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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: In what way does the Shibuya arc commence? image via: MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: In what way does the Shibuya arc commence? image via: MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: In what way does the Shibuya arc commence?

The last episode revealed the real face of Mechamaru and the fact that he is the mole in Kyoto High School, leaking intel to pseudo-Geto or Kenjaku, and Mahito. It definitely did blow the minds of the anime watchers. It ended with Mechamura fighting against Mahito and unleashing all the stored powers to defeat Mahito in order to inform Gojo about their Shibuya plan. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Does Mechamaru succeed in defeating Mahito?

The first halfof the episode deal with an intense fight between Mahito and Mechamaru, where both parties are giving their absolute best. Mahito, the absolute maniac, is simply enjoying the fight while Mechamaru is using all the curse energy that he has stored for the past seventeen years of his life to win the fight at any cost. 

The Ultimate Mechamaru in Absolute Armoured Mode launches his Ultra Canon to burn away Mahito in the hopes of ending him by draining his cursed energy. But Mahito is well aware that his techniques won’t work on him unless he hurts his soul and jumps into the river. 

Mahito extends his arm and grips Mechamaru Absolute’s head, delivering a powerful cursed energy-infused punch that rattles the cockpit. Kokichi realises that Mahito’s strength can breach Mechamaru’s armour.

Thinking quickly, Kokichi inserts a tube into a nearby side panel and activates a cursed technique charge. Mechamaru’s fingertip splits open, revealing a small cannon. It fires a spiked projectile that pierces Mahito while he’s flying with wings.

At first, Mahito doesn’t perceive it as a threat, but suddenly, his wing explodes, leaving him vulnerable to being struck aside by Mechamaru. Mahito crashes through a series of trees, bewildered by the destruction of his soul.

Mechamaru follows up with a rapid punch and kick, compelling Mahito to retreat in the form of a bird. Kokichi notices Mahito reshaping himself to conceal his injury, bolstering his confidence in winning. Even Pseudo-Geto, the spectator, acknowledges Kokichi’s skill and successful tactics against Mahito.

Kokichi uses a charged technique, Pigeon Viola, unleashing five cannons of cursed energy at his opponent. Mahito shifts shape to evade the beams. He finds a way and chops off the wires attached to the armour, which leads to an error in the system.  

But he is caught off guard when Mechamaru crushes him from above. Mahito narrowly avoids being smashed.  Securing the sole opportunity to end Mahito, Mechamaru follows up with another cursed technique charge with the confidence that he will meet everyone. 

Little did he know that he was digging his own grave. He simply falls right into his trap, in his domain expansion- Self embodiment of Perfection. 

Mechamaru is crushed at the hands of Mahito as he uses his Idle Transfiguration to get over it. 

Mahito, overconfident in his Domain Expansion strategy, turns his back on the giant cursed corpse, belittling Kokichi’s reliance on tactics. With ten days until October 31st, Mahito believes he has ample time to regenerate cursed energy after using Domain Expansion.

While Mahito continues his speech, Kokichi seizes the opportunity to devise an escape plan. He possesses a unique technique called the Simple Domain, created in the Heian Era by a Jujutsu sorcerer named Sadatsuna Ashiya. 

This technique was kept secret to shield it from leaking and was designed to protect the disciples against curse users and cursed spirits. It neutralises all cursed techniques, even affecting powerful sorcerers like Gojo when within its domain. 

Mechamaru rises. image via: MAPPA
Mechamaru rises.
image via: MAPPA

Surprisingly, Mechamaru rises and drives the spike on his middle finger through Mahito’s back, causing significant damage. Even Geto is impressed by Kokichi’s Simple Domain. Kokichi believes he has already defeated Mahito and still has nine years of cursed energy to deal with Geto, preparing to launch an attack.

However, Mahito turns the tables by drilling into Mechamaru’s body, directly hitting Kokichi. With one domain left, Kokichi rushes forward, attempting to use his last bit of cursed energy to win. Mahito thwarts him with numerous colossal hands, laughing hysterically.

Mahito transforms into a grotesque millipede-like form, infiltrating the cockpit area, and their hands meet simultaneously. Kokichi recalls his promise to Kasumi, but Mahito ensures that the meeting will never happen. Mechamaru’s lifeless body rests in the forest.

After their battle, Mahito and Geto decide to depart. Geto remarks that Mahito was pushing the limits, but Mahito insists it was all part of the plan. He’s genuinely pleased to have witnessed the Simple Domain technique before their upcoming showdown in Shibuya.

Geto assures Mahito that his curse users have successfully set the terms for the entrusted Curtains, ensuring a smooth activation without any hitches. They can now freely bestow cursed energy and cursed speech on others. 

It is October 31st, 2018, 7:00 P.M. Dead silence prevails in Shibuya. There is not a single soul to be found anywhere.

Doomsday is here as a curtain is dropped around the Tokyo Department Store. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained: How does the Shibuya arc kick off amidst the backdrop of Japan’s Halloween festivities?

Halloween is finally here, and the entire nation is on the streets of Japan celebrating the event. While everyone is in a festive mood, a woman notices strange activities in the sky. The curtain drops, and the Shibuya incident begins. 

Mr. Ichiji informs Nanami, Megumi, and Ino of the situation outside the curtain in the Shibuya metro station. It traps non-sorcerers into it, varying from person to person. The sorcerers can move freely in and out of the veil. The radio waves have been jammed. 

Akari Nitta urgently relays the message to the Zenin team comprising Maki, Nobara, and the Zenin Family head, Naobito Zenin, that on the outskirts of the lively Shibuya Mark City business centre, an unsettling stillness now blankets the intersection that was once bustling with activity near the station. A sense of impending doom has gripped the area, drawing everyone closer to the curtain’s edge, their collective cry resounding: “We need Satoru Gojo.” 

Gojo appears in Shibuyaimage via: MAPPA
Gojo appears in Shibuya
image via: MAPPA

Akari says that non-sorcerers have been coerced into making this demand. Sorcerers can freely traverse the curtain’s boundary, making brute force an ineffective solution. The wiser approach is to locate and neutralise the curse user responsible for the curtain. 

On the other hand, the Kusakabe Team consists solely of Panda and their second-year teacher, Atsuya Kusakabe. Atsuya informs Panda that the higher-ups have sanctioned the use of a high-intensity barrier technique and explicitly mentioned Gojo Satoru. 

He believes the culprits behind this incident are likely the same ones who attacked during the goodwill event. Each team is currently on standby as the authorities have decreed that Gojo should single-handedly resolve the Shibuya Incident as swiftly as possible.

All the squads are tasked with securing the curtain’s perimeter and dealing with any threats that may slip past Gojo. Panda understands the rationale, as communication within the curtain is impossible, and they want to avoid unnecessary harm to their fellow sorcerers.

Regarding the civilians, Kusakabe explains that although they’re frightened, there hasn’t been any violence within the curtain. However, he remains cautious, refusing to re-enter the curtain due to swarms of special-grade curses lurking inside the Shibuya Hikarie Building. 

Inside the curtain, civilians adorned in Halloween costumes discuss their predicament, yearning for Gojo to appear so they can escape. Frustration simmers as they recount the incident where they were engulfed while waiting at the intersection outside Shibuya Mark City, echoing Akari’s earlier warning.

Finally, at 8:31 p.m., the long-awaited saviour, Gojo Satoru, shows up inside Hikarie ShinQ’s Shibuya shopping mall.


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