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Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained: what effect does Gojo’s comeback have on the plot?

In the previous episode, we observed a heartfelt moment between Suguru and Riko, as he gave her the choice to abort the risky mission and return home, pledging to protect her at any cost.

Just as there appeared to be a ray of hope, catastrophe struck ruthlessly. Riko’s life was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving Suguru astonished and crushed by the brutal truth before him.

From the shadows emerged the enigmatic Toji, a formidable figure with a sinister agenda. The gravity of the situation gets amplified as Toji coldly declares that it is time to settle their unfinished business. 

As Suguru’s emotions threaten to overwhelm him, he can only muster a trembling question—why? Toji’s chilling response cut through the air like a dagger—I killed Gojo Satoru. 

Suguru is shattered as the truth strikes him like a thunderbolt. The deaths of his closest friend, Satoru, and now Riko, the girl he had tried to save, instilled in him an insatiable need for revenge. His heart was filled with a burning desire to avenge their deaths and bring Toji to justice.

He is determined to make Toji suffer for the abominable acts done that day, fueled by an unquenchable need for vengeance.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap: How did Toji meet his end in this episode?

The episode actually begins when Suguru uses his powerful Rainbow Dragon curse to strike Toji. Toji’s remarkable reflexes and skilled swordsmanship, on the other hand, allow him to easily evade the curse, leaving Suguru dumbfounded.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA

He evades Suguru’s attacks with such ease that it appears he is playing with them.  

The mysterious Toji’s extraordinary infiltration talents at Tokyo Jujutsu High are on display in yesterday’s gripping episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. Toji, armed with his lack of cursed energy, transforms into the invisible man, dodging the busy Jujutsu sorcerers. When he grasps a cursed item loaded with cursed energy, however, he becomes detectable, making him a powerful foe.

He reveals that he possesses a cursed Spirit that is basically an archive of the tools he uses. He keeps it inside his body by swallowing it. Since it can manipulate its size, Toji stays undetected and moves freely through the barrier. 

Toji says that he abstained from using cursed tools at first, acknowledging the need for invisibility in his plot to surprise attack Gojo Satoru. He realised that being incognito was critical to his success. While he could have initially slain the Star Plasma Vessel, the risk of being discovered by Gojo was simply too enormous. So he waited, waiting for the right moment to strike and unleash his deadly plan.

Suguru couldn’t help but interrupt Toji, asking him to stop rambling. He was fully aware that disclosing specific details of one’s cursed technique enhanced the abilities of the sorcerers. Toji is doing precisely this. At that time, Geto would not want anything more than to avoid strengthening the Heavenly Restriction. What he didn’t realise, and that perplexed him, was how Toji managed to trace them down to the tomb’s entrance. 

No residuals were left behind by them, but due to Toji’s heavenly restriction, which has sharpened his five senses to their peak, allowing him to detect even the smell and footprints left by humans, he tracked them to the inside of the tomb. 

Suguru asks him about Kuroi, and the answer he gives enrages him even more. He immediately unleashes his Rainbow Dragon Cursed Spirit, the toughest of all. 

Toji, our man here, slashes it apart, leaving Suguru dumbfounded. However, soon he finds himself trapped in the second spirit’s Innate Domain against his will. The domain forces him into a pact, binding him until he answers a question. The Imaginary Vengeful Spirit asks if she’s pretty, but Toji bluntly responds that she isn’t his type.

The Vengeful Spirit’s domain vanishes, revealing the floating scissors surrounding Toji. Despite their proximity, Toji effortlessly deflects all the blades using the Inverted Spear of Heaven.

Suguru comes in closer from behind and uses his Curse Manipulation technique to absorb the cursed spirit from Toji. Right when he is about to touch it, it repels, catching Suguru by surprise. Toji grabs the chance and slices Suguru, landing a final blow on him. 

The fight between him and Toji wasn’t that intense, but it was very destructive. Toji seized every chance to ambush Suguru relentlessly, catching him off guard at every turn. Even Geto’s mighty curses failed to land a fatal blow on Toji, despite his relentless attacks. 

Toji taunts Suguru, sarcastically asking him to thank his parents for their supposed blessings and exceptional abilities for which they were born with Jujutsu. He points out how they all fell to a mere monkey who can’t even use jujutsu.

While speaking of blessings, a poignant image of Megumi flashes through Toji’s mind. It is then that Toji recalls that he was the one to name his son. 

Simultaneously, in the foothills of Jujutsu High, Gojo’s hand twitches, indicating life.

At the Time Vessel Association Head Quarters: House of the Children of the Star, Toji delivers the Star Plasma Vessel’s corpse. Shigeru Sonoda, the group’s direct representative, confirms her death and states that Toji will be adequately compensated for accomplishing such a critical and risky task. 

When Toji asks Shiu why he did not kill Riko when he told him to, he says it was on purpose. He realised what Toji was about to do. Shiu astutely calculated that the relief of the maid’s successful rescue would weigh heavier on Gojo and Geto than the heightened tension resulting from the failure. 

The following scene is going to blow up the minds of the viewers.

Everyone is requested to buckle up and get ready to witness the epic fight of this season—the bout people were desperately waiting for. One of the most anticipated moments of the manga delivered in an absolutely perfect manner.

As Toji exists from the premises of the headquarters, he stumbles upon Gojo. Yes, you read it right. Gojo has come back to finish his incomplete business. 

Toji could not believe his eyes when he saw Gojo standing right in front of him after being mortally wounded by him earlier. 

Toji immediately recognises the Reverse Cursed technique, with the help of which Gojo is still alive and kicking. Utilising his unmatched skill, he tapped into the depths of his cursed energy, channelling the Reversed Cursed Technique to restore his fading vitality.

