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Attack on Titan: What is the meaning of the Giant Tree?
Attack on Titan: What is the meaning of the Giant Tree?

Attack on Titan: What Is the Meaning of the Giant Tree?

“Attack on Titan,” a manga collection created by Hajime Isayama’s creative mind, tells a harrowing story set in a dystopian world. In the AOT dystopian universe, humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation, confronting a continuing threat in the form of big humanoid creatures called Titans.

We are drawn into the epic battle of Eren Yeager and his comrades as they wage a determined struggle against those titanic foes while simultaneously unearthing unsettling truths about their personal lifestyles.

“Attack on Titan” has captivated a global readership with its intricately woven storyline, gut-punching twists, multifaceted characters, and profound thematic exploration. With the release of every panel, readers and anime watchers feel the fire ignite within themselves. The magic that Isayama created and the impact that AOT has on the world are beyond words.

A central theme in Attack on Titan delves into the unending spiral of animosity between diverse factions, mirroring the real-world strife witnessed in numerous nations and societies. Eldians, wielding the formidable Power of the Titans, have a dark history of imposing cruelty and oppression upon countless communities worldwide.

In response, these marginalized groups, viewing Eldians as malevolent entities, launched fierce resistance efforts. Eren’s actions were a deliberate endeavor to shatter this relentless cycle of enmity.

However, the existence of this massive tree and the possibility of another Source of All Living Matter hidden beneath it suggest the prospect of a new cycle beginning. The manga’s plot is rarely optimistic, frequently reflecting the grim truths of our world—millennia of conflicts and never-ending cycles of enmity.

The official tweet announces the return of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Episode 2, the final episode, on November 4, 2023, and the fans are going insane already. The last part of the AOT will leave the world rumbling with thrills and excitement.
The manga readers know how it ends, and for the people who are the only anime watchers, the article is especially dedicated to them.

Despite their heart-wrenching hesitancy, characters like Mikasa, Armin, and their allies were able to confront and vanquish Eren in the end. Mikasa was obliged to decapitate Eren in an act of intense love.

Eren offered his life selflessly to protect his friends and fellow inhabitants of Paradis Island from the rest of the world’s perils and to finally put an end to the generations-long feud between the Eldians and other settlements. Nonetheless, even after his death, the expected effects of his selflessness remained frustratingly unattainable.

In this context, in the end panel, we will come across a Giant tree found by a child wandering around in the forest. Do you recognise the tree?
Let me help you connect the dots. 

What Is the Giant Tree and what is the meaning behind it?

Do you remember how Ymir Fritz became the first Titan? It all started when she fell into a massive tree with a hole in it, and there was the centipede. Now, this is the tree we are talking about here. The Giant Tree signifies the beginning of all, where the Titans appeared in the first place.

The monumental tree also serves as Eren’s final resting place. As the narrative winds down, the 104th squad begins their return to Paradis, with Mikasa hinting at an upcoming reunion with Eren, alluding to a visit to his final resting site.

On a deeper level, this tree embodies the cherished memories of days gone by, a poignant testament to the bond shared among Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

In this last panel of the manga, a young boy is wandering near Eren’s tree, and it appears that history might repeat itself. The boy seems determined to enter the tree, where there’s a chance he may encounter the same centipede that turned Ymir into the Founding Titan.

The timeline is unknown, although it is likely that it covers several decades after Eren’s death, allowing this massive tree to develop. The significance of this tree at the end of Attack on Titan is firmly embedded in the storyline’s notion of never-ending cycles.

This tree holds deep historical significance, as it once housed the Hallucigenia, the source of all life, and now serves as Eren’s final resting place, carrying the weight of time and destiny in its branches.

Attack on Titan: What is the meaning of the Giant Tree? cc: mangathrill
Attack on Titan: What is the meaning of the Giant Tree?
cc: mangathrill

Now, the questions arise, who is Ymir, and what is the Founding Titan?
Around millennia ago, the Eldian kingdom was ruled by a merciless king who conquered a faraway village along with a younger girl named Ymir. The villagers have been enslaved with the aid of Eldia, and Ymir’s life took a sad turn when she launched a few pigs and was recognised as the perpetrator. As a punishment, she was subjected to a frightening and life-threatening chase.

Severely wounded, Ymir sought shelter near a mysterious tree, where she made an existence-altering discovery that converted her into the first actual Titan, often referred to as the Founder.

Towering at a remarkable 240 metres, her mammoth energy still remained under the control of King Fritz. King Fritz used her abilities to expand his dominion, eventually defeating their daring rival, Marley.

In exchange for her unwavering loyalty and service, King Fritz took Ymir as his spouse, and they had three children: Maria, Rose, and Sheena. Ymir’s Titan powers allowed Eldia to subdue Marley; however, her remaining sacrifice came thirteen years after she inherited her abilities. To maintain his rule and the Titan powers, King Fritz fed Ymir’s remains to their offspring, passing on her lineage and forming a group called the Subjects of Ymir.

This act also divided Ymir’s powers into nine Titans, with the Founding Titan in the centre, connecting them all. This important power, regularly known as the Coordinate, granted the Founding Titan the ability to convert Subjects of Ymir into Titans and manipulate them, wiping away their recollections and humanity within the procedure.

This grim transformation led many to understand the Founding Titan’s strength and bloodline as a dreadful curse, as
those transformed into Titans could wander mindlessly and eat humans.

Is there any cryptic message behind the Giant Tree?

Isayama is quite famous for his open interpretation of the panels. His cryptic messages allow the readers to run their imaginations wild and think from their perspective.

However, there exists a compelling notion that this colossal tree symbolises a fresh start for our world. The responsibility now lies squarely on humanity’s shoulders, as they must make the pivotal choice of either breaking free from the perpetual pattern or succumbing to its unrelenting grip.

Nevertheless, considering the manga’s conclusion foreshadows ongoing conflicts between nations, the resurgence of the Power of the Titans as a weapon looms ominously. This grim possibility threatens to set in motion yet another cycle of hostility, warfare, loss, and devastation.

We see the tree grow through time, civilizations build great structures, individuals age, and, inevitably, another battle breaks out. The terrible attack destroys buildings, but life and civilization continue, eventually leading to the discovery of the tree by a small kid.

The enigmatic giant tree at the end of the manga represents both optimism and potential despair, implying the promise of a new beginning while acknowledging the ever-present fear of history repeating itself. Eren’s philanthropic act was intended to defend his comrades and bring an end to the long-running Eldian struggle, but the manga leaves us with lingering doubts about the final conclusion.

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