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Is Geto still alive in Kenjaku?
Is Geto still alive in Kenjaku?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Suguru Geto Dead? Who killed Suguru Geto? and why?

Suguru Geto is a prime example of one of the heroic protagonists turning into one of the sinister antagonists. The man who had complete faith in the ideals and virtues of the jujutsu world, who believed in the good deeds the sorcerers do to keep the non-sorcerers from harm’s away started eroding one after the other. 

The best friend of Satoru Gojo, Suguru Geto’s transformation is one of the most significant events in the jujutsu Kaisen series. 

Geto and Gojo had several ideological differences but they acted unitedly against whatever they felt went wrong against the society. This is evident in the case of Riko Amanai’s escort mission. 

Their shared opposition to Riko’s intended sacrifice for the union with Master Tengen prompted them to take a stand. Collectively, they offered Riko an alternative: a chance to forsake the mission and escape alongside them, under the assurance of unwavering protection regardless of her choice.

However, the course of events took a grim turn when Toji Fushiguro shot Riko in the head in cold blood. Riko died right in front of his eyes. 

That was the first event that created a fissure in his convictions which allowed all the unconventional questions to seep in gradually. 

Riko Amanai played a pivotal role as the catalyst that profoundly influenced the shifting perspective of Geto. The applause from the members of the Star Religious Group on seeing Gojo carrying the lifeless body of Riko rang in his ears, haunting him every moment. The horrifying sight caused his beliefs to crumble.  

Seeing the humans celebrating the death of a young girl shook the core of his principles. The tragic death of Riko Amanai caused the first crack in Geto’s unwavering faith in humanity’s goodness and protection of the vulnerable.

A year passed, and still a student of Jujutsu High, he went on more individual missions where he came across more undeniably bitter truths about the world. 

As a Jujutsu sorcerer, he began questioning the purpose of his existence and his goals. He even started to view non-sorcerers as “monkeys,” echoing Toji’s sentiments from the time he was defeated by him. 

But what triggered him the most was the conversation he had with Yuki Tsukumo.

Tsukumo revealed the heart of the matter of curses and their origins to him, providing a new viewpoint. This experience sowed the germ of a new route in Geto’s mind: the notion that removing all non-sorcerers may give a solution to the curse problem.

While he was still dubious about the hatred that he was gradually harbouring within himself towards the non-sorcerers, the Village Genocide Incident cemented his utmost hatred for them.

That was the incident in which he witnessed the suffering of sorcerers as well as how inhumane humans can be towards sorcerers, which drove him to slaughter all the villagers. 

This marked the beginning of his descent into cruelty. He became a curse user, vowing to rid the world of non-sorcerers and even murdering his parents. 

How did Geto die? Is he actually dead?

Ten years later, in 2017, Suguru encountered the vengeful S-class spirit, Rika, at the Hapina Gallery. Geto Suguru desired a special-grade cursed spirit to help him achieve his goal of killing all humans except Jujutsu sorcerers. This cursed spirit was Rika Orimoto. He decided to kill Okkotsu Yuta to get her. He could ingest Rika and control her if he killed the master.

On December 24, he declared that he would stage the Parade of a Hundred Demons at sundown. A thousand cursed spirits will be unleashed in Shinjuku and Kyoto. 

Suguru set out to find Rika, sparking a battle with Yuta and the exorcists who stood in his way. Despite inflicting destruction, Yuta harnessed Rika’s absolute power, leading to Suguru’s retreat.  

In a climactic encounter, Suguru faced Yuta and Rika, their powers clashing in an intense energy exchange. As the battle reached its zenith, Suguru’s arm was torn off, and he sought to claim Rika’s power. 

Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Suguru Geto Dead? Who killed Suguru Geto? and why? cc: Pinterest
Jujutsu Kaisen: Is Suguru Geto Dead? Who killed Suguru Geto? and why?
cc: Pinterest

An encounter with Satoru followed in the alleyway, where Suguru made it out alive from the fierce battle. 

Suguru, defeated by Yuta, clung to the hope of absorbing Rika’s power. Giving Geto one last chance to speak, Gojo discovered that Geto’s motivations were not based on hatred for Jujutsu High, but on his inability to find happiness in the world.

Mortally injured by the curse he had sought to assimilate, Geto drew his final breath before his closest friend, meeting his demise at the hands of that very friend.

So, Suguru Geto is dead in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, as shown in the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0. 

But do you think Jujutsu Kasien will let such an important character die without bringing in further twists in the plot? 

Underestimating Jujutsu Kaisen would be a grave error. The series is renowned for leaving viewers astounded and speechless as characters defy death, spring back to life, and evoke shock and amazement.

Following Geto’s demise at Gojo’s hands, an unconventional choice was made.

Instead of delivering the body to Shoko Ieiri at Jujutsu Tech for proper handling, Gojo abstained, unwittingly enabling Kenjaku to acquire the remains. 

In an unexpected twist, Geto’s existence in the anime stems from a convoluted chain of events. Following the acquisition of Geto’s remains at Gojo’s hands, his body became a vessel for the mind of an old sorcerer named Kenjaku. 

In the anime, he resurfaces as “Pseudo-Geto,” inhabiting Geto’s body while controlled by Kenjaku’s mind.

An intricate cursed technique enabled him to seamlessly exchange bodies by interchanging brains. This extraordinary power also granted Kenjaku access to the inherent talents of the host body, enabling him to wield Geto’s cursed manipulation as his own.

Unbeknownst to many, this change effectively positioned Kenjaku as the primary antagonist and a big-time formidable foe in Jujutsu Kaisen, all while crafting a ruse that led many to believe Geto had been revived.

Why did Gojo kill Geto?

Gojo’s decision to end Geto’s life was multi-faceted. He acted out of a mixture of respect and concern, aiming to prevent his superiors from obtaining Geto’s body. Unfortunately, this unintentionally paved the way for Kenjaku’s possession of Geto’s body and the subsequent acquisition of his powers—an unforeseen consequence.

Geto’s activities in the village had already sealed his fate with an unavoidable execution, a fate that would befall everyone who committed the same atrocities. Given that he was one of the few Special Grade sorcerers capable of carrying out the execution, Gojo’s hesitancy over the past decade might be seen as a sort of resistance against higher-up directives. 

This stance was reinforced by Geto’s unshakable contempt for non-sorcerers.

Geto was adamant about his ideas and showed no inclination to be saved or modify his viewpoint. Given how firm his views were from the start, it’s unlikely that attempting to apprehend or rehabilitate him would have forced him to change his mind.

Furthermore, Gojo abstained from killing the higher-ups since they might be replaced, a point he criticised in Geto’s proposal. Geto, on the other hand, was an irreplaceable character, relentlessly pursuing his aims even to the point of Yuta’s death. This ultimately prompted Gojo to intercede.

Gojo’s decision could have been influenced by a sense of remorse. He originally spared Geto when they split up in 2007 because he couldn’t bring himself to murder Geto owing to their longstanding friendship; nonetheless, Geto, after taking over the Time Vessel Association, went on a killing rampage, causing significant injury and loss. 

This accountability intensified Gojo’s comprehension of his responsibilities, which was worsened by his all-seeing eyes and the realisation that if he had interfered sooner, he may have perhaps avoided his friend’s plunge into darkness.


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