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My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained : How did Miyo regain her powers?
My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained : How did Miyo regain her powers?

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained : How did Miyo regain her powers?

In the last episode of My Happy Marriage, Miyo and Kudo are separated by the Usuba Family to keep further obstacles at bay. They finally succeeded in keeping Miyo in the Usuba Home. On the other hand, Kudo was sent back to his place, and he swore that he would bring Miyo back after finishing off the grotesqueries, no matter what.

The last episode ended with Miyo’s grandfather revealing the truth behind Miyo’s mother and her supernatural abilities. Today’s episode is all about her mother’s legacy.

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap: How and Why did Sumi seal Miyo’s power?

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained : How did Miyo regain her powers?
My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Recap and Ending Explained : How did Miyo regain her powers?

Episode 11 begins with Miyo’s grandfather narrating to Miyo her mother’s past, why she was married to the Saimori family, and why she sealed off her supernatural abilities.

A few years before her birth, the Usuba family was in a financial crisis and became heavily indebted, as the Tsuriki family suffered a huge loss in their trade.

The marriage of Sumi to the Saimori family was a contract to pull the Usuba family out of debt. To save her family from this predicament, she decided to marry Shinichi Tsuriki going against the wishes of her father.

The Usubas adhere to a long-standing tradition and uphold a strict code of ethics. They take great pride in their pure lineage, and mixing their blood with others goes against their family’s core principles. Their esteemed reputation, built on their extraordinary powers, has motivated them to diligently preserve the purity of their family’s heritage.

Marrying into the Saimori family meant breaking this sacred tradition.

After the marriage, all family ties were broken. It was not just a marriage out of contract. It was the source of bringing Usuba blood into the Saimori family. They wanted to inherit the supernatural abilities of the Usuba family to upgrade and enhance themselves.

Soon, Sumi conceived a child, and Miyo was born. It was when Sumi found out that Miyo had the supernatural ability of Dream Sight that she kept it to herself.

Since she was too young for the spirit-sight ritual, Shinichi could not confirm the presence of supernatural abilities within Miyo. They were eager to confirm it because if Miyo is born with no abilities, they will try to conceive a second time as soon as possible, given the high likelihood of Sumi dying due to her prolonged illness.

Sumi was aware of the Saimori family’s true intentions and desired to protect her daughter and her powers from being exploited by them.

Here comes the cherry blossom tree, and now we know why the tree meant so much to Miyo. She was connected to that tree very intricately.

Sumi made the difficult decision to seal her daughter’s powers in the cherry blossom tree. She knew it would change Miyo’s life and force her to endure many hardships and be filled with sorrow. But she will discover her supernatural ability at the right time.

Her Dream-Sight ability awakened and helped her see her past when she touched the Cherry blossom tree that had had her powers sealed within itself for years.

On the other hand, we see Kudo appear as the knight in shining armor and join his squad to exterminate the Grotesqueries. Just when they believe they have defeated the band of grotesqueries, they are attacked by them once more.

While protecting Godo from their assault, Kudo pushes him out of harm’s way, defeating one of them but getting hurt in the process and passing out.

Miyo awakens, and Arata is convinced that she is no longer having nightmares after seeing her renewed strength and healthy complexion. He asks her to change into the robe, especially for the maidens possessing the Dream-Sight ability.

As she remains caged in the Usuba family, her feelings for Kudo and regrets get stronger with time. She regrets not giving him the answer that she had decided on a long time ago. She blames herself, and that is shattering her from within.

That very morning, at the breakfast table, Miyo and Arata indulge in a serious conversation after Miyo requests him to give back her sakura kimono, which was a gift given to her by Kudo. She expresses her desire to talk and see him.

Arata declines all her requests, saying that she is not permitted to leave the house at any cost. It leads to Arata’s confession about how desperate he was to find her and how happy he is now that he has Miyo, whom he is obligated by duty to protect.

