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My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained: Did Jo Jae Chan Turn Himself In Due To Guilt?

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained

The main characters of Viu’s My Lovely Liar have some reprieve as Kim Do Ha’s ex-girlfriend’s killer has come to light.

So far in the story we have discovered that Jo Deuk Chan helped fabricate Do Ha’s alibi to hide his brother’s crime. Jae Chan extorted a substantial amount of money from Do Ha for the deed. Such a person surrendering himself to the police is not very comprehensible. There is also no definitive evidence against him for the police to convict him.

So the biggest question we hope is answered in this episode is whether Jae Chan surrendered because he was guilty or whether he had some other tricks up his sleeve.

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap: Did Jo Jae Chan Turn Himself In Due To Guilt?

At the jazz club, Deuk Chan admits to hiding Jae Chan in his house. But he was also the one who persuaded him to surrender so that people wouldn’t accuse Do Ha anymore. Deuk Chan’s opening up about prioritizing him over his own brother is a bandaid for Do Ha’s deep wound.

Jae Chan surrenders himself at Hakcheon, but they cannot take the case because of internal investigations due to the corruption scandal. The case is transferred to Kang Min’s precinct. The news reaches Eom Ho in prison.

Do Ha feels strangely uneasy about the recent developments. He wonders whether he is truly free from her death. Sol Hee comforts him. She wonders when he will be happy. He agonized over Eom Ji’s death, thinking he was responsible for it. Now that the killer has been found, he is still struggling.

Luni Tarot Cafe has once again opened for business. They have received 35 VIP requests during the break, making one wonder whether it was actually on a break. Bo Ro visits and suggests throwing a party to celebrate, and Sol Hee readily agrees.

Do Ha visits his mother at her campaign office. She accuses him of making her confused by initially admitting to killing Eom Ji. She did not want to be “pathetic” and always take her son’s side. Do Ha cuts her off by saying that he has needed someone to always take his side since he was a child.

Since Jae Chan’s background was revealed, public sentiment towards J Entertainment has not been very favorable. Rumors about Deuk Chan framing Do Ha for Jae Chan’s crime have been spreading continuously.

Deuk Chan is putting his entire focus on making sure his agency is operating smoothly. Shaon wonders when he became so money-minded. Deuk Chan, along with Do Ha and Shaon, grew the agency into what it is today, and Deuk Chan wants to protect that.

Sol Hee throws a surprise party for Do Ha at the jazz club. The support of so many people makes Do Ha emotional. Do Ha thanks everyone, and his toast turns into a love confession.

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 14 of My Lovely Liar

Do Ha powers on his devices after a long time and finds an old picture featuring him, Deuk Chan, and Shaon. He relents and contacts Deuk Chan. The day he confronted Deuk Chan, he was way too angry to hear him out and wanted to clear the air.

When asked, Deuk Chan confesses that he knew of his brother’s actions shortly after Eom Ji’s remains were found. He expresses that everyone close to him is leaving him, which resonates with Do Ha. Do Ha only had Deuk Chan by his side when everyone accused him of killing Eom Ji.

Do Ha comes to know that Deuk Chan is undergoing divorce proceedings and wonders what he can do to help. Deuk Chan suggests attending the company’s vision proclamation ceremony. If they show that the two have no problems between them, it might help improve sentiment towards the company.

Kang Min is cross-checking Jae Chan’s written confession with his oral confession and finds inconsistencies. He approaches Jae Chan to cross-examine. He is not very forthcoming for someone who surrendered themselves and also asks for a lawyer.

Kang Min wonders whether all of it was a plot to get acquitted. He shares his doubts with Sol Hee. She wants to speak to Jae Chan personally and requests that he create a situation for her to do so.

The next day, Do Ha heads over to J Entertainment for the vision proclamation ceremony while Sol Hee heads to the police station to speak with Jae Chan.

At the police station, Sol Hee approaches Jae Chan as a person sent by Deuk Chan. She tries to lure out answers from him as to why he surrendered. Sol Hee finds out that Jae Chan is not the real killer before Jae Chan realizes that it is a ploy.

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Ending Explained: Who Killed Choi Eom Ji?

