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Bungou Stray Dogs season 5 episode 5 Recap and Ending explained
Bungou Stray Dogs season 5 episode 5 Recap and Ending explained

Bungou Stray Dogs season 5 episode 5 Recap and Ending explained: Can the Armed Detective stop Fukuchi?

The latest episode begins with all members of the Armed Detective Agency congregating in Poe’s novel dimension. It is done so that they can have one last meeting before putting their lives in danger to save the agency and defeat the villains. 

The meeting reveals that vampires are multiplying exponentially by spreading the contagion all over the world. This vampire outbreak has claimed the lives of 16 National military units. All thanks to Bram Stroker’s special ability. 

Bram is one of the ten tragedies that once destroyed humanity and was defeated by Fukuchi and imprisoned with the holy sword.

The meeting reveals their enemies’ true intentions. 

It is not just to wreak havoc across the world. It is just a ruse to retrieve the one instrument capable of bringing the entire world to its knees in front of its wielder.  

That great instrument is – The One Order. 

It is a wretched special ability weapon of mind control, born out of war sealed away because of its catastrophic abilities. 

The abilities of One Order are akin to Fukuzawa’s special abilities. It affects its subordinates—a transmitter that ensures the subordinates follow orders.  

The romanticised idea of battlefield heroism crumbles upon direct experience. Real battles dispel the idealised notions, bringing trauma, guilt, and the mental toll of taking human lives for any reason. 

Even in war zones, shooting fellow humans becomes an unbearable reality for many. The dread and guilt soldiers bear from the battlefield are both unsettling and perilous

Fukuchi has personally undergone these ordeals, granting him insight into the harsh reality often obscured by idealism.

The One Order was created to save the soldiers from this guilt. 

The question now is, if the weapon is so dangerous, why was not it destroyed by the government in the first place? Well, the government may have actually predicted the current crisis and that weapon may be the only saviour at the moment. 

But if it falls into the wrong hands, particularly Fukuchi’s, it is game over for everyone.   

Therefore, the ultimate goal of the Decay of Angels- World Domination.

Ranpo reveals that Fukuchi will receive the One Order at the airport in the next twelve hours, and if they can prevent him from receiving it, they have a chance of winning. 

Aya walks through the busy airport, making her way to the lost-and-found section per her father’s request. Among the crowd, she hears the news accusing the Armed Detective Agency.

As memories of her previous interactions with Kunikida flood back, Aya finds it difficult to embrace the possibility that they are terrorists.

Soon she bumps into Jono. The Hunting Dogs have already arrived at the airport. Aya overhears their operation conversation and is apprehended by Jono. 

Later on, Fukuchi finally arrives at the airport and takes Jono along with him to a room. While walking together, Fukuchi inquires about Jouno’s views on how the Agency operates. 

Jouno hesitates but eventually shares that he finds the Agency’s methods to be sophisticated and even somewhat sympathetic due to their calculated cruelty. He playfully adds that he might consider joining the terrorists’ side if they end up on the losing end of the conflict.

As they enter the room, Fukuchi shows Bram Stroker to Jono and reveals himself as the mastermind who set up the Detective Agency as terrorists to Jouno. He offers him the chance to join in his venture for world dominance. 

In the meantime, Ranpo revisits the plan: In the upcoming 25 minutes, a European escort team will transport the One Order on a disguised passenger plane. The aim is to intercept and eliminate it before it reaches Fukuchi.

If successful, this disruption will set back their plan by two weeks, affording the Special Operation Division ample time to reveal Fukuchi’s identity to the world.

Clash of intellects: What was the plan Ranpo had devised, which Fukuchi had already anticipated?

The fact is, none of the members of the Hunting Dogs knew that their respected leader was a real criminal and a member of the Decay of Angels until Tachihara found out his real identity. 

It was just Tachihara who suspected him, and you know what happened to him in the fourth episode of the season. 

And now, after Tachihara, it is Jouno who knows this dirty little secret about Fukuchi. 

Much to Jouno’s surprise, Fukuchi compliments him, saying that he is eligible to join the Decay of the Angels because he is an outlier even among his team, trusting no one in the squad and viewing his teammates as mere vessels. 

He discloses that he had taken him as his underling, who previously held a high position within a criminal group, specifically for the upcoming event.

