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Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained: How does Sengoku’s growing curiosity about Miyamura’s secret lead to a series of hilarious situations throughout the episode?

The episode “Sleepover” kicks off with Shu, Ishikawa, and Miyamura crashing at Sengoku’s place for the night.

As they try to figure out their sleeping arrangements,  it is settled that Shu will be sleeping in the upper loft, and Ishikawa, Sengoku, and Miyamura will be sleeping on the floor. 

In every version of themselves, they are an absolute treasure trove of comedy.

How does Miyamura’s sleeping state set the stage for further chaos?

But as they were deciding, Miyamura had already fallen asleep. Realising that three on the floor is a bit tight, they need to reshuffle.

Ishikawa cleverly decides to shuffle Miyamura around to make space for himself.

Miyamura wakes up, half asleep, mumbling about feeling hot and starts going all “shirtless mode.”

But Ishikawa swoops in like a ninja, preventing Miyamura from spilling the beans and revealing his secret. 

Ishikawa lulls Miyamura back to sleep. Mission: keep the secret accomplished.

As Sengoku prepares to sleep, he realises that he did not leave any place to sleep.

Sengoku’s anxiety-riddled brain searches for space in his room to sleep.

Being a kind-hearted guy, now that his friends are already asleep, he does not want to wake them up, so he sulks in silence when Shu wakes up to use the restroom. 

He sees Sengoku still awake and asks him the reason. Sengoku tells his story to him. 

But Shu, without hesitation, wakes them up. 

Miyamura is seen undisturbed by any of these, as he sleeps like a dead. 

Ishikawa wakes up, and Shu suggests Sengoku to sleep with Miyamura in the upper loft, as they will fit perfectly. 

Though Sengoku does not favour this suggestion, he accepts it as he has no other option left.

As he is about to wake Miyamura up in his sleep, Miyamura blabbers something in a trembling voice, apologising to Hori. 

This leaves Sengoku wondering what he is dreaming about. 

Sengoku’s Curiosity Unleashed

Sengoku somehow moves Miyamura to the upper loft and manages to squeeze in. 

But wait, there’s a lightbulb moment! A sudden realisation hits Sengoku. He and Miyamura are alone together, which gives him the perfect opportunity to quench his curiosity about the secret Miyamura is keeping from them. 

He remembers Ishikawa covering up for Miyamura several times before.

It also happened a few minutes ago. He recalls their class trip, where Miyamura did not use the pool with the other boys.

He also recalls Remi telling him that Miyamura refused to remove his shirt despite being drenched in water. 

Sengoku has been suspicious of Miyamura previously as well. 

Curiosity gets the better of him, and he wants to what’s under Miyaura’s clothes that he is hiding. 

Right when he is about to act on his decision, Shu comes up and finds him in a very awkward position. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: cloverworks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks

That brief pause and the shift in Shu’s voice do make the situation more uncomfortable for them and hilarious for us to watch. 

Trying to give him the privacy he needs, he slowly crawls down the stairs, trying not to intrude on whatever they are doing. 

He explains himself to Shu and tries not to let him jump to conclusions. 

Being stubborn, Shu says he does not have to explain anything to himself or justify what he was doing back there with Miyamura.

Yet, out of respect for Sengoku, he reluctantly lends an ear to Sengoku’s side of the story.

But alas, Sengoku’s explanation only cements Shu’s suspicions. Shu is more convinced now that whatever he has seen is the truth.

Sengoku confesses in frustration that he wanted to take off Miyamura’s shirt, as he had reasons to do so, and it was nothing more than that. 

Well, Sengoku-kun, is it normal to take off your friend’s shirt, without his knowledge, while sleeping? 

Even if your intentions are as pure as morning dew, the world doesn’t work that way.

When Shu hears it, he pays his respects to him, saying that no matter what he does, he will still be their friend, Sengoku. 

Sengoku is in a deep misunderstanding right now. Do something to prove your innocence, boy!

In the meantime, Ishikiwa was listening to all the chaos that was taking place right above him. He realises that Miyamura is under very evident suspicion, as Sengoku is very clever at catching on to very small actions and gestures.  

He suggests that if they move the table, there will be enough space to accommodate all three of them. 

Why did not any one of those idiots think of this before? Had Ishikawa thought of it before, none of the chaos would have happened, and Miyamira would not have fallen under Sengoku’s suspicion.  

The Awkward Morning Awakening: How does the misunderstandings add to the comedic essence of the episode?