At the ceremony, Deuk Chan introduces Do Ha to the people of J Entertainment. Shaon meets Do Ha and expresses her relief at seeing him well. Deuk Chan rules out future plans for the agency.

Deuk Chan steps down from his position and announces Do Ha as the new CEO. Blindsided, Do Ha expresses his wish to help from the sidelines and hopes that Deuk Chan will not step down. Deuk Chan pleads with Do Ha to fulfill his “last” request.

Meanwhile, trying to manipulate Jae Chan’s emotions, Sol Hee reveals that Deuk Chan prioritizes Do Ha over his own brother. She tells him that Do Ha has headed over to the ceremony to support Deuk Chan and that this incident did not cause any rift in their friendship.

Jae Chan breaks down and reveals that the ring was given to him by Deuk Chan. Jae Chan’s confession—the feelings of guilt and regret—about killing Eom Ji was worded roughly the same way Deuk Chan confessed to him about the act.

Deuk Chan had been wanting to surrender for a long time but could not. He begged Jae Chan to take Eom Ji’s surrender in his stead so that he could have time to settle things at his side. After which, he would take the final piece of evidence and surrender himself.

Sol Hee rushes to J Entertainment, as the final piece of evidence is in Deuk Chan’s office. Unable to decipher the code of the safe, she calls Do Ha and reveals that Deuk Chan is the real killer.

While searching his desk, Sol Hee finds a hidden picture of Do Ha and Deuk Chan taken a couple of years ago on the former’s birthday and realizes that Kang Min was wrong. The person who killed Eom Ji didn’t do it because of her.

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 14 of My Lovely Liar

Deuk Chan enters his office and opens the safe with Do Ha’s birthdate, only to find it empty. Cue Sol Hee’s appearance with a carton that holds the evidence. She runs out of the office, but Deuk Chan calls her. He says that he was going to surrender, which Sol Hee does not hear as a lie.

Deuk Chan planned to surrender from the very beginning but kept pushing it back due to Do Ha. He remembers Eom Ji telling him to stop liking Seung Ju (Do Ha). He confesses to liking Do Ha and pleads with Sol Hee not to disclose it to Do Ha.

Unfortunately, Do Ha had reached there and heard everything. He wonders whether that was why Deuk Chan stayed by his side all this time and whether he killed Eom Ji for the same reason. Deuk Chan staggers and runs away from the duo.

Once out of the building, Deuk Chan encounters Kang Min, who asks Officer Hwang to escort him to the car while he speaks with Sol Hee and Do Ha. While Kang Min is busy, Deuk Chan pushes Officer Hwang and escapes in his car. Kang Min, Officer Hwang, Do Ha, and Sol Hee give chase.

Deuk Chan sees them almost catch up to him. He raises the volume of the radio, unbuckles his seatbelt, steps on the accelerator, closes his eyes as tears escape, lets go of the steering wheel, and crashes headfirst into construction barrels.

The car is overturned, but the men manage to bring Deuk Chan out. Officer Hwang contacts emergency services, Kang Min starts chest compressions, and Do Ha is watching over them. Sol Hee tries to get closer to them when Deuk Chan’s car explodes. Sol Hee’s ears are ringing.

My Lovely Liar Episode 14 Review

To say this episode was a rollercoaster is putting it lightly. Especially the later part of its second half. The emotions towards Deuk Chan went from betrayal to anger to pity to sympathy to deep sadness. That was a reversal that hit like a wrecking ball.

Before Deuk Chan confesses to liking Do Ha, he hears Eom Ji’s voice, probably a memory, telling him to stop liking Seung Ju (Do Ha). That voice sounds more arrogant than pleading, bordering on rude. If the contents of Jae Chan’s confession are true, could this be the reason Deuk Chan and Eom Ji fought, which accidentally caused her death?

Speaking of Jae Chan, he is brave. Even if he knew that he would not be declared guilty and that Deuk Chan had other evidence to prove his guilt, it takes immense courage to surrender in someone else’s stead, even if that person is a family member.

The ringing in Sol Hee’s ears feels ominous. Korean dramas have a history of bereaving characters of their superpowers once their major need/requirement is fulfilled. Is Sol Hee going to lose her powers?

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