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My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Kim Do Ha Find the Real Criminal?

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained

You don’t know everything about the people around you. It is proving true for our characters in the world of My Lovely Liar on Viu.

The walking lie detector, Mok Sol Hee, has joined hands with Kim Do Ha to solve the mystery of his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Do Ha could get exposed to truths he never knew about his past love and/or people around him.

Whether these are truths he should or should not have known is something we might realize in this episode.

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap: Will Kim Do Ha Find the Real Criminal?

We get back to the gambling house, where Do Ha confronts Eom Ji’s father about whether he killed her. Turns out. He did not kill her, but he really hoped someone did. He couldn’t receive the insurance payout due to her death being ruled a suicide. That was his only remorse.

After being pressured by the “Black Bears” gang leader, he recognizes Jae Chan. Apparently, he used to follow Eom Ji around like a stalker. Jae Chan makes a run for it, and Do Ha gives chase. Sol Hee follows behind with the Black Bears.

After being caught, Jae Chan jokes that he killed her, but Sol hasn’t reached there yet to verify it. But then he also lies about Eom Ji secretly dating him while Do Ha is not around.

Kang Min is following Eom Ho’s notebook and verifying every clue mentioned there. He visits the witness whose testimony was dismissed. The witness had seen a man in a red jersey and Eom Ji running towards him, calling for Seung Ju. Due to the distance, he could not see the man’s face clearly.

Do Ha goes to Deuk Chan and tells him that he met Jae Chan in Hakcheon. Deuk Chan knew about his brother liking Eom Ji. Do Ha discloses that he suspects Jae Chan, which offends Deuk Chan.

Kang Min approaches Chief Kwak about the dismissal of the witness. He threatens Kang Min about reporting him to his station for investigating a case that doesn’t belong to him. Their exchange is heard by Producer Cha.

Sol Hee meets her father, who approaches her with concerns about her boyfriend. The father-daughter duo share a meal together. By the end of it, her father seems less averse to the idea of her dating Do Ha.

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 13 of My Lovely Liar

Deuk Chan’s words disturb Do Ha. His calls to Sol Hee go unanswered, and he wonders whether she’s angry because he refused to take her with him to meet Deuk Chan. Sol Hee is distressed as she is unable to find her pet tortoise, Luni. The two overturned the house in search of her, only to find her under the sink.

Do Ha asks Sol whether she was angry with him earlier. Sol Hee tells him that she was envious, for she never had someone whom she could trust wholeheartedly. Do Ha offers to be her first.

While Sol Hee is feeding Luni, Do Ha receives a text from Kang Min to meet him without her knowledge. Kang Min tells him a witness had seen him go to Eom Ji. Do Ha tells him that he had accompanied her and wonders why the witness had not appeared before.

Kang Min frankly asks him whether he was at the pub that night. Do Ha tells him that he had left Eom Jji relatively early and walked all the way home that night. He was walking alone on a country road at night and couldn’t provide an alibi. Hence, the Jo brothers fabricated his alibi.

Kang Min tells him that the witness had seen a man in a red soccer jersey, and Do Ha wonders whether it was Jae Chan. Do Ha divulges his recent findings to Kang Min. Rather than suspecting him, he might as well find the real criminal, as he wishes to do so too. Do Ha also tells him not to meet him secretly, for he is a terrible liar and does not have the ability to fool Sol Hee.

Chief Kwak’s daughter is rushed to the ICU as her condition deteriorates. Yeon Mi meets him and thanks him for hiding the evidence and taking care of Do Ha’s case cleanly. She offers him a promotion once she wins the elections, insinuating that he would be able to leave Hakcheon after his daughter passes away. Chief Kwak is perplexed.

Do Ha and Sol Hee visit Jae Chan’s burger place, but it is closed. They meet the delivery person, and Sol Hee puts on a show to get Jae Chan’s business partner’s contact details. Do Ha is amazed by her skills and takes notes. He tries to replicate it on the phone call, but he is way too polite for such acts.

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Ending Explained: Did Jo Jae Chan Kill Choi Eom Ji?

Chief Kwak meets Kang Min. He admits to receiving money from Yeon Mi and hands over the ring he found at the location where Eom Ji’s remains were found. He tells Kang Min to find the murder weapon, as the ring would not be admissible as evidence anymore.

Officer Hwang sees the ring and wants to use it as inspiration for a couple’s ring. He remarks that it is very unique, and the person might have designed it themselves.

Black Bear contacts Sol Hee about finding Jae Chan in his gambling house in Gangnam and that he has been confined by them. But when they reach there, Jae Chan is missing. Using Sol Hee’s ability, the two find out that Deuk Chan had bailed Jae Chan away and asked the goons to make it look like he ran away.

Kang Min finds the maker of the ring and finds out that a week after the ring had been delivered, they had been asked to make another men’s ring as the original had been lost. The ring was made a size larger, and the ring that was found at the site was the ring that was made later.

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 13 of My Lovely Liar

Kang Min meets Do Ha and Sol Hee regarding the whereabouts of Do Ha’s ring. He presents them with the ring found at the site and remarks that it belongs to the culprit. The contact number that was used to reorder the ring belonged to a shop run by Jae Chan.

Yeon Mi’s popularity is on the rise. The video of her conversation with Chief Kwak is revealed. He reveals that he hid the ring found with Eom Ji’s remains, which was a crucial piece of evidence.

Do Ha formally requests Sol Hee’s services. He wants to find out Jae Chan’s whereabouts from Deuk Chan and how much he knows about him. Do Ha calls Deuk Chan to meet at the jazz club.

Do Ha wonders whether Deuk Chan also believes that the ring found at the site belongs to him. Sol Hee catches his lie. Do Ha couldn’t keep his cool and asks him where Jae Chan was. Deuk Chan tells him that he was in Hakcheon to surrender.

My Lovely Liar Episode 13 Review

Deuk Chan’s betrayal was something that shouldn’t have happened. All this time, Deuk Chan believed Do Ha because he knew his brother killed Eom Ji. In order to hide his brother’s crime, he helped fabricate Do Ha’s alibi.

For some reason, this doesn’t settle well. The series will run for 16 episodes, and this is the 13th episode. Maybe we are once bitten, but for series with themes like this, the murder mysteries are not solved until the penultimate episode; some extend up to the finale.

There are bound to be some unforeseen circumstances. Jae Chan doesn’t seem like the type of person to surrender for his crimes. Did he surrender because the ring is inadmissible as evidence? He would have to be acquitted if the detectives did not find conclusive evidence to prove he was guilty.

Hopefully, our insecurities will be resolved in the next episode.

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