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Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: Is Kim Seon Woo the Killer?

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

After what seemed to be the longest wait, we are back with a new episode of Netflix’s Behind Your Touch.

Our main female lead, Bong Ye Bun, is less likely to be killed this early in the drama, but no one ever said anything about her not being injured. Seon Woo did advance toward her with a knife in hand, but was he really going to kill her? Is he the other psychometrist? Is he the serial killer?

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap: Is Kim Seon Woo The Killer?

Jang Yeol races to Seon Woo’s workshop just in time to see him, with the knife, advancing towards Ye Bun—and then grabbing an apple!

Jang Yeol questions Seon Woo about his whereabouts on the day of the elections. Ye Bun remembers that they had a drink together that afternoon. Following that, Seon Woo received a supply of wood.

Ye Bun lets Ok Hui in on the fact that the killer is also a psychometrist. She wonders whether the killer is playing with Ye Bun and wants to torment her. The killer might want to begin by targeting people close to her, and that would make Ok Hui the next target. On a side note, Shaman Park’s son, Justin, is in town.

The cops are at the station discussing the case when, suddenly, Jang Yeol leaves to go to a meeting. Mi Ran remarks that people with such habits end up cheating and wonders whether Jang Yeol is investigating with other people.

She is not wrong, as he calls his two partners, the psychometrists, to the headquarters for a meeting. The three list down everything they know about the killer and make plans for further actions they need to take. Ye Bun and Gwang Sik’s attitudes towards this part-time work couldn’t be more different.

Speaking of separate investigations, Jong Muk is looking into the case file that Grandpa Jung gave him. He discovers that Assemblyman Yoon took advantage of the rising price of land due to rumors about redevelopment and sold all his land at prime rates. Using that money, he escaped to Seoul and later became a government minister.

People who bought land from him incurred heavy losses. The only other beneficiary of the incident was perhaps Assemblyman Yoon’s lackey, Cha Ju Man.

At the community meeting, Ok Hui’s father is distributing flyers about their upcoming annual Shrimp Festival. Residents have mixed opinions as a serial killer is on the loose. Assemblyman Cha drops by and encourages the festival. Rumors of a serial killer could affect tourism in Mujin, causing their economy to collapse overnight. The festival would be an effective way to restore Mujin’s reputation as a clean and safe city.

Assemblyman Cha, in a very diplomatic way, puts it across that Mujin needs to maintain its reputation as a safe city to live in to attract more tourists and businesses and bring another wave of redevelopment. While the residents rejoice about the supposed redevelopment, Seon Woo stares blankly at Assemblyman Cha.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 10 of Behind Your Touch

At the police station, both Jong Muk and Jang Yeol are deep in thought about their respective investigations. Mi Ran joins them with a request for support for the festival. Jang Yeol’s walking Mujin encyclopedia, Deok Hee, promptly tells him everything about it.

For the festival, Jang Yeol plans for Gwang Sik to continue with his milk-selling booth and offer free foot massages. From Ye Bun’s memories, the killer would know his powers and avoid the free foot massage. Considering the bizarre nature of Ye Bun’s powers, they would have to be creative in their approach.

Relief comes from Shaman Park. Seon Woo is helping him design his booth, The Hand of Truth, where the customer would have to place his hand on the surface of the booth to have their fortune read. This sparks an idea, and Jang Yeol makes Ye Bun approach him and change the booth to The Butt of Truth.

On the day of the festival, our four special inspectors—Jang Yeol, Ye Bun, Ok Hui, and Gwang Sik—prepare to catch the killer. They have two issues that need to be handled; the killer’s psychometric abilities and Ye Bun’s attraction to Seon Woo.

At The Butt of Truth, Ye Bun sees her mother in Hyeon Ok’s memories. She was a journalist and actively involved in the protests following Mujin’s residents’ loss of money after the redevelopment rumors died down.

Seon Woo, with Justin, approaches Gwang Sik’s booth and rejects the free massage. Right after Deok Hee enters his booth. From his memories, Gwang Sik sees Seon Woo going to Mujin Mountain, which is quite close to his barn.

Jang Yeol changes strategies. He asks the psychometrists to follow Seon Woo’s footsteps in people’s memories. Ye Bun insists that Seon Woo is not the killer, which Jang Yeol quiets instantly.

Ye Bun sees that Seon Woo was following Assemblyman Cha while removing something from his bag. Mi Ran followed them, so she might have seen it. In her memories, she sees that he was removing a flyer.

Da Eun’s brother approaches Ok Hui, but she asks him for a break. But she ends up running towards him when he gets on stage to sing. It seems like his very being still entices her.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 10 of Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Ending Explained

Hyeon Ok finds the folder in Jong Muk’s car. She recognizes one of the newspaper clippings as the last article her sister wrote and says that she was investigating the redevelopment before her death.

On the other hand, Jang Yeol tells Ok Hui to lure Grandpa Jung. Ok Hui is on stage, so he heads over himself. Gwang Sik sees Grandpa Jung record Assemblyman Cha’s conversation about heading to the barn to meet Jeon Dong Yeol, Gwang Sik’s father.

Ye Bun sees that Assemblyman Cha did not enter the barn area that night. But she sees Shaman Park at the barn. In another memory, she sees that Assemblyman Park was in the car with her unconscious, supposedly dead, mother before it fell in the water. He was also the person on site who informed her of her mother’s demise.

Gwang Sik approaches Shaman Kim to view his memories. Shaman Kim had fallen down the mountain and gone the wrong way. But in his memories, Gwang Sik finds Seon Woo standing by the pillar.

Behind Your Touch Episode 10 Review

We are back to Seon Woo being the prime suspect, not that Jang Yeol thought otherwise. But beyond that, his fascination with Cha Ju Man is very weird. All the blank stares are becoming borderline creepy, as though he would kill Assemblyman Cha if given the chance.

Assemblyman Cha isn’t a saint either. Ye Bun’s mother might not have committed suicide after all. Assemblyman Yoon might have sent his biggest lackey, Cha Ju Man, to silence her.

We are still nowhere close to finding the answers to some very important questions. Rather, the developments in the plot are giving rise to quite a few new questions.

Why did the need arise to silence Ye Bun’s mother? What did she find?

If Seon Woo is the third psychometrist, how does he see people’s memories? Does he have some other ability?

Is Seon Woo’s resentment against Assemblyman Cha somehow related to the reason Ye Bun’s mother died?

At least one question is answered. Da Eun’s brother is called Kim Yong Myeong. The man’s got some good moves, but his vocals need work. Other than Jang Yeol and Ye Bun’s regular bickering, these two side plots of romance are the brightest spots of the drama.

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