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One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?
One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?

One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?

The latest episode of One Piece is in front of us. This episode was full of shocking revelations and heartfelt moments. One Piece 1070 episode follows the defeat and death of Straw Hats Captain Monkey D.

Luffy and deals with its repercussions. In this article, we will answer all the questions that fans might have after watching the One Piece 1070 episode.  What will happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?

We will also discuss what Kaido intends to do now that he has won the battle and the possible return of Joyboy after 800 years.

After One Piece 1070, we will finally be able to the animation of Gear 5 Luffy, the most anticipated form of Luffy to date. The name of the One Piece 1070 episode is “Luffy is Defeated? The Determination of Those Left Behind!” 

One Piece 1070 Recap: What Will Happen to the Land of Wano?

One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?
One Piece 1070: What will Happen to the Land of Wano?

The episode starts with the defeat of Monkey D. Luffy, the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates at the hands of Kaido, Captain of the Beast Pirates. After defeating, Luffy Kaido is in despair and shock as he again was not able to fight fairly against a worthy opponent.

This time he was interrupted by an agent of CP0 who was ordered by the Five Elders to make sure Luffy loses the fight. Momonouske suddenly realises that he cannot hear Luffy’s voice anymore as he is dead.

Kaido watches Luffy in despair as Luffy lies dead in front of him. The CP0 agent appears in front of Kaido and the enraged Kaido asks him if he knows what he has done.

Then Kaido leaps towards him in rage and hits the CP0 agent with full force which results in the instant death of the CP0 agent and a huge hole is created on the rooftop of Onigashima.

Everyone inside Onigashima is shocked by this attack and wonders what is happening on the rooftop. Kaido states that he is bored and wants more fighting as he is still unsatisfied with the outcome of his battle against Luffy and turns into a dragon. 

Inside Onigashima Kawamatsu, one of the Nine Red Scabbards (Akazaya Nine) is thinking about putting out the huge fire inside the castle and saving his comrades.

But then Kawamatsu notices a Blast Breath coming from the rooftop inside the castle and Kaido finally enters inside the castle. Kaido is asking everyone about Momonouske and he wants Momonouske to come to him and surrender himself to Kaido.

Hyogoro asks Kaido about Luffy which tells everyone that he is sorry about the boring outcome but Straw Hat Luffy is dead. Everyone is shocked to hear this news.

Law notices that Luffy’s voice is gone. Kaido asks everyone if they still want to rise against him and tells them that he will accept their challenge as he is in the mood for more fighting.

The Beast Pirates start celebrating Kaido’s victory while The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance mourns their hero and saviour. Nami is enraged by Kaido’s statement and steps up against him even though Marco tells her to stop.

She tells Kaido to stop telling stupid lies. Kaido tells everyone that this is the end of the Land of Wano. The enraged Nami tells Kaido to stop bullshitting just because he couldn’t defeat Luffy and calls Kaido a lying snake. Kaido attacks Nami with his Blast Breath by is saved by Marco. 

Kaido tells everyone that Onigashima will land on the Flower Capital as planned and unlike Orochi, he is not going to be soft on them.

He states that the Land of Wano is a giant weapon factory and it doesn’t matter if the people of this country are a woman or a kid, everyone’s a slave.

When anyone is exhausted from working, they’ll just roll over and die. Every time they lose a slave, another will replace it. This is what happens when someone loses a battle.

The people of Wano must pay a price for their defeat and surrender their rights and hopes to Kaido. He tells everyone to bring Momonouske as he won’t stop fighting until that happens. 

Some of the members of the Beast Pirates try to attack Law and Kid who are barely alive but they both are saved by their crew. After that both the Supernova Captains get up and start fighting again. 

One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: Has Joyboy finally returned?

One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?
One Piece 1070: Has Joyboy finally returned?

Outside Onigashima, Yamato is telling Momonouske to not give up and keep trying. Momonouske who is sad about Luffy’s death thinks that there is no point in fighting anymore and that they underestimated Kaido’s strength.

Yamato tells Momonouske that Kaido is heavily wounded right now and if they all attack him together, they can still win. But Momonouske is still sad and afraid of Kaido and thinks that they should surrender to Kaido.

Yamato tells Momonouske that she won’t allow it and argues that there is no point in surviving if they all go back to being slaves again and wait for the day they decay and die.

She tells Momonouske that they are fighting this battle with 20 years’ worth of the Land of Wano’s weight on their shoulders. 

Inside Onigashima Kaido is still wreaking havoc with his Blast Breath and everyone is still fighting. Law and Kid are doing their best to fight against the Beast Pirates.

Nami calls for Luffy with tears and asks him to keep his word of defeating Kaido. After that we suddenly see Luffy’s heart beating in a rhythmic pattern. Zunesha is the first to notice Luffy’s heartbeat and calls for Momonouske.

Zunesha tells Momonouske that he can hear them. It’s been a while. He can hear the ‘Drums of Liberation’. He is hearing them for the first time in 800 years. Zunesha is positive that ‘he’ is here.

With that, Zunesha’s eyes lighten up again and he declares that Joyboy has returned. With this, we see white smoke coming out of Luffy’s body and his hair transforming. With that, Luffy starts smiling and is ready to awaken his true power and activate GEAR 5.

One Piece 1071 Spoilers

One Piece 1070 Ending Explained: What will Happen to the Land of Wano? Has Joyboy finally returned?
One Piece 1071 Spoilers

An amusing heartbeat is unleashed. Both Luffy’s allies and enemies got involved and are astounded. Is that free and flexible power a ridiculous thing or a token of freedom? Fortune comes in by a merry gate… of Nika.

Here comes the Warrior of Liberation who transcends all imagination. The name of the One Piece 1071 episode will be “Luffy’s Peak – Attained! Gear Five”


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