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Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko?
Jujutsu Kaisen Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko?

The demise of Riko Amanai in the Jujutsu Kaisen storyline has left fans, especially anime enthusiasts, pondering the future of the Star Plasma Vessel.

Questions abound: Who will step into this crucial role? How will the exchange process unfold? What implications will it have for Master Tengen’s continued existence?

In this article, we aim to delve into these inquiries and provide insights into what the future holds for this intriguing narrative element.

Master Tengen and the Imperative Switching Ritual

As mentioned in the earlier articles, from the very first episode of the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, we know who Master Tengen is and why it is mandatory for him to undergo this procedure of switching bodies.

Master Tengen is an eternal jujutsu sorcerer who must change bodies every 500 years in order to overwrite his body’s knowledge and fight his Immortality cursed method. The fusion keeps him from further growing and becoming a menace to mankind.

Master Tengen, the immortal Jujutsu sorcerer, without whom the security of the Jujutsu world would be impossible to manage. Tengen even fortifies barrier tactics such as the Curtain or, in other words, the veil to defend the school. With Tengen’s immortality, it is the finest choice for protecting the fundamental cornerstones of jujutsu society.

Tengen’s metamorphosis and evolution are revealed, saying that his cursed technique of immortality gives him endless life but does not prevent him from ageing. However, this procedure is a little inconvenient. Tengen must undergo a bodily change every 500 years and combine with a Star Plasma Vessel. After a certain age, he must rebuild his body’s genetic code.

If Tengen is unable to switch bodies, the Immortality method will attempt to do it on its own. Tengen will be forced to evolve, and he will no longer be human.

He will reach a higher level and may take on a non-human form. Tengen will be obliterated at that point as well. In the worst-case scenario, Tengen might turn against mankind.

The Star Plasma Vessel enters the tale now, as the vessel is necessary for resuming Tengen’s method. Master Tengen must combine with a rare human known as the Star Plasma Vessel in order to escape evolution and repeat the entire process.

However, we do not have many details about the procedure for being chosen as a Star Plasma Vessel. But as far as the manga is concerned, we have observed that the vessel has to be a human, or, to be precise, a female, as we know by now that Master Tengen was originally a woman too. 

It is not necessary for the vessel to be an active jujutsu sorcerer, but they possess the ability to see curses. 

It is uncertain how powerful a vessel must be in terms of power; however, some vessels are able to interact with one another even after the merger has occurred. While the procedure appears to be impossible for the user of Immortality, they are unable to converse with people with whom they have merged.

In order to save humanity from witnessing such anarchy, Jujutsu sorcerers are assigned the task of protecting the Star plasma vessel. From the moment Riko Amanai was chosen as the vessel, Gojo and Geto were immediately recruited to escort her safely to Master Tengen’s chamber. 

However, unfortunately, the sorcerer killer Toji Fushiguro jeopardised their escort mission when they were so close to safely dropping off Riko to Master Tengen. Toji shot her in the head in cold blood, resulting in her death.

Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko? Introducing the Next Star Plasma Vessel: Yuki Tsukumo

Now comes the question: who is the next star plasma vessel?

With Riko’s demise, the question of who will succeed as the next Star Plasma Vessel looms large. For manga enthusiasts, the answer is revealed. However, for those unacquainted, let me introduce you to her.

If you have watched the recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen 2, there is a scene between Geto and a woman who is a Special Grade Sorceress, like Gojo and Geto. She is known to be the only sorceress who does not go on any missions. 

Yes, she is our woman. Our next Plasma Vessel, Yuki Tsukumo. 

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko? cc: Pinterest
Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko?
cc: Pinterest

Yuki has earned a reputation as a carefree sorcerer who roams overseas with little concern for Jujutsu Headquarters’ opinions. Indifferent to their judgements, her priority is eradicating curses entirely, believing the Headquarters only addresses the surface. Though her loyalty lies with herself, she proves a dependable ally, using her candid nature to motivate others.

Yuki embodies nonchalance and playfulness, radiating bold and vivacious energy. Her self-assuredness, frankness, and fearlessness in speaking her mind define her. Yuki may not fit conventional notions of femininity, yet her unwavering self-confidence empowers her to express herself unabashedly. Even in grave situations, her spirited and laid-back demeanour remains undiminished.

Now, the point is, Yuki is referred to as the former vessel of Tengen, which leads us to assume that, before Riko, it was Yuki who was supposed to merge with Master Tengen. However, Yuki’s principles and philosophy prevented her from merging with him.

Yuki wanted to hold a conversation with Master Tengen. Driven by this desire, she aligned with Choso in the Culling Game Arc to protect Tengen. 

After this face-to-face meeting, it is believed that Yuki developed a complicated relationship with Tengen. Her ideals were in total opposition to what Tengen had or believed in. 

Yuki’s reaction to Tengen’s actions was complicated. She disagreed with their attitude towards immortality and was resentful of their frequent sacrifices of young women. 

Choosing young girls as their vessels, treating them as scrape goats, and eventually killing them was not something Yuki supported.

Yuki’s standpoint was clear: she expressed that if the Time Vessel Association’s intent had been to capture Riko Amanai rather than kill her, she would have aligned with them. 

But, after learning the sinister and gruesome truth about what happens to the vessels, she was completely opposed to the merging process. 

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko?cc: Pinterest
Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is the Next Star Plasma Vessel After Riko?
cc: Pinterest

Yuki could sense the presence of her fellow vessels within Tengen. Despite this knowledge, she chose not to tell Tengen about them. 

Her reasoning was based on her view that Tengen did not deserve this information, and she believed it was her obligation to avoid oversimplification for them.  

Although she initially detested Tengen and refused her role, she eventually died while trying to protect the powerful entity, who, 11 years after Riko Amanai’s death, had evolved into a cursed spirit. 

Since his evolution into a cursed spirit from a human being, the probability of becoming a victim of curse manipulation attacks has increased exponentially. So, while protecting Master Tengen from Kenjaku, Yuki succumbed to death. 


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