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Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji's Inventory Curse?
Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji's Inventory Curse?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji’s Inventory Curse?

Toji Fushiguro and Suguru Geto. Both revered for their incredible power, the fight between these two formidable beings held the potential for a spectacle of awe-inspiring proportions.

However, as the battle unfolded, one pivotal moment captivated the audience’s attention, raising a mysterious question that lingers even after the dust settled – Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji’s Inventory Curse?

As a sorcerer of remarkable talent and possessing the unique Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique, Geto had earned the title of a special-grade sorcerer, placing him among an elite few.

The mastery of his ability should be able to absorb a seemingly low-level curse like the Inventory Curse.

Yet, much to everyone’s surprise, the Sorcerer Killer prevailed, leaving Geto defeated and fans eager to uncover the mysteries behind this unforeseen outcome.

This article explores the factors that contributed to Geto’s apparent failure to wield the Inventory Curse. 

How does Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation work?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji's Inventory Curse?
How does Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation work?

Suguru Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation is an extraordinary innate technique.

As a Special Grade sorcerer, Geto wielded this power with immense skill and finesse, making him a formidable opponent to face.

The ability allowed him to control curses, absorbing them as tools or weapons in his arsenal.

The fundamental premise of Cursed Spirit Manipulation was the ability to collect and tame curses.

Geto would compress curses into spherical shapes and ingest them, effectively domesticating them.

Once absorbed, the curses could be unleashed upon his enemies at will, making him a potent force in combat.

One of the most significant advantages of this technique was its adaptability.

Geto could amass a variety of curses, each with its unique abilities and strengths.

He could then strategize and utilize them according to the demands of the situation.

This versatility allowed him to surprise his adversaries and remain one step ahead in battles.

What are the limitations of Cursed Spirit Absorption?

Several restrictions and limitations of Cursed Spirit’s absorption add depth and complexity to the battles in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

Sorcerer’s Grade

The sorcerer’s grade or level is the first and most fundamental restriction on Cursed Spirit Absorption.

A sorcerer can only absorb a cursed spirit two or more grades below its level.

For example, a Special Grade sorcerer can absorb Special Grade and lower-level curses but cannot directly absorb a High Grade or Maximum Grade curse.

Formal Relationships

Cursed spirits can form formal relationships with individuals, often through master-servant relationships.

If a cursed spirit has already established a formal relationship with someone, another sorcerer cannot absorb that cursed spirit unless the owner of the curse dies or releases the curse willingly.

In such cases, the cursed spirit becomes “free” and can be absorbed by another sorcerer.

Exorcism and Death

Cursed spirits can be exorcised or killed by sorcerers, which would release the cursed spirit.

When a cursed spirit’s host dies or is exorcised, the cursed spirit becomes free and can potentially be absorbed by another sorcerer.

Curse Binding Techniques

Some cursed spirits may have curse-binding techniques that prevent them from being absorbed easily.

These techniques may safeguard against absorption and make it more challenging for sorcerers to control them.

Cursed Womb

Cursed womb techniques create cursed spirits from the remains of powerful cursed spirits or humans.

These cursed spirits are often bound to a specific host, making it difficult for other sorcerers to absorb or control them.

Cursed Objects

Cursed objects can also contain cursed spirits.

These objects may have unique conditions for releasing the cursed spirit or may require a specific ritual or method to absorb the curse.

Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji’s Inventory Curse?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji's Inventory Curse?
Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji’s Inventory Curse?

As explained by Fiction Horizon, the Inventory Curse, as the name suggests, is a mysterious cursed spirit that takes the form of an inventory.

It possesses the remarkable ability to hold various items and even living beings within itself.

The true extent of its capacity remains uncertain, as it can contain many objects regardless of their size or mass.

Its ability to store items makes it a formidable asset in combat and for various other purposes.

One might wonder why an inventory-based cursed spirit would be considered unique, as the Jujutsu Kaisen universe features countless diverse curses.

The distinction lies not in its complexity or raw power but in its bond with its wielder, Toji Fushiguro. Toji, also known as the Sorcerer Killer, is a skilled and relentless assassin known for targeting sorcerers mercilessly.