With a sigh, Jouno cuts to the chase and asks Fukuchi about his intentions. Fukuchi then lays out his scheme to eliminate the Armed Detective Agency and target One Order.

Ranpo provides the team with a comprehensive overview of their plan, emphasising the primary goal of acquiring One Order. However, he introduces an even simpler alternative: targeting Bram for elimination. 

He goes on to explain that, while One Order is protected by the Hunting Dogs, Bram is vulnerable because he will be at the airport without much protection to oversee the new vampires’ orders.

Therefore, while they are preventing the transfer of one order, their true objective will be to eliminate Bram Stroker. Ranpo concludes by solidifying their mission – to eliminate Bram and thereby thwart the delivery of One Order. 

Ranpo concludes by solidifying their mission – to eliminate Bram and thereby thwart the delivery of One Order. 

According to Fukuchi, this is the Agency’s presumptive strategy. And he is absolutely correct about it. 

The fact that Fukuchi and Ranpo have strikingly comparable cognitive processes is extremely intriguing. Ranpo possesses exceptional deductive abilities, while Fukuchi boasts the unique power of foreseeing the future- making them inherently similar.

Bungou Stray Dogs 5 episode 5 Ending explained: what plan did Jouno have at his disposal that can turn the tables against Fukuchi?

Fukuchi then orders Jouno to guard Bram and kill the agency members. Without any hesitation, Jouno accepts the job. He leads Jouno to the place where he has decided to attack the Detective Agency. 

In a brief flashback, Jono eliminates the final bank robber. A moment later, an elderly woman approaches him, expressing gratitude for his actions that saved her from being held hostage by the robbers.

Seizing the opportunity while Fukuchi’s attention is diverted, Jono swiftly slices through Fukuchi’s neck, leaving him utterly taken aback by the unexpected attack.

Fukuchi questions Jouno’s betrayal, and in response, Jouno explains that he finds more satisfaction in safeguarding innocent people than witnessing their distress.

Fukuchi then summons Shintō Amenogozen and counters Jouno’s surprise attack, revealing his intention to eliminate Jouno as well. He rewinds the time and stops Jouno’s attack. 

As the clash unfolds, Jouno activates his unique Disintegration ability, transforming himself into particles. He seizes the chance to escape and plans to inform Teruko and Tetchō about Fukuchi’s true predicament.

With so much evidence, his testimony ought to be enough to convince them that their captain is the one behind all the crimes. 

Jouno makes the mistake of underestimating Fukuchi’s power. Did he truly think Fukuchi would allow his escape, risking exposure and jeopardising his plan, and did he actually expect Fukuchi to show up unprepared when he was planning to reveal his secret?

Fukuchi has already put his players in position for any potential disturbances that might arise during the execution of the plan, similar to the current unexpected situation he finds himself in.

Jouno hits a snag while attempting to pass through the door in his particle state. Unbeknownst to him, the undead Akutagawa uses the Spatial Fracture technique to obstruct his route. Even he could not believe that he would be assisted by his vampire allies and betrayed by his own teammates. 

Fukuchi, the responsibility lies with you. If you hadn’t opted for the path of using criminal means to protect the globe, your comrades would have willingly sacrificed themselves for your cause.

Jouno finds himself in a tough spot when Fukuchi ignites his dispersed particles, forcing him back into his physical form. In a surprising turn, Fukuchi uses swords from the future to stab Jouno, while Akutagawa restrains and infects him with a bite to the shoulder. 

Jouno is taken away by Akutagawa. Having suspected Fukuchi’s intentions due to a previous conversation about the flash drive and Tachihara’s heartbeat, he had prepared a plan. 

That plan was – Aya. 

Bungou Stray Dogs season 5 episode 5 Recap and Ending explainedcc: BONES
Bungou Stray Dogs season 5 episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained

Aya witnesses Fukuchi’s true identity as the terrorism mastermind. Guided by Jouno’s note, she confirms the Agency’s innocence after seeing Fukuchi dispose of Jouno.

Fukuchi plans to move Bram’s coffin, while Aya aims to expose him. She secretly photographs Fukuchi, but the flash startles him. She searches for a hiding spot, determined to evade Fukuchi’s pursuit.

In fear of getting exposed, Fukuchi slashes through every potential hiding spot in search of her but fails to locate her.


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