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yuta okkotsu vs Gojo Satoru: Who is stronger? & Who would win in a fight?
yuta okkotsu vs Gojo Satoru: Who is stronger? & Who would win in a fight?

Yuta Okkotsu vs Gojo Satoru: Who is stronger? & Who would win in a fight?

Gojo Satoru needs no introduction. In the realm of sorcery and cursed spirits, the enigmatic white-haired character stands as an unstoppable force, a formidable Jujutsu sorcerer whose prowess knows no bounds. 

He is the most powerful sorcerer to exist in his time in the realm of Jujutsu. He stands unrivalled as the strongest sorcerer, as he is the possessor of the awe-inspiring “Limitless” technique and the Unlimited Void, powers so immense and boundless that they defy comprehension. But that’s not all—his beautiful blue eyes, the “Six Eyes,” possess an otherworldly quality that grants him unmatched insight and perception. 

With each confrontation, he amazed his opponents by defeating the most powerful curses and sorcerers. His incredible battles have been immortalised in anime and manga, each one showcasing his unparalleled skills.

Even though Gojo is exceptionally powerful, there is one character in the series that has the ability to rival him now or later. 

Can you guess who?

He is our very timid and lonely boy, Yuta Okkatsu. 

He is a prodigy who boasts incredible power and unusual abilities, second only to Satoru Gojo.

Yuta harbours the ability to actually be on par with Gojo in a one-on-one fight. 

Yuta was introduced to us in the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and this young man astounded the audience with powers he had no idea he possessed. He was immediately ranked as a special-grade sorcerer the day he joined Jujutsu School. 

The reason for this was his invincible cursed energy and the cursed spirit that was attached to him- Rika. Rika’s unfathomable cursed energy matched that of her contractor, Yuta, making them a force to be reckoned with. 

Many believe that with his incredible potential and exceptional cursed energy, he will one day surpass even the mighty Gojo. But who do you believe is the more powerful of the two?

This article will attempt to answer this question. 

With all due respect to Yuta’s unrivalled power, the glimpse of which was demonstrated in the face-off against Suguru Geto and also when he was on an assassination mission against Yuji, manga readers and viewers of the series and film will unanimously agree that Gojo is unquestionably the most powerful character. So let’s try to solidify this assertion. 

Cursed Energy

Satoru Gojo has an overwhelming amount of cursed energy, surpassing most other sorcerers. His immense reserves give him an advantage in sustaining prolonged battles and executing powerful attacks.

Yuta also possesses a substantial amount of cursed energy, even higher than Gojo. However, it’s worth noting that Gojo’s cursed energy reserves are often described as exceptional, even among high-level sorcerers.

Cursed techniques

Gojo possesses a rare and powerful technique known as the Reverse Cursed Technique. It requires converting negative cursed energy into positive energy, a skill only a few sorcerers have mastered. Through this technique, he can heal his wounds during a fight and even fuel his Limitless Technique. We see him use this technique for the first time successfully in the fight against Toji. 

The Limitless Technique grants Gojo control over space at an atomic level, which he inherited from his family. To truly master it, he also possesses the Six Eyes, which enhance his mental prowess, allowing him to analyse and predict attacks quickly. However, it comes with its drawbacks and can tire him easily.

Additionally, he can utilise the Blue and Red Cursed Techniques to create powerful magnetic-like forces and repel matter, respectively.

By combining both Blue and Red, Gojo achieves the Hollow Technique: Purple, which erases anything in its path. These techniques showcase Gojo’s incredible skill and power as one of the most formidable sorcerers in the Jujutsu world.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satorucc: Pinterest
Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru
cc: Pinterest

Yuta Okkotsu’s Cursed Technique is Mimicry. He has this exponentially unique ability to copy the cursed techniques of others. Impressively, he is able to do this without any binding vows. He can replicate other people’s Cursed methods, like the Speech Curse of Inumaki. While connected to Rika, manifest Rika, the Queen of Curses, as a strong Special Grade cursed spirit to fight for him and access different cursed methods. While ordinary sorcerers have to fight with one cursed technique, Yuta can use multiple cursed techniques and fight flexibly, like Sukuna. 

He also has the ability to use the Reverse Cursed Technique like Gojo and can recover damages with the reverse cursed technique as long as the cursed energy does not run out.

