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Bungou Stray Dogs What Happened to Akutagawa? Is he dead?
Bungou Stray Dogs What Happened to Akutagawa? Is he dead?

Bungou Stray Dogs: What Happened to Akutagawa? Is he dead?

In the realm of the Port Mafia, Ryunosuke Akutagawa presents a striking figure who inspires both admiration and trepidation. Akutagawa is dreaded for his extraordinary ability, Rashoumon, which stems from the raincoat he is wearing around himself. 

This force, which has an almost voracious character, has the ability to consume practically anything in its path and even tear the fabric of space apart. However, a guy with a strange resilience and a wonderful quickness that compel attention resides underneath this intimidating façade.

When it comes to his appearance, Akutagawa possesses a delicate frame with grey eyes and hair that’s adorned with stylish white tips. His choice of attire—a black raincoat and a meticulously kept handkerchief—stand as symbols of his connection to his world.

How did Akutagawa become a Port Mafia Powerhouse from an outsider?

Akutagawa’s origins are on the outskirts of society. This exemplifies the numerous intersections that comprise his identity. His journey took a dramatic turn when he discovered his talent in Port Mafia, an experience that profoundly affected the rest of his life.

Dazai’s guidance served as a cornerstone, shaping his growth and unlocking his latent potential as he progressed through the organisation.

His path from the outside of society to his prominent position within the Port Mafia reveals him to be a man with many aspects. 

Behind the scary exterior is someone whose life experiences and relationships have shaped their personality, navigating the complexities of the world with depth and sensitivity.

How did Akutagawa’s Philosophical Clash and Complex Persona have an impact on his life?

Akutagawa has a worldview of “survival of the fittest,” believing that the weak must make way for the strong, perhaps from his harsh upbringing as an orphan in the harsh slums of Yokohama. 

His outlook on life has remained unchanged since childhood. But a pivotal encounter with Dazai Osamu at 14 led to a profound respect for someone for the first time in his life. 

Despite undergoing extreme and horrific training from Dazai, Akutagawa clings firmly to his own philosophy, which opposes Dazai’s value of information over outright eliminating the mafia’s enemies.

As a ruthless and feared member of the Port Mafia, Akutagawa is known as the “dog” of the organisation due to his acute willingness to commit violent crimes to advance both the mafia’s goals and his personal agenda. 

He is merciless, gruesome, and blunt in his actions, indiscriminately targeting innocent civilians, children, and enemies alike, but he prefers swift kills over meaningless torture. 

Coughing frequently and lacking positive emotions, he exudes an edge-of-madness personality, occasionally losing control of his composed demeanour.

Why does Akutagawa despise Atsushi?

Akutagawa’s desire for Dazai’s approval leads to intense resentment towards Dazai’s new protégé, Atsushi. He displays abusive and manipulative behaviour even towards his subordinates, like Kyouka and Higuchi. 

When Dazai praises Atsushi, insulting Akutagawa’s worth as his former pupil, Akutagawa’s opinion of Atsushi worsens, leading to a personal war with members of the Agency, particularly Atsushi.

While he harbours both hatred and obsession towards Dazai for betraying the Port Mafia, Akutagawa’s character remains deeply complex, reflecting his inner struggles and conflicts. 

Now, let us return to the article’s main point: what happened to Akutagawa?

By the end of the article, you will know what fate had in store for him. 

Within the series, Ryunosuke Akutagawa is currently represented as being undead. Akutagawa’s life would have ended if Bram Stoker hadn’t conferred the power of vampirism on him.

Let us now get into the specifics. Shall we?

What Happened to Akutagawa?  What is the Unforeseen twist that changed Akutagawa’s life?

Akutagawa reappears in the new season of Bungou Stray Dogs, which revolves around the Kamui Revelation Arc. 

In the Kamui Revelation Arc, Akutagawa’s role took an unexpected and dramatic turn. During a showdown with Fukuchi, he faced a critical blow that left him severely injured. This allowed Atsushi to flee, providing the audience with a moment of suspense and surprise.

In the continuing story, Akutagawa’s fate is not restricted to the world of the dead. As the struggle raged on, Akutagawa and Atsushi joined forces in a daring and deliberate tactical manoeuvre.

Their joint effort aimed to catch Fukuchi off guard with a surprise attack. Fukuchi’s uncanny foresight, on the other hand, allowed him to effortlessly counter their assault, leaving them stunned by his preternatural ability.

After this battle, Fukuchi revealed that he wielded a formidable Shinto Amenogozen, a space-time sword capable of turning loss into victory.

This revelation drastically upends the balance of power and rendered the efforts of Akutagawa and Atsushi useless. Despite all efforts, Fukuchi’s mastery of this skill proved elusive.

In the climactic moments, Akutagawa’s resourcefulness took centre stage. In the face of a dire and seemingly hopeless situation, he swiftly improvised a plan by utilising Rashoumon in tandem with a fire extinguisher. 

This brilliant strategy created a distraction, allowing him and Atsushi to break free from Fukuchi’s dangerous grip. However, Fukuchi nullified that as well and slashed Akutagawa’s throat within a blink of an eye. 

Despite the kind deed Akutagawa performed to save Atsushi, he was still caught in Fukuchi’s clutches. However, fate had other plans, which led to Fukuchi’s eventual capture of him.

Stoker’s Intervention and Immortal Ties: How is Akutagawa connected to Bram Stroker?

Amidst that tense moment, Fukuchu brought forth a mysterious coffin. It carried the legendary Bram Stoker, the renowned vampire. After much wrangling from Fukuchi, Bram bestowed his creepy gift upon the injured man, bestowing upon him the unnerving blessing of immortality. 

vampire Akutagawa
vampire Akutagawa

Akutagawa was changed into one of the undead, straddling the line between life and death in this fascinating domain. Stoker’s intervention saved him from certain death, but it came at a cost: his immortality would be tainted by an insatiable thirst for blood.  

Akutagawa was driven into the domain of vampires as a result of Fukuchi’s instruction, a choice that Stoker originally fought owing to his aversion to creating more of his kind. 

However, Fukuchi’s tenacity forced Stoker to turn to Akutagawa, forever changing his fate. Fukuchi’s conduct, motivated by desperation, effectively swapped Akutagawa’s mortality for an endless existence as an undead entity.  

Navigating the Undead Realm: Impact and Struggle:

As the plot progresses, the unavoidable consequences of Akutagawa’s metamorphosis and the troubles it creates will mould his fate in unexpected and nuanced ways.

It is a surprisingly compelling tale set against a backdrop of tragedy and pleasure.

Caught between his altered self and the unquenchable bloodlust that runs through him, Akutagawa’s whole essence becomes inextricably linked to the fabric of the undead realm.

This transformation of Akutagawa into a vampire has the potential to cast a wider shadow over the planet, perhaps putting it in more dangerous waters.

Despite his motivation to protect the planet and the agency, Akutagawa’s unforeseen change has paradoxically made him a more formidable threat to mankind itself.


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