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Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: What was Dazai’s escape plan?

With the armed detective agency losing to fetch the One Order, seeing Rampo’s plan fail one by one, however worse the situation is, the Armed Agency did not give up on their master plan to prove the agency innocent. 

As deduced by Rampo, we see that Bram Stroker gets stolen by Ava, and the hunting Dogs are behind the thief. Unable to open the one order, and now Bram getting stolen, the entire plan of Fukuchi gets ruined. But he cannot afford to let his plan fail after all. 

Today’s episode is a continuation of the earlier episodes, where we saw the army turned into vampires chasing the girl and the hunting dogs hunting the armed detective as they believed that they were the ones behind the disappearance of their team member Jouno. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: Why Dazai’s intelligence should be feared by everyone? How did he plan everything single-handedly to kill Fyodor?

The episode begins with the phone call Atsushi makes to Rampo so that she can meet up with him to prove that the video of Tachihara was not fabricated and that they are innocent. 

But the hunting dogs are hunting dogs at the end of the day. All they do is hunt. 

Atsushi asks her to cooperate with them to prove their innocence. Rampo had already deduced that Jouno would be taken away by the vampires, and soon the agency would be announced as the culprits. 

Atsushi is unable to get hold of the flow of things, and why she has not attacked him yet. It is then, that she attacks him in an instant, and using her Age-manipulation ability, she puts him to sleep so that she can torture him and make him confess the plan of the enemy. 

On the other hand, Kenji and Tetchou are having a duel, showcasing the brute force both of them possess. Initially, the cards are on Tetchou’s team, but when Kenji hears that Atsushi will be tortured, the brute in him manifests, proving why Kenji should never be angered. 

He defeats Tetchou, showing why he is called the brute force of the agency. And Tetchou gladly accepted his defeat. They make a deal to find Jouno together.  

The next scene takes us back to the Mersault. Well, many things happened in the last episodes, and what was a shock to us was Chuuya becoming one of the vampires.

So now Dazai and Sigma are up against Fyodor and Chuuya. 

It’s not that Fyodor is the only one to have diary tricks up his sleeves. We know how Dazai works. 

Fyodor and Chuuya embark on a journey through Meursault. Alongside them, Sigma expresses his worry to Dazai about going through the formidable gravity manipulator, Chuuya.

In response, Dazai soothes Sigma’s apprehensions by revealing his long-standing contemplation of techniques to kill Chuuya over the course of 7 years.

Additionally, he alludes to a benevolent “angelic” determined to aid him—an inference appropriately drawn via Sigma—as his external supply of aid. That angel is none but Ango. 

Dazai is going on to describe his technique for conveying records to Ango. He cleverly makes use of his personal heartbeat as a code, which Ango gets and decodes on his own. 

However, Sigma is not totally convinced and considers this explanation to be incomplete. He factors out that such a technique might only allow Dazai to send facts, not receive them in return. In reaction, Dazai playfully encourages Sigma to take a bet on how he manages it.

Sigma takes a second to ponder the opportunities, but soon he’s extra worried about timely escape and urges Dazai to truly provide an explanation for the process if they want to make it out on time. 

However, Dazai has no plan to get away. Yet they can win. How?

Dazai, maintaining his calm demeanour, says that he will be able to win when they kill Fyodor before the game ends. 

Soon after, Fyodor makes a mistake while looking to unlock a security door, inflicting a shutdown on the system. He urges Chuuya to break the partitions, however, his efforts fail. Dazai informs Sigma that these partitions in Meursault are fabricated from a special anti-capacity metal, that even Chuuya can’t break through. 

Eventually, they reach the command room. As heavy water begins flooding Fyodor and Chuuya’s vicinity, Dazai and Sigma get the right of entry to the command room. Inside, they discover all security employees incapacitated. When questioned with the aid of Sigma, Dazai cryptically claims to have “stopped time”. 

Really? Dazai stopped time. But how? 

Sigma is in denial of what he is seeing. He knows clearly that Dazai’s ability is a nullifying ability. So, how has Dazai managed to do all of these impossible things?

He says, “Mersault is a trade show for dangerous Gifted.”

Dazai informs Sigma about a skilled criminal, famous as the world’s greatest thief, currently held captive in Meursault. To lessen her jail time, she struck a deal with Ango. The settlement: Each morning, she will utilise her strength to halt time as directed by using Ango in exchange for cutting her sentence short.

We completely draw close to Sigma’s feelings on this second, as whatever he’s experiencing, we are feeling it too. Dazai’s competence has left us amazed, yet it has also left us feeling at a loss for words at the same time.

But quickly, Sigma becomes aware of how Dazai is able to have complete focus even if time has stopped around him. It’s his special capability that nullifies her special capacity. 

Dazai stays immune to her power, handling to stealthily input the command room and outmanoeuvre time-frozen guards. This sheds light on how Dazai gathers statistics. It dawns on Sigma that Dazai altered the safety codes, leading him to conclude that Fyodor was at a disadvantage from the beginning. 

The whole lot goes according to his plan. 

Dazai is indeed the most dangerous guy and remains unrivalled, as always. 

Dazai addresses Fyodor over the PA device, saying that whatever they do, their unique capabilities may not be of any help to them in breaking out of this dire situation. He reveals that this became his strategy to neutralise each of Fyodor and Chuuya’s capabilities. Fyodor grows visibly agitated. 

Dazai says his farewell to Chuuya and reflects on their past as Twin Dark, reminiscing about their connections. He then retracts, admitting the ones connections had been few, to be honest, nada. 

As the scenario concludes, Dazai poignantly says goodbye to his former associate. Fyodor and Chuuya descend into the water as Dazai’s phrases linger.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8 Ending Explained: Did Aya’s escape plan with Bram work out at the end?

Aya and Bram take refuge in a laundry truck, considering it a secure preference due to the fact that safety wouldn’t significantly affect a laundry delivery. They hide and wait, with Aya suggesting the idea due to its practicality. Bram approves of her plan, and Aya playfully asserts her role as a saviour of justice.

Meanwhile, a mysterious voice urges Atsushi to awaken right away.

While in the truck, Aya proposes eliminating the Holy Sword embedded in Bram, however, he declines, explaining that doing so could unleash darkness, letting him regain control over the world. Aya accepts his explanation and then inquires further about the sword. 

Bram elaborates that it was crafted by a gifted individual centuries ago. The sword, known as Sorslevni, was forged from the user’s own flesh, which transformed into metal after their death. This unique creation granted the power to meld “body” and “ability.” 

The sword’s ability merges flesh and power from different realms, connecting them. This allows it to control a unique ability as if it were an extension of the body, transcending the world’s rules. 

The sword impales Bram, its tip rooting into his brain. Simultaneously, a holy seal on Fukuchi’s palm restricts the sword’s power, making him the sole wielder of Bram’s abilities.

Aya remarks on Bram’s deep knowledge, which he attributed to being struck by the sword twice. He recalls the first time during his execution in the past when he and his people were condemned as enemies of God. Bram pleads for their lives but is branded a devil and struck by the sword.

Noticing Bram’s sadness, Aya teases him, likening herself to a horse carrying him. Bram first dismisses it as a lord’s concern, then corrects himself, comparing her to a horse. As Aya jokes about drowning him, Bram interprets it as a modern treatment of kings.

Just then, the truck they are hiding in gets bisected laterally, and the two are discovered by the undead Akutagawa. Bram advises Aya to quickly run away.

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