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Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained: Will Hori be able to get over her jealousy?

Portraying jealousy in the way it’s depicted in Miyamura is quite unique. While jealousy is a common emotion in relationships, Hori’s jealousy towards Miyamura takes on a humorous and unconventional tone that sets it apart from the usual portrayal of this emotion. 

Today’s episode is about how Hori feels jealous when Miyamura hangs out with another person, with whom we do not see Miyamura talking much. 

Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap: Why is Hori jealous?

The episode starts with someone confessing their feelings for Miyamura, a classmate. It turns out to be Watabe. He has an unhealthy obsession with Miyamura, and Ishikawa bears witness to this obsession. 

Watabe’s quite the enthusiast. He snaps photos of Miyamura and has a dedicated folder for them. He’s nostalgic for Miyamura’s old hairstyle and glasses days. Seeing Miyamura from afar makes him content, but he’d jump at the chance to get closer.

It’s usual to be obsessed with celebrities, but being a superfan of a classmate? Well, Miyamura is just that charming, capturing the hearts of both girls and boys.

Watabe is a fanboy of Miyamura. Let’s see if Hori reacts to this. 

He is such a fanboy of his that he immediately gets sad when Miyamura says that Hori likes horror novels and movies more than Miyamura. But his spirits soar when Miyamura reveals shared interests; that alone brings him joy.

His feelings for him run deep. He finds it adorable that Miyamura is dating Hori, and he can’t help but blush and feel delighted when he learns about Miyamura’s other guy friend from another school.

Miyamura comes to Hori’s house, and can you guess what happens?

Well, can Miyamura escape Hori’s dog-like sniffing habit?

Definitely, no. especially where he is her boyfriend. 

Women do have better sniff-out abilities, and Hori is no exception. She has a memory of how each and every one of her friends smells and can recognise a person by his smell. 

She stares at Miyamura and starts sniffing him. To Miyamura’s utter surprise, Hori said that he smelled like Watabe. Generally, he smells like Toru or Shindo, but never before today did she smell like Watabe. So, it’s a new smell Hori finds on Miyamura. 

Will Hori be jealous of Watabe because of this? Is Hori angry with Miyamura for smelling like Watabe? 

Absolutely yes. 

Hori is very possessive of her boyfriend. She is like, “Touch my Miyamura, and it’s your doom.”

Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: CloverWorks
Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
cc: CloverWorks

Unfortunately, Miyamura does not know how she has this amazing sniffing and smell-identifying ability and says that it will be difficult for him to know if she is with someone else like Ishikawa, Sengoku, or any guy from his group or school.

After this, Miyamura starts sniffing out his friends full-on in Hori-mode. His friends, by now, have become accustomed to the weird habits of the Horimiya couple. 

He, being possessive and protective this time, sniffs out Shindo, as he believes him to be the one to make a move on Hori and let her cheat on him. 

Hori is frustrated and enraged that Watabe’s odour on Miyamura is intensifying. Hori discovers through his scent that Watabe is more interested in Miyamura than any other student at the school.

She is concerned not with Miyamura touching him, but with him getting closer to Miyamura. While she sprays perfume on him, he turns around, locks his gaze on her, walks towards her, and hugs her to get a whiff.

At this moment, when he turned around, she thought that he would be rough with her, but unfortunately, Miyamura is a softie at heart. 

Does Hori appreciate Miyamura’s tender side? Well, yes, she gets all flustered by his surprise hugs and kisses. But truth be told, what really gets her going is when Miyamura gets a bit rough.

They had a fight because he raised her expectations. The next day, Miyamura sports a bandaid on his cheek, but Hori’s bandaid is from a different incident—she bumped into a wall after smacking Miyamura.

But this time, Miyamura decides not to apologise to her, as it is not his fault. Let’s see how long he can keep up with this.

The funny part is that Miyamura does not remember the reason why he is angry or why he had a fight with Hori. 

Hori’s upset because Miyamura didn’t check on her after she got hurt against the door. But, honestly, can we blame him? 

People don’t always react the same way when they’re treated unfairly. And it’s not really fair for her to get jealous of another “guy” when her boyfriend is so devoted to her.

According to Hori, guys are more dangerous than girls. 

When Sengoku and Sakura say that she should be the one to apologise, Hori decides to apologise after realising that What if Miyamura becomes frustrated with all of this drama and stops caring for her? This means Hori will be losing someone who has always been there for her. 

But her anger has not subsided yet. Neither has Miyamura calmed down. 

Their anger play is on throughout the day, and their friends are tired of this now and want them to make up already. 

But the sudden message that pops up brings his anger back. A text from Hori says that her period is late this time. 

It catches not only Miymaura off guard but us as well. 

But Hori is just kidding.

This is Hori’s way of initiating conversation. Considering Hori’s nature, apologising is a hard task for her. 

Yasuda informs Miyamura that Hori has not attended the class. Neither is she in the clinic nor in the changing room. He also tells him that she has left her bag inside and that it is cold outside. 

(Did Yasuda, the pervert teacher, really check the changing room?)

When Yasuda says that Hori might be outside, the protective boyfriend switch is turned on. He ditches his anger and male ego and finds her sitting outside. 

They have the perfect chance to resolve the matter face to face after how childishly they have been behaving and dealing with the issue. 

They have a heartfelt conversation. They talk it out, and seeing Hori cry like a baby makes him say, “…even monsters can cry.

Miyamura talks in a gentle manner and tries to soothe her, but Hori kicks him in the gut. Why? 

She can not believe Miymaura is so nice, and she is terrified of what will happen if he starts hating her. 

Do you agree that Hori should work on not kicking or hitting our soft boy Miyamura?

He says that she always calls him a dummy (Bakamura), but she is just as much of a fool as he is. 

Hori cries and yells at him at the same time for saying an obvious thing. 

But when he says that he likes her more than she realises and that it is difficult to hate her, she flushes and calls him a dummy for saying such things all the time.  

When he realises that he apologised to her for liking her, when it was not his fault this time, Hori gets back to her original mode and yells at him for apologising. 

A perfectly weird dom-sub couple here. 

Horimiya The Missing Pieces Episode 10 Ending Explained: How did Hori get over her jealousy?

The next day, Miyamura arrives at school wearing a hoodie, and all of his classmates tease him except Hori. But when Hori fixes his hoodie, she smells something strange about it, and Miyamura breaks out in a cold sweat and avoids getting close to her for the rest of the day.

For the entire day, she stares at him, making him conscious of his sin.  

Do you know whose hoodie it was?

It was Shindo’s.

Miyamura had tried hard to hide the smell by washing it properly before wearing it, but he could not fool Hori.

The next morning, he wears his sweater again. While walking to school together, she takes him to an alley and sniffs the sweater.

Her eyes glittered, and her face lit up when the sweater smelled like Miyamura. She doubted that the hoodie smelled like someone else, so when the sweater smelled like Miyamura, it made her happy. 

She confesses that Miyamuya’s scent is her favourite. 

Now, do you think any guy will be able to control himself after hearing this from his girlfriend? 

I don’t think so. 

She has no idea that after the cold hands, something super warm is coming up.

He kisses her, shutting her up in the alley in the middle of the conversation, and they both blush hard after the sudden kiss. 

Miyamura is the biggest green flag.


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