He was chosen to be the maiden’s knight in shining armor as well as her partner, and he’s not willing to hand over this responsibility to anyone else.

Arata faces a similar struggle to Miyo; both grapple with a sense of not truly belonging or being acknowledged. While Miyo endured a feeling of unworthiness and deprivation, as though she didn’t deserve the basic necessities of life, Arata’s challenge took a different form.

Miyo requests that her grandfather grant her permission to meet Kudo, but she faces rejection again. Seeing how stubborn Miyo is to meet him, reminds her grandfather of Sumi. He apologises to her for everything, for the unfortunate life she and her mother had to go through throughout the years.

He encourages Miyo to start depending on the Usuba family, emphasizing that they are her family now, and it’s a family’s duty to provide help and support to its members, as that’s the strength of their shared bloodline.

However, Miyo finds it challenging to trust someone who has suddenly entered her life and claimed to be family, especially considering the harsh treatment she endured as a slave by her own father, stepmother, and stepsister.

She’s unfamiliar with the warmth and love that a family is supposed to offer its members, as she never truly experienced it before. Overwhelmed, she breaks down, finally giving voice to her long-suppressed emotions.

Her grandfather, though, offers solace and reassurance, explaining that a family’s essence lies in sharing burdens that one can’t bear alone. The bonds within a family are resilient and not easily broken by disagreements or disappointments.
He reflects on his own past when Sumi left the family to marry into the Saimori clan, acknowledging his regrets at losing his beloved daughter due to his own misjudgments.

Recognizing that Miyo played a crucial role in the Usuba family’s survival, he is determined not to repeat the same mistake and lose his granddaughter this time.

Miyo touches the tree again, and this time she absorbs all the powers sealed inside the tree. Now, the seal is completely broken, as if Miyo has been reborn with her awakened power.

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Ending Explained: Will Arata let Miyo meet Kudo?

Against this backdrop, Arata comes bearing bad news. The news of Kudo losing consciousness after the grotesquery attack reaches him, which leaves Miyo restless and rushing to meet Kudo, but Arata catches her, saying that it is impossible for her to go out of the premises.

She is desperate now to meet him. She raises her voice, saying that she does not care about anything else and will somehow meet him.

Here comes another confession that will clarify whether the Usubas caged Miyo by their choice or a third party was involved and a deal was struck to cage her.

Arata spills the beans, as he cannot hide them anymore. He says a deal was made between Mikado, the Majesty, and the Usuba family.

Mikado shall help Usubas find the maiden of Dream Sight, and in return, she is to be kept away from other people with supernatural abilities. This explains why Arata cannot let Miyo leave the place.

On disobeying his order, the Usubas, especially Miyo, shall be severely punished.

She tells Arata firmly that he can’t prevent her from being by Kiyoka’s side. It marks a significant moment—perhaps one of the very first—where she’s unambiguously asserted her own desires and needs.

This shows that she’s capable of standing up for herself, and it has paved the way for her to do so more confidently in the future. She has gained a deeper understanding of herself and her emotions through this experience.

Arata says that in her desperation to meet Kudo, Arata is desperate in the same way to protect Miyo. If she wants to meet him, Arata will accompany her.

Yoshiro tells Miyo that he loves and cherishes her just as much as he loves and cherishes Sumi. Miyo is taken aback by this statement, and Yoshiro tells her that he is delighted to meet her regardless of the circumstances.

Arata says that in her desperation to meet Kudo, Arata is desperate in the same way to protect Miyo. If she wants to meet him, Arata will accompany her.

As decided upon, Arata brings Miyo to Kudo’s house.

Seeing Kudo unconscious, lying on the bed, Miyo goes closer to him. She is determined not to give up on Kudo this time, and she has full faith that he will wake up soon. It is when Arata says that Miyo’s Dream Sight can possibly awaken Kudo and save him.

Though it is not certain, it is definitely worth the try, and Miyo has never been this ready in her life. She immediately agrees to test her powers in order to save her beloved fiance’s life.


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