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ujutsu Kaisen: Why did Mechanaru betray Jujutsu High? What is the reason behind it?
ujutsu Kaisen: Why did Mechanaru betray Jujutsu High? What is the reason behind it?

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the traitor from Kyoko working with Getou?

After a month’s break, Jujutsu Kaisen returns with the series’ most anticipated arc, The Shibuya Arc. Viewers have been waiting for this day for an eternity, and it has finally arrived to bless us with the series’ extremely exciting arc. 

The previous episodes dealt with Gojo’s past. It quenched our burning curiosity, beginning with the rizz surrounding Toji Fushioguro and ending with the relationship between Suguru and Satoru – how they went from best friends to bitter enemies. 

Gojo’s past arc gave us a lot of insights into the dealings that happen in the jujutsu world and showed that it’s not as simple as it seems to be. 

The last episode ended with Gojo waking up from his dream that encompassed his past, and we are brought back to the present scenario. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Who is revealed to be the traitor leaking information and working for the enemies?

Episode 6 commences with the three musketeers – Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara, planning what to do throughout the day. As usual, Megumi plans to go back, Yuji decides to watch the movie “The Earthworm Man 4,” and Nobara decides to go shopping. 

Across the road, there is a woman who watches over Yuji as he walks away after parting ways with Nobara. 

The next scene brings us back to the principal’s office of Kyoto High School, where a meeting is held between Principal Yoshinobu Gakuganji, Aoi Todo, and Mei Mei. The meeting is held after the Sister-School Goodwill event (season 1, episode 14). 

Following the competition, Aoi and Mei Mei recommend Maki Zenin, Panda, Megumi, Nobara, and Yuji for promotion to Grade 1 sorcerers based on the results of the event. 

Those recommended by two or more Grade 1 sorcerers must participate in several missions alongside the current Grade 1 sorcerers or Grade 1 equivalents. If the recommended candidates meet the criteria, they are promoted to Semi Grade 1 and assigned to Grade 1 missions on their own. The outcome will determine whether they can officially become Grade 1 sorcerers. 

Here, Todo is hopeful that Yuji will definitely be able to get promoted to Grade 1 sorcerer and that they are destined to fight along with each other to secure Yuji’s position as Grade 1 sorcerer officially. 

But Mei Mei breaks his dream bubble by saying that the ones who recommend will not be accompanying the participants. 

Nobara is done with her shopping. A woman follows her. It is the woman who was keeping a watch on Yuji. 

She asks Nobara if she is the one who was with Yuji earlier. She takes the woman to a cafe and hears her story. 

Yuko Okazawa was one of Yuji’s classmates who had a crush on him. She was that one girl in the class—the chubby one—who never had any friends to begin with. But she liked Yuji more than anyone else because he was the one who saw a different side of her when no one else did.  

Within half a year, she went through a drastic glow-up and now she is a tall and beautiful woman. After seeing Yuji again, her feelings have rekindled. She thinks that she might have a chance with him when she sees Yuji after so many months. 

Knowing her history, she immediately rings up Mr. Ijichi to bring Fushiguro to the cafe. The only one who knows Yuji the best is Fushiguro. Yuko, then asks her if she has any feelings for Itadori. 

Nobara flatly refuses her before she finishes her sentence. It is just as impossible as water mixing with oil. 

Fushiguro arrives, and the first question that Nobara asks him is if Itadori has a girlfriend. He calculates every other possibility and answers that there are fewer chances of him having one. 

When Yoku asks about Yuji’s type, Fushiguro answers that he is into tall girls. Yoku fits the criteria. 

This must have definitely reminded you of the conversation Aoi and Yuji had on their first meeting in the Goodwill event duel, where they both answered Jennifer Lawrence as their ideal type. 

Immediately, Nobara texts Itadori and he comes to the cafe. Surprisingly, he recognises Yoku and spends quality time with her. He used to like Yoku’s handwriting and eating manners, even if she didn’t fit his ideal type then. She couldn’t, however, ask for his phone number again this time. 

After this, Nobara realises that it will really upset her if Itadori gets a girlfriend before she finds a girlfriend for herself.  

In the next scene, Utahime meets Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara in the Kyoto school basement. 

The reason is to investigate the mole from Kyoto High School who has been working with the cursed spirits and leaking intel, as well as the others who are in contact with the curse users. 

The first suspect- Mechamaru. 

Remember him? He is the one Panda fought against in the Goodwill event. 

The process of elimination has left Mechamru as the prime suspect. 

Mechamaru is the curse user with Puppet Manipulation abilities. His Heavenly Restriction gives him the advantage of stealing information. 

They reach the room where Mechamaru’s real body (Kokichi Muta) is suspected to be. They are right, but Mechamuru is an ally of the enemies. So you really think they will let him get caught that easily and cause a blunder?

No way. As soon as they open the door- they find no one. This proves that Mechamuru is undoubtedly the first culprit. 

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 6  Ending Explained: What happens after Mechamura is restored to his original form?

Mechamaru has a binding vow with Mahito. The pact mentioned that Mahito would use his Idle Transfiguration cursed technique on Kokichi and bring back his original body in exchange for cooperating and providing them with the intel. 

But Getou had other plans in addition to this – kill him after healing him. 

He also thought of using him in the Shibuya affair, but unfortunately, he won’t be alive till then to take part in it. 

Kokichi reminds them about the promise they had made to him not to lay a finger on any of the members of the Kyoko School. But they broke their vow, and Hanami attacked the students during the Goodwill event. 

Mahito gets carried away in his desire to turn him into a caterpillar rather than fix him, but Getou gives him a reminder about the reprimands he has to face if he breaks the binding Vow forged with others. The consequences are uncertain. 

Mohito fixes him, and we see Mechamaru in his original form for the first time. 

As planned earlier, they engage in a fierce and thrilling fight. We see the real deal in Mechamaru in this fight. 

As the battle continues, Mechamuru uses his army of puppets to divert Mahito’s attention so that he can summon the Ultimate Mechamaru Absolute Mode. 

Kokichi’s impressive creation amazes Mahito. During his time as a recluse, he created a massive cursed corpse, and he is now inside its head, ensuring that Mahito never has the opportunity to touch him. 

A curtain begins to appear around the area, and Kokichi realises it is the work of Geto. Kokichi realises that breaking through the curtain and reaching Satoru Gojo is his only way out. But there is an obstacle: he has to confront Mahito first.

Despite the odds being against him, Kokichi remains hopeful and bets on a slim chance of success. He is determined to give it his all, utilising all the cursed energy he has gathered over seventeen years, five minutes, and six days. 

With fierce determination, he begins by channelling a year’s worth of cursed energy and unleashing an intense attack, the Ultra Cannon, aiming directly at Mahito.


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