It’s morning now. Sengoku’s up early, and guess what? Shu’s in pain. Why? Well, Shu was giggle-snoring, and that freaked out Ishikawa enough to deliver a well-aimed hit.

And now they try to wake Miyamura, who is sleeping peacefully. Sengoku readily volunteers to wake him up, trying to seize the opportunity, but Ishikawa sees through his actual intentions. 

Now, all three try to wake him up, with Shu and Sengoku practically sitting on him and crushing him. Our boy Miyamura does not yet know the danger he has been in since last night. 

Sengoku tries hard to get closer to Miyamura to grab every chance of uncovering Miyamura’s secret, but Ishikawa is always there, ruining his every chance. 

Sengoku is hell-bent on discovering the secret of Miyamura. 

But why?

This is part of my job as a class representative. ~ Sengoku

A class representative is supposed to undress another boy? ~ Ishikawa

Sengoku stops beating around the bush and asks why Miyamura hides his skin.

Ishikawa continues to cover for Miyamura, as he always has. This time, he comes up with another one-of-a-kind reason that makes Miyamura a victim in the judgmental eyes of Shu and Sengoku. 

A bazooka shoots out of his solar plexus. 

I mean, really, Ishikawa. This is the best reason you can come up with. 

Misunderstandings are multiplying like rabbits on growth hormones. 

Sengoku is not leaving Miyamura this time. He will get to the bottom of it regardless by any means necessary.  

Sengoku tries to make Miyamura change into the sweater he gives him so that he can get a glimpse of Miyamura’s skin. 

Miyamura agrees to change into his sweater and remove his blazer, and Ishikawa recalls Miyamura telling him once that his tattoos are visible through his white shirt.

As soon as he remembers this, Ishikawa is back on Miyamura’s rescue mission because that idiot failed to see Sengoku’s true intentions. 

He intentionally drops the pen stand while Miyamura swiftly changes into the sweater. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks

Sengoku missed the chance again.

Fed up with all the baffling, he asks Miyamura straight up. 

Miyamura finally gets a grip on whatever is happening and dodges his questions. 

He leaves the class terrified and accuses Sengoku of being a bully. It might sound serious when you are reading this, but it was such a hilarious moment. 

Sengoku’s desperation to discover Miyamura’s secret, his disappointed and traumatised face at the end, and Ishikawa’s blank face while watching all of this were epic. 

How does the episode transition to Remi and Sengoku’s sweet romantic scene?

In the next scene, we see Remi and Sengoku walking home from school. It’s a very chilly day, and everyone is freezing in the cold. 

A perfect day for couples to get all cosy and warmed up, in each other’s arms. Am I not right, ladies? 

Remi asks for Sengoku’s hand to hold, to keep herself warm, using her puppy-eyes technique. 

A deadly weapon that melts everyone’s heart like melting snow. 

They are having a very cute and romantic moment. She says that they should walk slower as they approach her house. 

But our girl wants a warm hug from her boyfriend before she walks into her house. He calls out her name from behind, and Remi runs into his arm, nuzzles into his chest, and asks for a Kiss very softly. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained cc: cloverworks

Can it not get any more cute? 

We are dying from the overdose of cuteness on the other side. 

But Sengoku reminds her they are on the street, so kissing won’t be appropriate. 

Good for them, not for us. If you know, you know. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 6 ending explained: what heartwarming moment concludes the episode?

In the following scene, we see Sakura and Remi preparing for their math test, where a deal is struck that if Remi scores 60 this time, Sakura will treat her to the premium cookies. 

Well, Remi says that she does not get motivated by these material things. But deep down, she is highly motivated. 

In the meantime, Hori and Kitagawa see Sakura and Sengoku walking home together. Friends walking home together is so normal. Right? 

But it is not normal that Sengoku’s girlfriend, Remi, is not there with them. It’s just the two of them, Sengoku and Sakura. 

It’s not just Hori and Kitagawa who suspect them. Ishikawa and Shu see them in a restaurant together, which spikes the suspicion level. 

Sengoku always falls into trouble, doing things that people find suspicious. 

Poor you, Sengoku! 

He is such an innocent soul!

The truth is, it was all for Remi. 

Sengoku and Sakura went together to buy premium cookies from the chocolate shop Remi likes. 

She did not score a full 60, but whatever she scored, she deserves to get treated. 

What a good friend and boyfriend she has!

The episode ends with Sakura and Remi enjoying the cookies and Sengoku silently enjoying Remi’s happiness behind the door. 


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