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Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?
Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?

Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?

In the world of Attack on Titan, where complex narratives and intricate character relationships give birth to countless mysteries, few connections are as profound and shrouded in history as that between Historia Reiss and Ymir Fritz.

Hajime Isayama’s epic tale unfolds across generations, creating a grand story of power, betrayal, and resilience. Within this colossal narrative, the lineage of two remarkable women, separated by two millennia, is intrinsically intertwined.

In this exploration, we will provide you with an answer to the question: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz? We will also delve deep into the history of Attack on Titan lore to unravel the mystery that connects Historia and Ymir Fritz. We will solve how their shared ancestry, soaked in the treacherous politics of Eldia and Marley, continues to influence the destiny of Paradis Island and the fate of humanity.

What is the History of Ymir Fritz?

Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?
What is the History of Ymir Fritz?

The history that binds Ymir Fritz and Historia Reiss is as intricate as it is captivating. It all begins with the Eldian tribe and the emergence of a young girl named Ymir. Ymir’s life takes a startling turn when she accidentally comes into contact with the mysterious source of all living matter.

This encounter grants her the power of the Titans, making her the very first recorded Titan in history. Little does she know that her newfound abilities would inevitably tie her to the fate of Eldia. Eldia’s leader, Fritz, takes advantage of Ymir’s Titan powers, compelling her to unleash her abilities in a brutal campaign of war and destruction against their adversaries, including the formidable nation of Marley.

Tragically, Ymir also becomes Fritz’s mistress, bearing him three daughters who would come to be known as the People of Ymir. Ymir Fritz’s life is tainted by suffering and her existence ends with her passing thirteen years after gaining her Titan powers. However, her legacy continues as King Fritz grants her formidable Titan abilities to their daughters.

These daughters, in turn, pass the legacy down through the generations, eventually leading to the emergence of the Nine Titans, including the Founding Titan, an entity only inheritable within the main branch of the family. The Fritz family’s dominion, combined with the power of the other eight Titan-wielding families, elevates Eldia to a formidable empire, conquering territories and subjugating other human races.

Centuries pass, and the cycle of power succession among Eldian clans continues, with the Fritz family maintaining a delicate balance among the Titan-wielding families, all while harnessing the immense capabilities of the Founding Titan. However, a pivotal moment in Eldia’s history arrives when Karl Fritz ascends the throne as the 145th King of Eldia.

Burdened by the sins of his forebears and the atrocities committed by his people, Karl Fritz takes a drastic step to atone for these transgressions. He relinquishes his duty to maintain Eldia’s empire and relocates the capital to Paradis Island. There, he erects colossal walls to safeguard his subjects and manipulates their memories of the outside world, constructing a misleading front of peace.

Yet, among those who follow Karl Fritz to Paradis Island, certain bloodlines prove immune to his mind-controlling abilities. Those who embrace the king’s ideology are elevated to the status of noble families within the walls, while those who resist, such as the Ackerman and Azumabito families, face generations of persecution.

Karl Fritz safeguards his ideology by ensuring that only heirs of the royal lineage can wield the full might of the Founding Titan, thus preserving his vision of peace and preventing any challenges to the peace he seeks.

The descendants of Karl Fritz, now known as the Reiss family, secretly uphold this ideology while pretending to be a simple noble household within the walls. They conceal their true identity, and to the public, they are the Fritz royal family. For nearly a century, the Reiss family remains hidden from the world’s scrutiny.

What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?

Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?
What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?

In Attack on Titan, one character who has risen to prominence as a central figure in recent arcs is Historia Reiss. Historia is not only a crucial character but also holds the position of the reigning monarch on Paradis Island. Her journey from a quiet and timid young girl to the queen of her people is proof of the character development and the dynamic storytelling that Attack on Titan is celebrated for.

Historia Reiss, initially introduced under the alias Krista Lenz, lived a life marked by tragedy and secrets. As a member of the Reiss family, she was forced to suppress her true identity and live under an assumed name within the walls of the Paradis Island society. Her existence was shrouded in mystery, and her true heritage was a well-guarded secret, known to only a few.

Historia’s early years were defined by a desire to be loved and acknowledged. She adopted a quiet and shy persona as Krista, seeking acceptance from those around her. Her genuine kindness and warmth endeared her to those who crossed her path, but her true identity as a Reiss remained concealed beneath this facade.

However, as the series progressed and the dire circumstances of Paradis Island became increasingly evident, Historia’s role transformed. With the world outside the walls threatening to crush them and the power of the Titans at the heart of their survival, Historia’s destiny was permanently altered.

Historia’s true identity as the last remaining member of the royal bloodline came to the forefront. Her royal lineage bestowed upon her a unique and potent connection to the Founding Titan, a power of immeasurable significance in the ongoing conflict. In a twist of fate, Historia Reiss found herself thrust into the role of queen, inheriting the responsibility that came with her heritage.

Historia’s ascension to the throne marked a turning point in the story of Paradis Island. Her rule was characterized by a genuine commitment to the well-being of her people and a determination to forge a path forward in the face of seemingly impossible challenges.

As queen, Historia became a symbol of hope and unity for her subjects. Her leadership embodied the ideals of justice, compassion, and a desire to break free from the cycle of conflict and suffering that had plagued Eldia for generations. She was no longer the shy and quiet girl named Krista but a resilient and capable ruler, determined to lead her people toward a better future.

Attack on Titan: What is the connection between Historia and Ymir Fritz?
The Reiss Family

As explained by Fiction Horizon, Historia’s significance goes beyond being a central character; she is a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz herself. Despite the colossal gap of time, spanning over 2,000 years, these two women share an unbreakable bond, bound by blood. Historia Reiss embodies the legacy of Ymir Fritz, proof of their unbroken familial connection.

This connection reminds us of the harsh days when Ymir found herself enslaved by King Fritz. Ymir, once a hapless slave, not only becomes his mistress but also bears his children. Ymir Fritz’s three daughters, Sheena, Rose, and Maria, continue the royal lineage, ultimately paving the way for the establishment of the Reiss family. It is through this unbroken lineage that Historia Reiss stands as a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz.

Historia’s reign as queen is tied to the complex legacy of Ymir Fritz, the original Titan. Ymir Fritz’s story is one of immense suffering and sacrifice, and her connection to Historia underscores the enduring impact of the past on the present. Historia’s role as queen represents not only her personal growth but also the culmination of centuries of history, as the royal lineage that began with Ymir Fritz continues to shape the fate of Eldia.

In conclusion, Historia Reiss’s journey from a hidden and unassuming figure to the queen of Paradis Island is proof of the depth and complexity of character development in Attack on Titan. Her reign represents a beacon of hope in a world overshadowed by the looming threat of the Titans and the harsh history of Eldia.

As the story unfolds, Historia’s role and the legacy of Ymir Fritz are sure to play pivotal roles in shaping the destiny of Paradis Island and the ultimate resolution of the conflicts that have defined the series. Historia Reiss, the current monarch of Paradis Island, stands as a character of evolution and immense significance in Attack on Titan.

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