Domain expansion

In the vast world of Jujutsu Kaisen, one Domain Expansion stands unparalleled in its might—the Unlimited Void, wielded by none other than Satoru Gojo, the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer. It made its awe-inspiring debut against the fearsome special grade Cursed Spirit named Jogo, revealing the true extent of Gojo’s power.

Within this enigmatic space, Gojo creates a void, a place of nothingness that resembles the centre of the universe itself. With a simple gesture of crossing his index and middle fingers, the Unlimited Void springs into action, bombarding its target with infinite knowledge, leaving them trapped in a surreal state of everything and nothing at once. This paralysing effect renders the victim helpless, slowly succumbing to a painful and agonising demise.

The might of Unlimited Void is unrivalled, and its power has been demonstrated on multiple occasions throughout the story. Even the most skilled fighters find just 0.2 seconds within the void deadly, requiring months of rehabilitation after their escape. Not even a special grade curse like Jogo stood a chance against the overwhelming might of Infinity channelled through Gojo’s Domain Expansion.

Not to mention Gojo’s most iconic dialogue, 

It’ll be fine. After all, you are weak.

Unmatched in potency, Unlimited Void can hardly be countered by anyone in the entire Jujutsu Kaisen universe, solidifying Satoru Gojo’s place as the epitome of strength and skill among sorcerers.

In the case of Domain Expansion, many details have not been provided by the mangaka yet. But we know that Yuta has the ability to manifest a complete domain expansion, as shown in The battle between Yuta Okkotsu, Takako Uro, and Ryu Ishigori, where three domain expansions were summoned simultaneously.

As Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion approaches, a veil of mystery shrouds its manifestation. Given his unique ability to copy cursed techniques from others, fans wonder if his domain will incorporate these techniques, such as the bat-like shikigami he summons using his hair as an intermediary, similar to Megumi’s frogs in the Chimera Shadow Garden.

With an immense amount of cursed energy at his disposal, Yuta’s domain is anticipated to hold its own against two other Domain Expansions, at least for an extended period. The sheer magnitude of his cursed energy hints at a formidable and awe-inspiring display of power in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Given his ability to replicate multiple cursed techniques, he may have multiple domains as well.

Given these feats, there is no doubt that he has the potential to possibly surpass Gojo. However, 

Conclusion: Who would win in a fight, Gojo or Yuta?

Satoru Gojo, known as the “Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer,” is widely regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the series. He has incredible cursed energy reserves, superior control over his cursed techniques, and the ability to create an overwhelmingly dominant domain expansion. His Limitless Cursed Technique grants him a wide range of abilities, and his strength and skill in combat are unparalleled. 

On the other hand, Yuta Okkotsu is a prodigy with unusual abilities, including a vast amount of cursed energy, the ability to use reverse cursed technique, and the capacity to copy other cursed techniques. Throughout the series, Yuta has continuously grown stronger and displayed impressive feats in battles against formidable opponents. 

Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuta Okkatsucc: Pinterest
Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuta Okkotsu
cc: Pinterest

If ever there is a face-off between Gojo Satoru and Yuta Okkotsu, it is highly likely that Gojo will emerge as the victor. 

Gojo’s unmatched power, mastery of various cursed techniques, and extraordinary control over space using the Limitless ability and the Unlimited Void Domain Expansion make him a formidable opponent. Additionally, his Six Eyes allow him to read and predict the flow of cursed energy with incredible speed and accuracy, giving him a significant advantage in any fight. 

It’s evident that Gojo’s experience and power would likely give him the upper hand in the fight. Gojo, with his calm and enigmatic demeanour, has faced countless battles and honed his skills over the years. His eyes, sharp like hawks, can see through his opponents’ moves and give him a strategic advantage.

Yuta, on the other hand, is a determined and passionate young sorcerer. His vast, cursed energy and the unique ability to copy others’ techniques show his potential. Yet, he’s still relatively new to the world of jujutsu, and he lacks the seasoned wisdom that Gojo possesses.

While Yuta is undoubtedly powerful, with his immense cursed energy and the ability to copy cursed techniques, he may not yet be on the same level as Gojo. Even with Rika, the powerful cursed spirit, by his side, Yuta may find it difficult to overcome Gojo’s overwhelming strength and expertise.

At present, Gojo’s expertise and abilities make him the clear and certain winner in a fight against Okkotsu. However, Okkotsu’s growth and determination are clear indicators that he’s not one to be underestimated. With time and training, he has the potential to transcend his current limits and emerge as the strongest sorcerer in the jujutsu verse of the next generation after Gojo Satoru. 

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