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My Happy Marriage Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained
My Happy Marriage Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

My Happy Marriage Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained: How will Kudo put an end to Miyo’s miseries?

The Grotesqueries of the Grave are a looming danger to the Imperial City. With the introduction of Arata Tsuriki, the situation has just begun to worsen. And by now, we all know why. 

He is the mastermind behind the release of the grotesqueries. In order to get Miyo, the most special person, back to her original place, where she must belong, he has set up this dangerous plan. 

Miyo’s recurrent nightmares have taken a toll on her mind. She has been portrayed as someone without supernatural abilities. But in the last few episodes, she has awakened her abilities, without her knowledge.

But her husband can sense supernatural abilities within the premises of the house. If the external barrier has not been breached and there is no attack from the outside, then how come he is sensing supernatural abilities from within the house? There can be only one explanation- Miyo’s abilities, which have stayed dormant over the years, have now awakened. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 9 Recap: How worried is Kudo about  Miyo? Are their feelings for each other getting stronger?

The episode begins with Arata saving Miyo when she collapses in the middle of the road. Initially, she thinks it’s Kudo, but it turns out to be Arata. As Miyo doesn’t yet know who this man is, she is surprised by the attention she receives from him, and it doesn’t take long for her guards to go up. Soon after, she gets up with a jolt and immediately apologises for causing such inconvenience. Later, Miyo, Hazuki, and Miyo’s lady-in-waiting return home. 

As soon as Kiyoka hears the news of Miyo, he rushes back home, all breathless, to check up on her. Hazuki and Kiyoka talk about the problem at hand- the supernatural ability sensed at home when Miyo is having constant nightmares.

Striking off every other possible reason, Kiyoka can only think of one thing – it has something to do with Miyo being a descendant of the great Usuba family. But he knows for a fact that Miyo is someone without supernatural abilities, so once again, nothing adds up and it always ends up back at square one. 

Still, Kiyoka speculates that perhaps the Usuba blood is harmful to Miyo, which is why her body is reacting that way. Asking Miyo about the Usuba Family or about her mother won’t be of any help at all, as she does not know much about the family and her mother died when she was a child.

Miyo has always shown hesitation whenever she was asked about her mother or her family, so it is possible that she won’t be sharing any details. And recently, she has been keeping her feelings to herself. 

Later, Yoshito shares with Kiyoka a concerning incident involving a man attacked by a Grotesquerie near the Forbidden Land. Kiyoka becomes anxious about the possibility of Grotesqueries infiltrating the Imperial City.

Meanwhile, Miyo wakes up from another nightmare and feels frustrated that her lessons in becoming a proper lady aren’t going well.  Her recent health issues are preventing her from carrying out the hard training. In order to reduce the stress, Hazuki has reduced her lessons. 

Kiyoka contacts Miyo, informing her that he has to work overnight. When asked about her health, Miyo reassured him that she was doing well. 

In a meeting, Kiyoka and Yoshito join Okaito and Kazushi to discuss the growing Grotesquerie issue. Yoshito informs them that the Grotesqueries might be advancing towards the Imperial City. 

Okaito informs Kiyoka that he hasn’t received any progress information from the Imperial Household Ministry. In response, Kiyoka decides to deploy troops to encircle the imperial city. Okaito assures Kiyoka that he will reach out to the ministry in the interim. Unanimously, they decide on a large-scale hunt-and-destroy operation. 

While Hazuki, Yurie, and Miyo enjoy a meal prepared by Miyo, Hazuki confesses her terrible culinary capabilities and her regrets regarding her marriage. Despite a great connection with her husband, she faced difficulties with his family members. Her husband would comfort her every time, but in the long run, it resulted in a divorce.

Hazuki admires Miyo’s efforts to triumph over her weaknesses and advises her to be honest with her feelings to prevent destiny’s regrets. Miyo responds by expressing her desire to be a worthy wife for her husband, be a proper lady like Hazuki, and stay by Kiyoka’s side forever. 

