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Did Big Mom and Kaido die?
Did Big Mom and Kaido die

One Piece: Did Big Mom and Kaido die?

In the One Piece world, where powerful pirates fight for supremacy and dreams are chased amidst the vast seas, the recent events of the Wano Country Arc have left fans in awe and speculation. In a jaw-dropping conclusion, two of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom and Kaido, suffered astounding defeats at the hands of a determined alliance led by Trafalgar D. Water Law, Eustass “Captain” Kid, and Monkey D. Luffy.

The climactic battles reached a pinnacle when both Yonko were submerged in an underground pool of scorching lava during the chaotic Onigashima Raid.

Amidst the chaos, uncertainty lingers over the fates of these legendary and formidable adversaries. Fans keep asking the same question over and over: Did Big Mom and Kaido die? As fans eagerly await confirmation, let’s explore the evidence and implications surrounding the potential demise of the once-untouchable Yonko.

What is the Fate of Big Mom and Kaido?

Did Big Mom and Kaido die?
What is the Fate of Big Mom and Kaido?

In the explosive aftermath of the Wano Country Arc, the fate of two of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom and Kaido, has left the One Piece fandom in awe and speculation.

The cataclysmic events that unfolded during the Onigashima Raid saw Trafalgar D. Water Law, Eustass “Captain” Kid, and Monkey D. Luffy join forces to take down these once-untouchable Yonko.

As the epic battles culminated, Big Mom and Kaido found themselves submerged in an underground pool of scorching lava, leading the world to believe they may have met their end.

The world, including Charlotte Pudding and the Blackbeard Pirates, seems to believe these mighty pirates are no more. However, the report’s reliability remains questionable, as the source of this information, Scratchmen Apoo, may not be entirely trustworthy. With Oda’s fondness for surprises and fake-out deaths, the possibility of Big Mom and Kaido’s survival cannot be dismissed.

If indeed deceased, the consequences of their deaths would be monumental. Kaido’s Beasts Pirates would be severely weakened, and the loss of his commanders and territory in Wano would mark a significant shift in the balance of power.

On the other hand, the Big Mom Pirates would face internal upheaval, with Charlotte Katakuri likely taking charge as the new leader. Katakuri’s respect for Luffy after their battle might lead to unforeseen alliances and changes within the crew.

Alternatively, if Big Mom and Kaido survive, they may play pivotal roles in the story’s future. Kaido’s mysterious past and ideologies could be explored further, potentially altering the course of the final war. Big Mom’s continued presence may ignite further chaos and lead to alliances that no one could have anticipated.

How were previous deaths shown in One Piece?

Did Big Mom and Kaido die?
How were Previous Deaths shown in One Piece?

In One Piece, death is a subject that has been both sparingly explored and expertly wielded by Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series. While the stakes in the Great Pirate Era are incredibly high, major character deaths in the present timeline have been infrequent.

Oda often utilises fake-out deaths or resurrections to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The scenarios of Big Mom and Kaido’s supposed demise in the Wano Country Arc are not without precedent when compared to previous deaths in One Piece.

One Piece has a history of presenting characters as seemingly deceased, only to reveal their survival later in the story. One of the most memorable instances is Pell, the loyal falcon of Alabasta’s royal family. During the Alabasta Arc, Pell was presumed dead after sacrificing himself to save Alabasta from a massive bomb explosion.

His apparent death significantly impacted readers, only for him to miraculously return later with a straightforward explanation from Oda. This type of fake-out death heightens emotions and adds suspense to the narrative.

Similarly, the character of Jaguar D. Saul was believed to be killed by Admiral Aokiji during the Ohara Incident. However, decades later, it was revealed that Saul had survived and lived in seclusion in a secret place. Oda masterfully orchestrated Saul’s return, showing that even characters seemingly lost in the annals of history could resurface in significant ways.

Though Pell and Saul were important characters, their roles were not on the scale of Big Mom and Kaido, who hold immense influence as Yonko in the New World. The deaths of Whitebeard and Ace occurred during the Summit War, a grand event leading to the conclusion of an era. These deaths were given grand emotional treatment and had significant narrative consequences.

The counterargument to their grand demise lies in the fact that Whitebeard and Ace were not antagonists but rather characters readers were meant to empathize with. Big Mom and Kaido’s status as formidable foes could lead to less fanfare for their deaths, as the story often focuses on the protagonists’ journey and emotions.

Comparing Big Mom and Kaido’s scenario to previous deaths in One Piece reveals that Oda is not averse to employing fake-outs and resurrections to surprise and challenge readers’ expectations.

