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Horimiya season 2 episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained
Horimiya season 2 episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Horimiya season 2 episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Was Yanagi able to be more casual with Sengoku?

Horimiya returns with another comedy-driven Blockheads episode, making us laugh until we cry with their adorably idiotic chaos.

The recent episode’s spotlight is stolen by Yanagi Akane this time. 

Remember him? 

The handsome and adorable guy from the last episode shared his book with Sakura.  

Horimiya season 2 episode 8 Recap: why did Sengoku think he got dumped by Yanagi?

The episode begins with Ishikawa looking for Yanagi’s lost contact lens on their school’s corridor floor. Yanagi is well-known for his clumsiness.

How would you look for it now? Clearly, in a kneeling position. 

Imagine Ishikawa kneeling in front of Yanagi, and Sengoku seeing them in that position. 

How do you think he will interpret the whole scenario?  

It scared the living daylights out of him. He wondered what Ishikawa had done wrong that Yanagi made him kneel before him, and he fled. 

Scaredy Cat!

Hori is concerned about Yanagi, being absent from his elective class that day. It is, however, nothing new. He skips the majority of his morning classes. He is not an early bird. 

Since the previous episode, Hori has suddenly desired to address her friends by their first names, but it is too awkward for her. As a result, whenever anyone is addressed by their first name, she becomes agitated with jealousy. 

Miyamura usually refers to Yanagi by his first name, and when he did so in front of his girlfriend, she felt compelled to do the same. And it was at this point that Miyamura wondered if she had misunderstood him about having a special relationship with Yanagi. 

Hori has her boyfriend under her spell! 

A male submissive and a female dominant—an intriguing and entertaining couple!

Hori wants to call Yanagi by his first name. Thats it!

Our Kawai Remi enters and inquires if they have seen Yanagi anywhere. Miymaura responds that he just left for home a few minutes ago.

Yanagi usually takes the bus home, which was unusually late that day. He was completely unaware of this.

Miymaura heard about it from his classmates and decided to inform Yanagi because he would be waiting there in such harsh, windy, and cold weather. 

Remi and Hori surprised Yanagi by putting on a show. There is the dramatic duo of Hori and Remi.

The brief performance in the bus station was to inform Yanai that the bus would be running late today. 

Just so he does not feel lonely waiting for the bus on a cold, windy day, they have come there to give him some company with some warm hot chocolate bought by Miyamura and cookies baked by Sakura. 

So thoughtful of them!

To take strict action against the students who have been skipping their elective classes- the teacher decided not to allow any delay among the students of classes 3-6 next week. 

In short, all students will have to attend the elective classes. 

Anyone late or misses the class shall have his/her photo put up for public display. 

Yanagi is in trouble now. 

Ishikawa, Miyamura Sengoku, Hori, and Yanagi discuss how Sengoku’s texts make them wonder if they were sent by him or someone else. 

They seem fine at first, but the message at the end is entirely out of character. 

To us, those text messages and the emojis he uses at the end of the texts are super adorable. 

In the middle of this, Yanagi is dozing off to sleep, and there is a sudden thud! 

He smacked his head on the desk. To avoid anyone seeing him hit his head, his reflex came in a flash, and he sat there as if nothing had happened.

Yanagi’s expression revealed the little acting he had done to appear to be fully awake. His droopy eyes, the bags under his eyes- our boy is just pushing himself so hard to wake up in the morning and make it on time to school.

Our boy has not gotten enough sleep in a few days because he is worried that if he sleeps well and is too hard like usual, he will miss his morning class.

He tried every trick and method to fall asleep early but still woke up at strange hours.

He becomes extremely nervous as a result and is unable to fall asleep.   

He has to survive two more days in this vicious cycle, and then he can sleep freely for as long as he wants without the fear of missing classes. 

Gambare, Yanagi!

He had set his alarm to wake him up, but one of them stopped working. He discovered it had broken on the floor and has no recollection of moving it.

When he got home from school, he discovered that his bed was also shambling. – that is some mystery cooking there. Is it so? 