The next scene cuts to Kiyoka meeting the private investigator he had hired to look into every minute detail about the Usuba family, which has shrouded itself from the world, believed to have left no traces behind.  He has asked him to investigate more about her mother, Sumi Usuba. 

Later at night, Miyo joins Kudo for tea on the balcony, both bathing in the moonlight and the beauty of the starlit night. Kudo apologises to Miyo for not being able to devote enough time to her recently due to his hectic schedule. 

Then he asks her again if there is anything that is bothering her, only to get a negative answer. Miyo is fine. She asks him about his life growing up with his elder sister, Hazuki, because he has not shared much about his past and family with Miyo. 

Listening to the story of such a precious sibling bond where they are not very compatible yet love and respect each other made her happy and envious at the same time, as she was never able to live such a sibling relationship.

Kiyoka asks her to scoot closer. He grabs her hand and asks her to share her feelings, more, with others. If not to anyone, then let it be Kiyoko. He encourages her to be more earnest with her feelings and not suffer all alone. 

He confesses that he misses being by her side and asks her if she feels the same. 

Miyo immediately replies that she indeed misses him.  

Kiyoka pulls her into a hug and tells her that she can always depend on him, no matter what. She can always be honest about her feelings towards him and be selfish about her life and happiness. He will never judge her and will accept her as she is. 

They will support each other through thick and thin- that’s what a family does. 

My Happy Marriage Episode 9 Ending Explained: How will Kudo put an end to Miyo’s miseries?

Miyo resolves to deal with her issues on her own in the morning. Otherwise, she believes she will be unable to support her family. Miyo answers the door to find Arata standing there. Miyo informs Arata that Kiyoka is not at home, and Arata properly introduces himself to Miyo. 

He goes on to say that he knows a lot about Miyo and thinks Kiyoka is a terrible husband for neglecting his wife. He continues to slander Kiyoka, and Miyo begs him to stop. Before leaving, Arata informs Miyo that he would like to offer her a position that she can fill and provides her with his contact information.

Kiyoka, Yoshito, Kazushi, and Okaito meet with Arata, who informs them that he and his squad have been granted authorization by the government to deal with the Grotesqueries. 

When they find themselves alone in a corridor, Arata accuses Kudo of mistreating Miyo He informs Kiyoka that he met with Miyo and does not agree with how she treats her.

He points the finger at him for not giving Miyo the care and attention she deserves. Due to the ill-treatment and excess household pressure on Miyo, she has gotten so fragile that she even collapses while walking. 

He downright accuses Kiyoka that he does not see the real worth of Miyo and abandons her in crucial moments, which proves how terrible of a husband he is. 

After holding him accountable for Miyo’s deteriorating health, he declares that he must refrain from interfering in his personal affairs. He tells Kiyoka to call him if he has any problems. 

Even when all the allegations were false, Kiyoka kept his cool instead of defending himself and letting the dog bark. 

The investigator calls Kiyoka at the office and tells him there’s one person with no birth or family registration, and that happens to be Sumi Tsuruki. And it immediately strikes Kiyoka- his special advisor also bears the same surname. 

Kiyoka hurries back home and calls for Miyo. He finds her standing in front of the fire like a ghost. 

Kudou grabs and shakes Miyo, frustrated, angry, and anxious, wanting to know why she is torturing herself. He notices that she is paler and thinner than normal, indicating that she is overworking herself again. 

He raises his voice a bit in anxiety, asking if he is not untrustworthy enough for Miyo to rely on him.

But Miyo is always the one to think about others. She did not want to bother him after he came home tired from work. She did not want to cause any trouble. 

Kiyoka, frustrated and worried, says that he should not have let her study if the situation was going to be like this. This upsets Miyo a lot, and while speaking, she faints, again.

Now, he blames himself for saying those things in such a harsh way and thinks that whatever Arata said today was right after all. He takes Miyo to Arata Tsuriki’s house, pledging to get Arata to tell him everything and put an end to Miyo’s sufferings. 

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