoping that in Season 2, they can take the next step and embark on a joyous journey into married life together.


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