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Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained: In what ways did Sawara’s seniors help her make friends?

The latest episode of “Horimiya,” “Friends,” dives into the lives of characters such as Sakura and Sawada. Sakura’s surprise encounter with Yanagi leads to sweet and uncomfortable situations among the rigours of examinations and the delight of comics.

Meanwhile, Sawada’s struggle to make friends and fit in takes a good turn when she receives help from her kind seniors. This episode focuses on the mechanics of friendship and warmth that can come from unexpected sources.

“Friends,” the most recent Horimiya episode, begins with Sakura and Hori discussing the mock tests. They are third-year students. However, they are unable to have any fun because of their upcoming exams. They are spending their time burning the midnight oil, utilising every passing moment to prepare themselves for the exam.

It’s an all-work, no-play situation for third-year students. However, Sakura’s escape from the hectic routine is reading the super popular Skull Ninja Konoha manga.

But that week’s manga leaves her on a cliffhanger, and she waits eagerly and desperately for the next week to come.

Next week is here, and Sakura is in a bright mood. The manga is here, and it will finally calm down her curiosity that has been building up since last week. 

But Alas, the shop went out of stock and Sakura is heartbroken and gloomy. 

However, Yanagi comes as an angel to her. He had bought the last copy of the manga. He offers her his book after seeing her devastated situation.

It’s not always the case that princes carry swords. Sometimes they carry the weekly shinobi manga. 

Out of gratitude, she compliments him by comparing him to the manga’s main protagonist, who happens to be a woman. She compared him to her because of the similar traits they share. Yanagi, on the other hand, believes she compared him to the female character because she thinks he is effeminate. 

Awkward Situation Alert! Both are weirded out. 

It’s the next week. They meet in the school corridor, and coincidentally, they were both rushing to the bookstore for the weekly manga. 

They share a cute, embarrassing, and weird moment while walking down the corridor. And circumstances cause her to refer to Yanagi as a cool person, whereas Yanagi considers Sakura to be cooler than him, which catches her off guard. 

But later on, Yanagi’s cuteness overtakes his cool personality, and now Sakura thinks it is preferable to call him a cute person over a cool one. 

We know that Yanagi wears glasses. Recently, he has not been wearing one. He got contact lenses for himself because he thinks they do not look good on him.

Are you kidding us, Yanagi? Anything you put on that beautifully handsome face will make it seem that it was indeed made for you. 

We share the same feelings with Sakura. There is no way anything does not look good on him.

He casually invites Sakura to tag along with him to check out some new frames for himself. 

The next scene takes us to the classroom, where Ishikawa, Hori, and Miyamura are gathered around Yoshikawa, who is busy reading a book. The part where a girl and a guy swap bodies comes, and Yoshikawa’s imagination runs wild. 

Now she starts imagining her friends swapping bodies, and it is an interestingly hilarious sight for us too. It’s fun to imagine everybody switching bodies but the bathroom question she asked Ishikawa is probably a deal breaker.

In the library, Hori and Yoshikawa goof around while writing reports. Just when Yoshikawa thinks that she is alone in the library, Yanagi shows up with a pile of books. 

The books fall in perplexion from his hand as soon as she gets up, slamming the table. They both gather up the books, and as they do it, the iconic hand-touch moment happens.  

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: CloverWork
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained
cc: CloverWork

Coming back from the library, thinking about how cold Yanagi’s hand was, she forwards her hand to Ishikawa, saying that her hands are cold. 

What is your motive, Yoshikawa? How badly do you want to hold hands with Yoshikawa? 

But it’s Ishikawa you are dealing with, who happens to be pretty much an anti-romantic guy. He squeezes her hand immediately and says that his hands are way cooler than hers. 

Seriously Ishikawa! Well, it is expected of you to do so when you are ignorant about the feelings Yoshikawa has for you. If you had known, I believe you would have reacted differently, perhaps. 

In the following scene, Miyamura is seen walking back home when he encounters Sawada, who is apparently being bullied by her friends due to her distinct demeanour. 

Miyamura telling her to seek his assistance if she is being bullied was a heartfelt moment. 

Miyamura’s Big Brother mode, or you can say the-protective-Senpai mode, gets activated. 

After this, as they are walking back home, they talk about friends and bullies and how things do get better as time flies and once you start ignoring the ones who mess with you. At least no one knows this better than Miyamura. 

Encountering Sawada once more brought a sense of comfort, evoking the familiar older brother/younger sister dynamic that she shares with Miyamura.

The fact is that Sawada gets along well with her Senpai-s, like the entire folk of Hori and Miyamura, more than her own classmates or any second-year student. She feels more at ease and opens up around them.

Her introverted nature is also getting in the way of her making friends. It’s not that she does not want to have friends who are actually her age; it’s just that she doesn’t know how to approach them or initiate the friendship. This makes her time in school uncomfortable. 

Remi and Yoshikawa found Sawada in the hallway area while they were escaping from the chilly winter wind. She confronts them, asking if she is weird. 

To this, Remi answers that being weird is wonderful. This makes her more open to discussing the few issues that are bothering her with them. Hearing them actually understand her situation and support her by inviting her to come to them when she is not having fun puts her at ease. 

She has the best seniors any junior can ask for, and she enjoys school, no matter how uncomfortable her class can get, because of her warm and welcoming seniors.   

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained: How did Sawada help her classmates recruit members for their art club?

Sawada’s class is recruiting new members for the Art club. But the problem is that there is no space on any of the bulletin boards except the one that is prohibited to use as it is for the seniors to use.  

What Sawada does is try to fix the poster that she puts up on a bulletin board. In the meantime, Sengoku and Remi walk into her doing it.

She hesitantly explains that the poster is of her friends from the art club. Since they are having a hard time recruiting members, they wanted to put the poster in a place that would make it evident and visible to the students. She agitatedly asks Sengoku for permission for the poster to stay there.  

But Sengoku makes a serious face and says that he is taking it down. But Sawada is not aware of the surprise that lies ahead of her. Sengoku lifts her up on her shoulders, and she takes the poster down only to put it up on the bulletin board in front of the main entrance. So thoughtful of Remi and Sengoku. 

This is the bulletin board that only seniors use, or so the second-year students thought. Little did they know that it was a shared space and that any student could use the board. 

This makes her all giddy, and she thanks both of them for such a thoughtful and kind gesture. it is adorable how  Remi gets the nickname “RemiRemi Senpai” while Sengoku is just “Sengoku” for her. 

Unknown to them, one of Sawada’s classmates, Shimoda, witnesses the entire thing and informs the class about it. 

She might not enjoy the time she spent in her class, but after all, it is a class thing, and she cannot care any less about it. 

Her classmates come and let her know that a first-year had come for an inquiry after seeing the poster and that they are thankful to her for putting it up on that bulletin board. This news really made her happy from within. 

Sawada finally connects with some of her class for her efforts! Now she just has to deal with addressing all the rumours about her 3rd-year acquaintances.

And now it is expected that she won’t be bullied any more, which will help her make more friends from her class and lift up the veil of discomfort and awkwardness she faces when she is among her peer group. 


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