The specifics of how Toji acquired the Inventory Curse and formed the contract have not been fully explored in the series.

However, Toji’s control over the curse was not just a result of his innate talents as a sorcerer but also a product of the contractual bond they shared.

It is important to note that cursed spirits in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe are not mindless entities but possess their consciousness and emotions.

The Inventory Curse demonstrated rudimentary emotions and the ability to communicate, as seen when it interacted with Geto, expressing a desire for a hug after Gojo killed Toji during their second fight.

The uniqueness of the Inventory Curse stems from its peculiar connection with Toji.

Unlike most cursed spirits that act independently, the Inventory Curse is subject to Toji’s commands.

Toji has trained and moulded the cursed spirit to serve his purposes, forming a master-slave relationship beyond the usual curse-host dynamics.

The consequences of this bond are twofold.

On the one hand, Toji gains a powerful ally in his endeavours, utilizing the Inventory Curse’s storage capabilities to hold his weapons, tools, and even adversaries.

This enhances his combat efficiency and makes him an even more formidable opponent for sorcerers.

On the other hand, this unique bond presents a challenge for other sorcerers who might attempt to absorb the Inventory Curse.

The connection between Toji and the curse is a barrier that prevents its straightforward absorption.

Suguru Geto, a special-grade sorcerer and master of Cursed Spirit Manipulation, attempts to absorb the Inventory Curse during his encounter with Toji.

However, he faces a resounding failure due to the established master-slave relationship between the curse and Toji.

Geto’s technique allows him to manipulate and control curses easily, but it comes with certain limitations.

He can only absorb curses, not bound by formal relationships with other individuals.

In this case, Toji’s dominion over the Inventory Curse makes it resistant to Geto’s attempts at absorption.

The Inventory Curse’s presence and the intricacies of its bond with Toji add depth to the Jujutsu Kaisen narrative.

It highlights the diversity and creativity of the curses that populate the world of sorcery while also emphasizing the importance of understanding the unique relationships between sorcerers and their cursed spirits.

What was the Outcome of the Battle? Did Toji defeat Geto?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Why was Geto unable to absorb Toji's Inventory Curse?
What was the Outcome of the Battle?

The battle between Toji Fushiguro and Suguru Geto was an intense confrontation between two powerful fighters. 

Suguru Geto displayed his prowess in Cursed Spirit Manipulation throughout the battle by summoning powerful curses like Kuchisaki-Onna and Rainbow Dragon. Despite his best efforts, Geto could not gain the upper hand against Toji, who appeared several steps ahead of him.

One of the critical moments in the battle came when Geto attempted to use his innate technique, Cursed Spirit Manipulation, to absorb the Inventory Curse wielded by Toji.

As a special-grade sorcerer, Geto should have had no trouble absorbing a curse two levels below him, which the Inventory Curse appeared to be.

However, to Geto’s surprise, his technique failed to work on the curse.

The revelation of this restriction in Geto’s technique proved to be a turning point in the battle.

Despite his formidable skills, Geto was outmatched by Toji, who utilized the full potential of the Inventory Curse to gain the advantage.

Toji’s understanding of the curse’s powers and his ability to exploit its abilities effectively gave him the upper hand in the fight.

In the end, Toji emerged victorious, leaving Geto defeated and incapacitated.

Toji spared Geto’s life and left the scene, displaying his sense of honour even in the face of victory.

However, the battle had significant implications for both characters and added depth to the storyline.

Toji’s victory showcased his status as one of the most potent and dangerous sorcerers in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

The battle between Toji Fushiguro and Suguru Geto showcased the immense power of both sorcerers. While Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation was a formidable technique, its limitations became apparent during the encounter with Toji’s Inventory Curse.

Unable to absorb curses already bound by a master-servant relationship, Geto’s defeat against Toji was sealed. The Inventory Curse’s unique ability to store items and its special connection with Toji added depth to the storyline and highlighted the complexities of Jujutsu Kaisen’s cursed spirits.

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