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The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who Will Win the Showdown Between Two Telekinetics?

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Unless one is living under a rock, one would know that demon-hunters are back in K-town.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch is now streaming on Netflix every weekend.

Adapted from the Kakao Webtoon webtoon/manhwa Amazing So Mun (also Amazing Rumour) by Jang Yi, this season continues in the fictional city of Jungjin where the Counters, both old and new, have the challenge of subduing new and stronger evil spirits.

With new spirits come Counters with new powers. The new Counter seems not very strong but nothing some good old training cannot fix. 

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Would So Mun defeat Hwang seonsaeng?

So Mun arrives in time to save Jang Mul ahjussi. He engages in a fight with Hwang seonsaeng using both physical and telekinetic attacks.

The level three spirit that Ha Na had sensed in the reed field is found dead. Jeok Bong smells another spirit, Gelly.

Jeok Bong is slow in detecting Gelly’s presence resulting in the two retaining multiple injuries.

Ms Chu takes the injured Jang Mul ahjussi away but Wong gives chase. Mo Tak enters as Wong attacks Ms Chu.

Mo Tak and Ms Chu put their ten years of experience and team up to beat Wong into a pulp.

Hwang seonsaeng pushes So Mun against a wall about to finish him. Fueled by what happened with Min Jae and Ju Seok, So Mun summons a very strong territory that further strengthens him.

So Mun uses his power to spread Hwang seonsaeng eagle using wires. Sensing his rage and that So Mun might actually end up killing the spirit’s host, Jang Mul ahjussi tries to step in.

Hwang seonsaeng shoots at Jang Mul ahjussi and So Mun dives to take the bullet. Hwang seonsaeng uses the distraction to escape.

Gelly busts Jeok Bong’s nose and he seems to be unable to smell her anymore. Ha Na’s training kicks in and she ends up injuring Gelly with her own weapon.

Ms Chu summons Wong to Yung. She meets Ms So whom Wong had consumed in China. Ms Chu promises to save Papa and the other Chinese Counters.

The Counters celebrate catching Wong with a beautiful tango by Jang Mul ahjussi and Ms Chu. But Jeok Bong is sulking at his loss of smell and how it injured Ha Na.

The duo of evil spirits is recuperating as Wong is not alive to heal them. Hwang seonsaeng worries about So Mun being more powerful. This fuels his thirst for So Mun’s power.

Meanwhile, the evil spirit tries to get Ju Seok to stop resisting and accept it. But even subconsciously he rejects the spirit.

The next morning, Jeok Bong runs away and the Counters follow him home. So Mun recommends a good-cop-bad-cop strategy with Mo Tak and Ha Na as the bad cops.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4
Still from Episode 4 of The Uncanny Counter Season 2

They think that Jeok Bong ran away because he was scared of the evil spirits and try to convince him to return as his superpower is important for them. Jeok Bong reveals that he cannot smell spirits anymore since Gelly hit his nose during the fight. Others try to convince him it is temporary.

Jeok Bong gets into an argument with his father and leaves hurt.

The Counters miss Jeok Bong and So Mun decides to go alone to convince Jeok Bong to come back. He thinks they put a lot of pressure on him for his power especially since it hasn’t been long since he became a Counter. Ha Na offers to drive.

Jeok Bong is sulking in the field when his father tells him to send ripe persimmons and makgeolli, Korean rice wine, to the village head. The village head’s son, Seong Sik, possessed by an evil spirit tries to kill him.

Seong Sik tries to kill both his father, the village head, and Jeok Bong.

Jeok Bong in danger affects Jong Guk in Yung. U Sik finds him on the verge of collapsing and contacts Ha Na.

Jeok Bong’s father finds them and hits Seong Sik but he turns on the older man too. Jeok Bong tries to protect his father and ends up getting hit on his nose… again. His superpower returns.

So does his confidence. Jong Guk and U Sik cheer him from Yung.

Jeok Bong seems to finally have found his Counter strength and single-handedly defeats Seong Sik. Ha Na and So Mun finally reach and enjoy the fight after caring for the older men.

Jeok Bong summons his first evil spirit and Wi Gen sends it to eternal presence. Jong Guk gets emotional and embraces Jeok Bong in tears.

Jeok Bong shares an emotional moment with his father before he leaves for Jungjin to join the others.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Gelly shares with Hwang seonsaeng that she had seen the woman they killed in the elevator, Min Jae, when she read Ha Na’s memories during the fight. They find it interesting that her husband is in prison for attempted murder of his wife’s murderer.

It is the day of Ju Seok’s trial. Mo Tak is preparing as the arresting officer and first witness. So Mun would join the others at the court with Ju Seok’s mother.

In the witness box, Mo Tak recounts that he had found Ju Seok crying. He was asking over and over again how a human could kill another.

Hwang seonsaeng and Gelly attend the hearing. They sense the evil spirit in Ju Seok.

But in his final statement, Ju Seok says that he is full of remorse and if given another chance would definitely kill Park Seong Uk.

The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Review

The spirits have lost their healer. It would take them longer to recuperate, giving the Counters that much time to strengthen their ranks.

This writer wishes to have a space like Yung where the surroundings translate the other person for you. It would greatly affect the translation and subtitling industry but gravely reduce the communication gap between people.

Interesting how Jeok Bong’s power came back in a pit full of dung. The Counters are not very observant. They could have just busted his nose to bring back his superpower.

Jong Guk is so young! Never guessed it with the way he held himself. Thinking back, he does seem to have a very subtle Gen Z flair about him.

Had Na Jeok Bong been with the others at the hearing, he would definitely have smelled the evil spirit in Ju Seok. Hwang seonsaeng looked pretty happy to discover the evil spirit in Ma Ju Seok. Would Ma Ju Seok be the ultimate card he was looking for in order to defeat So Mun?

If only Ma Ju Seok knew that it wasn’t Park Seong Uk but the evil spirits—Hwang seonsaeng, Gelly and Wong—who killed his wife… But there is no use of such speculation. All we can wonder is how Hwang seonsaeng would use the knowledge at hand to turn Ma Ju Seok into his weapon.

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