While the deaths of major characters have been emotionally charged and consequential in the past, Big Mom and Kaido’s demises would undoubtedly alter the landscape of the Great Pirate Era and signify a turning point in the series. 

Did Big Mom and Kaido die?

Did Big Mom and Kaido die?
Did Big Mom and Kaido die

As explained by Anime Hunch, the survival of Big Mom and Kaido in the lava pool presents a daunting and precarious situation, even for two of the most powerful characters in the One Piece world. The underground lava pool they found themselves submerged in is an extremely hazardous environment, capable of inflicting fatal injuries on even the most resilient beings.

Big Mom and Kaido possess extraordinary strength, durability, and Haki skills, making them almost invincible against many opponents. However, the natural lava in the underground pool presents a unique challenge, as it is not a Devil Fruit power and might not be as susceptible to traditional Haki defences.

Kaido, known as the “Strongest Creature in the World,” boasts a nearly indestructible body and is renowned for surviving numerous suicide attempts. His tough skin and resilience have allowed him to withstand tremendous damage.

However, whether his tough exterior can shield him from the searing heat of the lava remains uncertain. The prolonged battles leading up to his fall into the pool may have exhausted him, making it challenging to maintain a strong Haki defence.

Big Mom’s strength and unbreakable will are also remarkable. However, her battles against Law and Kid in the lead-up to her fall might have left her severely injured. Her ability to resist the extreme heat of the lava with Haki is uncertain, especially considering the extensive damage she sustained during her fights.

Even if they manage to survive the initial impact and the intense heat, they will face the challenge of escaping the pool and finding a way back to the surface of Wano. The extent of their injuries and energy reserves after the intense battles leading up to their fall raises doubts about their chances of survival.

Ultimately, the fate of Big Mom and Kaido in the lava pool remains a mystery until revealed by Oda in future chapters. Until then, fans can only speculate and eagerly await the next developments in the saga to learn the ultimate destiny of these mighty Yonko.

What are the Implications of their Deaths?

Did Big Mom and Kaido die?
What are the Implications of their Deaths?

The deaths of Big Mom and Kaido, if confirmed, would have profound implications on the world of One Piece and the Great Pirate Era as a whole. As two of the Four Emperors, their demises would create a significant power vacuum in the New World, leading to major shifts in the balance of power and alliances among the remaining Yonko and pirate crews.

Power Struggle among Yonko

With Big Mom and Kaido out of the picture, the remaining Yonko – Blackbeard and Shanks – would be left to fight for dominance over the New World. This could lead to intense power struggles, with pirate crews and territories in the New World potentially changing allegiances or forming new alliances to survive in the shifting landscape.

Chaos and Turmoil

The fall of two major Yonko would cause chaos and turmoil in the pirate world. Pirates and other factions would attempt to take advantage of the power vacuum, leading to conflicts, territorial disputes, and an increase in pirate activity throughout the Grand Line.

Rise of New Threats

With the absence of Big Mom and Kaido, new pirate crews or individual pirates may rise to prominence, seeking to fill the void left by the fallen Yonko. This could introduce new formidable foes and challenges for the Straw Hat crew and other key players in the One Piece world.

Changes in the World Government

The World Government would closely monitor the developments in the pirate world after the fall of two Yonko. They may adjust their strategies and resources to counter the potential threats posed by other powerful pirates or seize the opportunity to exert more control over the New World.

Impact on the Straw Hat Crew

The Straw Hat crew, having played a significant role in the downfall of both Yonko, would become even more infamous and influential in the eyes of the world. Their actions could draw the attention of other powerful figures and organizations, leading to new alliances or enemies. After the Wano Country arc Luffy is regarded as one of the Four Emperors now, so it is almost certain that he will face a lot of formidable opponents in the upcoming arcs.

Shaping the Final War

The defeat of Big Mom and Kaido would set the stage for the looming Final War, where the Straw Hats crew, the Revolutionary Army, the Marines, and other factions are likely to clash. The absence of two Yonko could alter the dynamics of this war and its potential outcomes.

Development of Other Characters

With the deaths of Big Mom and Kaido, characters associated with them, such as their crew members and family, would face significant changes. New leaders might emerge, and some members may seek revenge or redemption, further adding depth and complexity to the story. Blackbeard kidnapped Charlotte Pudding due to her ability to read Poneglyphs and the fall of Big Mom.

The fate of Big Mom and Kaido remains shrouded in mystery. While the world believes them to be dead, their resilience and the nature of One Piece storytelling suggest otherwise. As fans eagerly await the unfolding of events, the impact of their potential survival or demise will undoubtedly reverberate throughout the turbulent seas and forever shape the course of Monkey D. Luffy’s quest to become the Pirate King.

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