The following scene reveals the truth, which explains how the alarm clock ended up on the floor and why the bed was a mess. 

Everyone becomes concerned about him and decides to help him out. But how? 

His friends will give him a wake-up call, and at last, Sengoku’s text will be the final alarm. Everyone was sure that his text would wake him up. 

Just as planned, the following day, Miyamura and Ishikawa give him a call right after the alarm goes off.

He hangs up their call in the middle without uttering a word and goes back to sleep with a grumpy face. But Segoku’s text finally managed to wake him up. 

So, their plan worked just fine. Yanagi is more of a bear in the morning, requiring two alarms, two calls, and, eventually, a text from Sengoku to drag him out the door. 

In the next scene, we see Yanagi and Sengoku interacting with each other alone. Sengoku tells him that Yanagi has a very informal discourse while he talks with classmates and Yoshikawa, but he is very formal and polite with the rest of them. 

Well, it’s just Yanagi’s force of habit. And what he said next came out in the wrong way. His intention was something else, but what came out of his mouth was enough to hurt anyone’s feelings!

“I’m casual with my friends and people I want to be friends with.”

And this traumatised Sengoku- the poor, heartbroken Sengoku-  went into shock. He became numb and speechless for an awkward, uncomfortable couple of moments. 

His face said that he must be going through an identity crisis. He is depressed- his face shows it all. But Iura is there to rescue him. But Sengoku asked him to buzz off, which broke his heart. 

Yanagi and Sengoku meet again in front of the vending machine to bring matters back to normal. Yanagi attempts to be more casual with him. But what do you expect of two introverts and awkward people? The conversation made it even more awkward.

A failed attempt. 

Now Sengoku is seen with a grin on his face. 

Horimiya season 2 episode 8 Ending Explained: were Yanagi and Sengoku able to become friendlier than before?

In the school corridor, Yanagi and Iura are playing a game of catching blades with their hands!

Sengoku finally concludes that Yanagi attracts cheerful, happy-go-lucky people like Iura and Yoshikawa, the ultimate airheads. Yanagi’s laidback style complements Iura and Yuki’s easygoing and lively personalities.

And Sengoku does not stand a chance! He is a way more serious guy for Yanagi to hang out with and befriend.

But surprisingly, Sengoku prefers a casual rapport with Yanagi to bond better. 

So, Ishikawa comes up with a solution, asking him to be a goofball and airhead like them if he wants to be friendlier with Yanagi. Ishikawa gives him a demonstration and asks him to try it out. 

Sengoku freaks out and vehemently refuses. But after getting chewed out by Ishikawa for refusing to do so, he prepares to practise with Ishikawa. 

Ishikawa is giving us “tips to befriend your schoolmate” vibes!

Sengoku simply gives Ishikawa a slight, soft, and gentle back hug for practice, and our dear Ishikawa feels molested by him. It was sensual and definitely not friendly. 

Sengoku grabbed him from behind and hugged him! And he has no idea what he has done to make Ishikawa spring away from him and get angry.

Poor Sengoku is so innocent!

And Miyamura has the worst possible timing to pass by!

It’s roleplay time. 

Sengoku, the molester, and Ishikawa, the handsome Yanagi.

Sengoku has recently been very straightforward with his feelings and called Miyamura stupid for considering this situation a roleplay. 

Sengoku calling someone dumb in front of them happens only once in a blue moon. He must be in a grumpy mood. 

Everyone surrounds him and teases him. Among all the accusations, Yanagi said with a beaming smile that Sengoku could never do such things and that he liked him the way he was until Miyamura ruined everything by calling Sengoku a molester. 

Excellent work, Miyamura! You had to change the river’s course just as things seemed to be going well! 

Immediately, Sengoku’s anger bursts out, and he yells at him to come to the student council room. Mitamuya does not even know what wrong he did after spoiling Sengoku’s good impression in Yanagi’s eyes. 

Miyamura and Sengoku get along great. Isnt it?

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