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My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained image via: Kinema Citrus
My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained image via: Kinema Citrus

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: Does Miyo actually have supernatural abilities?

Episode 10 of “My Happy Marriage” has revealed the secrets that revolve around the Usuba family. It puts the main characters, Kudo and Miyo, under trial and tests their fates. 

What will happen to Miyo and Kudo when the truth about the Usuba family is revealed? Does Miyo actually have supernatural abilities? How will Miyo accept the truth about her existence? Will Kudo be able to save Miyo from her constant nightmares? 

Today’s episode will answer all these questions. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap: What happens when Arata reveals the truth to Miyo and Kudo?

The episode begins with Kudo carrying Miyo in his arms and bringing her to Arata to learn the reality behind her nightmares. From the secret investigation Kudo has been conducting, he has finally been able to connect the dots and realise that Arata is related to the Usuba family. He is the one who can tell everything about Miyo, and Kudo can protect her. 

As soon as they reach the Usuba mansion, Mito gains consciousness. Miyo and Kudo come across a Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom when it is not even the season for cherry blossoms. 

That is the same tree Miyo always sees with her mother in her dreams. That Sakura tree was the last memory of her mother, which she cherished with all her heart. 

They are welcomed by Arata, who was waiting for them to come. Without beating around the bush, Kudo asks him to explain what is happening to Miyo and why Miyo is having nightmares. 

Arata reveals that he is related to Miyo as they share the same family name. He is her cousin. He explains that Usuba’s blood is not exactly the reason behind Miyo’s nightmares. To be accurate, it is because of her supernatural abilities.   

But as far as everyone knows, Miyo has no supernatural ability, as per the outcome of the spirit-sight ritual. Conventionally, if one fails the test, the person is deemed to be without supernatural abilities. 

But the Usuba family is an exception. 

It has a special kind of supernatural ability, whether you have spirit sight or not. It does not matter at all. 

The conclusion is, that Miyo has supernatural ability, albeit rather dangerous and powerful one. A rare supernatural ability even among the Usuba family. 

She is also introduced to her grandfather, the head of the Usuba family, Yoshiro Usuba. 

She soon realises that she is feeling better than before after entering the Usuba house. But why? Because of the Usuba barrier. 

The thing is, if she stays in this house, she will regain her health in no time. 

The intention of the Usuba family is to retain Miyo in that house and not allow her to be outside the Usuba barrier. Miyo’s existence is crucial for them, as she is invaluable to the family. Earlier, they too thought that Miyo did not develop any supernatural ability. But recently she has been showing signs of her abilities. 

Miyo has a Dream-Sight ability that enables her to intervene in people’s dreams. This explains her recurrent nightmares. If the family does not take control of this, it might lead to calamities someday.

But will Kudo allow this? 

Definitely no. 

After all, she is his fiancée. Their relationship is still in the blooming stage, and snatching Miyo away from him at this moment might not be healthy for their budding closeness. 

He will never allow them to take her away from him. He swears to protect her at all costs. 

But when the matter of her protection comes up, Arata questions Kudo’s capabilities as her protector by bringing up the earlier incidents where Miyo’s life was at risk. He asks him how he will protect Miyo when the Imperial City is facing the biggest threat from the Grotestequeries.

Miyo is quiet throughout the conversation. It must be very shocking for her to know about her powers. All through these years, she has been treated like an outsider just because she does not possess any supernatural abilities. She has been treated like a slave in her own house, exploited in every brutal way.

Now she hears that she has supernatural abilities built into her. Sure, it took time to manifest, but in no way will a member of the Usuba family be born without any supernatural abilities. 

All of these truths might be too much for Miyo to process at that moment. 

She realises how Kudo has been working under so much pressure already, and now with her situation at hand, he is pushing himself too hard. 

When Miyo says that she does not know what she should do, she thinks that if she says that she wants to be with him, she will be binding him to her. She does not want this to happen. 

Her answer baffles Kudo, as he wasn’t expecting that as an answer. 

Since they cannot reach an agreement, Arata decides on a fair, manly, and serious duel. What’s the catch? The winner gets to keep Miyo. If Kudo wins, Arata will teach him the way out of her nightmares. Kudo readily accepts the challenge. 

Against the shower of cherry blossoms, Kudo and Usuba face each other in a duel. 

While Kudo draws his sword, Arata pulls out a gun. 

Initially, Kudo dodges his bullets and moves forward to slash him, only to be duped by Arata’s supernatural power, i.e., Illusion. His bullet brushes against his arms, but he continues to fight, proving how powerful and strong he is. 

Amidst the duel, Arata spills the beans. He says that most of the Usuba members do not have spirit sight. The reason is, that it is necessary against grotesqueries, which means their powers are not meant to be used against Grotesqueries. 

Now here comes the twist. The supernatural abilities of the Usuba members are used against humans with supernatural abilities. This means it’s used to fight against people like Kudo. 

He uses his Illusion against Kudo, but he counterattacks with his thunder-lightning supernatural ability and eliminates all the clones of Arata. He is amazed at the extraordinary and formidable power of Kudo.  

Due to Usuba’s mind compulsion ability, they have been able to stay hidden in the shadows for this long. They secretly served Mikado and existed as the ultimate weapon against rogue wielders of supernatural abilities. 

All of Arata’s bullets do not even make Kudo flinch. 

But losing to a Kudo, a wielder of supernatural ability, will be a disgrace for the Usubas. He uses his Iluuison to the maximum to protect the name of the family. 

Kudo uses his fire blast technique and almost defeats Arata when he uses a cheap trick to win the fight. He uses the illusion of Miyo, and Kudo gets distracted. 

Arata wins the duel. 

Seeing his fiance in that situation, Miyo rushes towards Kudo, but her cousin will not let that happen. Before she can hold his hands, Arata snaps his fingers, and Kudo disappears into thin air. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Ending Explained: How powerful is Miyo’s power?

On the other hand, reports show that the grotesqueries are now moving in groups. 

Kudo reaches home, and his sister heals his wound. She tells her what Miyo must have meant by what she said earlier. She asks him to think harder about the situation. She tells him to put himself together and bring Miyo back, no matter how because Kudo is the only one she has got.  

In the meantime, Kudo receives a call from headquarters and heads towards it. He says that if he ignores this emergency situation and goes to save Miyo and, in the meantime, something disastrous happens, Miyo will blame herself for the massacre. 

Therefore, after completing his mission, he will bring Miyo back without fail. 

Prince Takaihito (yet to succeed the throne) had received a revelation about the impending ominous night, the forthcoming bloody battle, and the looming danger in the Imperial city, at the same time, the seal of the Grave broke and the grotesqueries were out in episode 8. He had also informed Kudo about the upcoming hardships Miyo is about to face. 

In this episode, the prince senses the approaching danger in the air. In the shadows, Mikado, the King, is delighted at the same cause.

Arata is simply fulfilling the duty that only he can fulfill, and that relates to Miyo. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explainedimage via: Kinema Citrus
My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
image via: Kinema Citrus

He comes to meet Miyo. When she asks him about Kudo, he portrays him as a cold-hearted man who chooses his work over his fiancee.  

He keeps a picture of her mother in front of her and tells her about Sumi Usuba and her ability. With Miyo’s Dream-Sight ability, she can manipulate or even brainwash anyone while the person is asleep. No matter how strong the person is, nobody can defeat her. She will also be able to see in her dreams the past, present, and future. 

Why did such a powerful ability not manifest earlier? 

The reason is- it was sealed off by her mother. 

In the next episode, we will get to know why her mother got married into the Saimori family and why she sealed off Miyo’s powerful ability and

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