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Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer?

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

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We’ve crossed the halfway mark for the Netflix Korean series, Behind Your Touch, and we are as close to finding the serial killer as we were in the first episode of the series. If anything, this series has made it harder and harder for us to determine who the killer might be.

Previously in the series, Gwang Sik revealed to Ye Bun that he had seen the presence of another person in her memories on the day of the meteor shower. So, there might be another psychometrist among the residents of Mujin. And it might be the serial killer.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap: Who Is the Killer?

It is the long-awaited election day in Mujin. While everyone is surrounding Cha Ju Man, Seon Woo passes by them. He reveals to Jong Bae, quite loudly, that he would abstain from voting since there is no one in particular he wants to vote for.

Ye Bun is at the police station wondering what would happen with Gwang Sik and Ae Ran. But “small-minded jerk” Jang Yeol is going by the book and charging the two with obstruction of justice.

But Jang Yeol is not as small-minded as Ye Bun and Jong Muk call him. He very tactfully advises them to look for a good attorney who could reduce their charge to a misdemeanor, and the two would be let go with a fine.

Ji Suk approaches Ye Bun, worried about Ae Ran. And then promptly reveals it to Madam Kim, who forcefully brings her back and tasks Mr. Kim to keep an eye on her. Apparently, Ji Suk and Ae Ran were each other’s guarantors, and the other had to pay the debt if one ran away.

Hyeon Ok texts Jong Muk, wanting to meet him. He rejects her and then bumps into Gyeong Taek. Jong Muk hits him for the times Gyeong Taek hit Hyeon Ok during their marriage. Gyeong Taek runs away, but Hyeon Ok witnesses it all.

The residents pester Shaman Park, wanting him to reveal the results of the election. They gather at the coffeehouse. While he pretends to go into a trance, the others spot the “deceased” Ae Ran.

Da Eun’s brother is following Ok Hui around, and they have a moment as a scooter passes by. Hyeon Ok and Jong Muk reconnect and get closer. The older couple also have a moment as Jong Muk’s blood sugar level drops. It was witnessed by Grandpa Jung.

Seon Woo creepily watches as Cha Ju Man is surrounded by reporters. He then heads over to a restaurant and literally butts heads with Ye Bun. He comments that not everyone is as they appear to be and that she shouldn’t trust people easily.

Ye Bun tells Seon Woo that it is easier to trust people than not. She also reveals that she trusts him and is about to reveal her powers to prove it. But Seon Woo stops her. He tells her not to trust him too, as he might also change.

Ye Bun gets drunk and collapses. She sees the memory of the day of her mother’s accident, but the corpse is Ji Suk. Startled, she runs out of the restaurant. Seon Woo spots the phone she left behind and caresses its screen.

Ye Bun approaches Ji Suk as she is about to leave for a delivery and apologizes. Ye Bun hops onto her scooter and follows her to Mujin Fishing Area. But Ji Suk leaves her there, stranded.

Ye Bun finds the scooter lying by the road. Reading memories of a firefly, she runs headfirst after Ji Suk and finds her being attacked. Ye Bun hits the perpetrator with a helmet and makes a run for it with Ji Suk.

Ye Bun decides to call the cops but realizes that she does not have her phone. She hides Ji Suk and runs towards the streets. She stops a bus and finds her neighbors, but she does not ask for help as the culprit is likely a resident and might be a psychometrist.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 9 of Behind Your Touch

On the other hand, Cha Ju Man wins the elections. Ye Bun reaches the office building where everyone is gathered but fails to find Jang Yeol. She heads toward the station but is stopped by Seon Woo, who wants to return her phone. She avoids him and continues on her way.

Jang Yeol calls Jong Muk on his way to the fishing area. He reaches the location with Ye Bun, but they are a step too late. They suspect Gwang Sik but rule him out once Ye Bun checks his memories.

Jang Yeol reaches the conclusion that the killer might have superpowers like Ye Bun and Gwang Sik but then rules out the idea. Ye Bun then reveals to him that Gwang Sik had seen another person’s silhouette in her memories. The culprit is one of the people she encountered on her way to him.

The killer knows she can see what people have seen. So he closes his eyes, which causes the stagger in his walk and the random stab wounds. He ties the victim to him with a cable tie, so they cannot run away. Jang Yeol and Ye Bun make a list of people she encountered—suspects. They plan to use Gwang Sik, as the killer knows about Ye Bun’s powers.

Grandpa Jung approaches Jong Muk with a file of newspaper clippings from the time Assemblyman Yoon Deok Hyeon wanted to turn Mujin into a tourist city. He wanted to pass it on since he suspects he might not be able to continue investigating and asked him to take care of Hyeon Ok.

Jong Muk finds a photograph of Cha Ju Man in the file. The “newly elected” Assemblyman Cha Ju Man visits the police station. He suggests a discreet investigation.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Ending Explained: Is Kim Seon Woo The Killer?

In order to “fix” Gwang Sik, Jang Yeol approaches Ae Ran. He takes over her debt and offers to pay it off. Since Madam Kim does not accept money, he offers his services at the coffeehouse.

Rather than helping, Jang Yeol scares away all customers, including those who order delivery. Having no other choice, Madam Kim agrees to monetary compensation. Ae Ran reunites with Gwang Sik.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained
Still from Episode 9 of Behind Your Touch

Gwang Sik sees Ye Bun’s memories of the day of the meteor shower and estimates the height and build of the killer. Jang Yeol praises him while also throwing a jab at Ye Bun.

Gwang Sik finds Seon Woo’s build similar to that of the silhouette in Ye Bun’s memories. Jang Yeol finds out from the other part-timer at the convenience store that Seon Woo did not work on the day of the election.

Unable to see her, Jang Yeol calls Ye Bun, but she does not reveal her whereabouts. Shaman Park tells him that Seon Woo went to his workshop.

While Ye Bun is marveling over the cat tower he built, Seon Woo grabs a flower-patterned knife and heads towards Ye Bun.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Review

So the culprit is most likely Seon Woo. We get that the second male lead does not get the female lead, but why make him the secret villain? If he actually is the villain. With this drama, you never know. Again, there is his weird obsession with Cha Ju Man.

Ye Bun might say that she trusts Seon Woo, but in critical times, she runs to Jang Yeol even if Yeon Woo is closer or right in front of her eyes.

Ok Hui is such a tsundere character. Knowing Da Eun’s brother would follow her, she goes to the movies, to a restaurant, and then for a walk in the park. If that’s not a date, I don’t know what is.

So far, this drama has presented two mysteries—the identity of the serial killer and the name of Da Eun’s brother. The former is sure to be revealed by the end of the series, but what about the latter?

Is Seon Woo really the killer?

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