He claims that had he chopped off his head and used his cursed tool to slay him, Toji would have had the chance to win against him. Since he did not, it’s a goodbye for him because he has already lost the game. 

Satoru Gojo’s psyche descended into the abyss of cursed energy during his near-death experience. He had an epiphany like no other during those harrowing moments. He comprehended the essence of the Reverse Cursed Technique after learning the mysteries of the core of cursed energy. 

Toji races forward with unprecedented speed as the long-awaited rematch begins, hoping to knock down Gojo with merciless ferocity using his Inverted Spear. Gojo evades his lightning-fast strikes as if he could predict his moves. 

Unperturbed, Gojo tapped into the depths of his power, channelling the awe-inspiring Reverse Cursed Technique: Red, unleashing a torrent of crimson energy towards Toji. 

What we see through Toji’s eyes is a monster experiencing Nirvana. 

The battle takes place in the late afternoon sun’s embrace, and Gojo stands resplendent in the golden rays as if awakening to his true power.

Toji confronts Gojo with unwavering determination but soon finds himself on the brink of defeat when he uses the Chain of Thousand Miles and his Inverted spear of Heaven, a cursed tool with unmatched penetration ability.

Right when he is about to attack him, he senses something off about Gojo, which actually scares the crap out of him. Overpowering the fear, he aims his tool towards Gojo, fueled by his burning desire to kill him. 

Amidst the fight, there is a scene where Gojo is levitating in midair, and he apologises to Riko. He says that he is not angry with her and that he does not bear any grudges against anyone. It’s just that at this moment, the world seems extremely wonderful to him. 

And then comes the iconic dialogue of the episode, 

Through Heaven and Earth, I alone am the honoured one.

Ring any bell?

This is a statement that Zen Buddhists believe was made by the Buddha in the Lotus Sutra, after his enlightenment.

Gojo Satoru’s unrivalled strength and knowledge put him apart from everyone else, generating awe and respect akin to that of the Buddha. Nonetheless, despite his incredible strength, Gojo finds himself solitary. Similar to Buddha, he shoulders the weight of responsibility and faces misunderstandings while standing alone on a treasure tower.

Gojo suffers a deep shift, a rebirth of his ego, in the face of near death. He now touts himself as the ultimate powerhouse, the unrivalled peak of jujutsu sorcery, with unshakeable confidence. This proclamation resonates, cementing Gojo’s newfound position as the world’s strongest sorcerer. 

It’s no longer just a title; it’s a burning truth in his heart. As he stands tall, he thinks he has the power to defeat Toji, the legendary non-sorcerer known for his unrivalled force. As Gojo embraces his destiny as the dominant force in the sphere of jujutsu, we see an incredible change in power.

Enraged by the newfound power of Gojo, he launches his attacks on him but he has his invisible shield technique on. Hence no attack lands on him. He stands unscathed. 

Gojo knows that Toji is from the Zenin family and it is no surprise that he knows about the techniques of the other clans. But the next technique Gojo is about to use is not even known by many of his own clan members. 

Imaginary Technique: Hollow. 

This cursed technique unleashes a concentrated blast infused with infinite red and blue.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA

The magnitude of the blast is so powerful that it blows a huge hole in Toji’s body. 

Unhinged Gojo is truly frightening. At that moment in time, it seemed Gojo was high on adrenaline. He tapped into something he had been struggling to do, reversed his cursed energy and also Red, and was in the zone, to speak. 

At that moment, Gojo truly did not care for anything or anyone, as if he had turned off his humanity, swinging wildly between manic euphoria and numb shock. 

At this moment, he truly is “above all,” and you can feel his divine presence more than anyone else. 

Toji’s mind races with contradictory feelings as he nears the end of his life. Normally, with his task completed and no motive to fight Gojo for free, he would have decided to go.

As Toji gazes upon Gojo in his awakened state, a revelation washes over him like a torrential wave. Before his very eyes stand the epitome of Jujutsu Sorcery personified in one singular individual.  

Toji is confronted with the undeniable truth that he stands before a being of unparalleled might and brilliance, a living testament to the zenith of Jujutsu Sorcery.

His reason for attacking Gojo was purely out of vengeance. By killing Gojo, he wanted to take revenge for all the injustices done to him. By going against the strongest sorcerer of the jujutsu universe, the infinity jujutsu user, he wanted to go against the Zenin clan, who had denied him. His stated life goal was to crush the Zenin clan once it reached its pinnacle of power and to murder the most powerful cursed sorcerers without using any cursed energy.

Toji believed he had successfully cast away such trivial pride after seeing the blood in his hands and listening to his inner monologue. He chose a path in which pride was irrelevant, refusing to take pride in himself or others. 

But he was proven wrong at that moment. 

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Ending explained: How does the new side of Gojo have an impact on the plot?

As Satoru Gojo asks Toji for any final words, Toji hesitates at first, claiming he has none. In his thoughts, he recalls his young son, Megumi, and chooses to divulge critical information. 

He reveals that his kid will be sold to the Zenin family within the next two or three years, allowing Satoru to deal with the news in his own way.

He takes his final breath after saying this. 

In the post-credit scene, we see Gojo carrying the body of Riko. He looks crestfallen. He just came out victorious from that fight with Toji. He should’ve been on cloud nine. But he looks so empty and defeated at that moment.       

Gojo comes forward towards Geto while members of the group are applauding the death of Amanai. But as he approaches, Geto is shocked to sense the drastic change in Gojo’s aura, which leads him to question his identity. From this, you can assume what might have happened back there that has changed Gojo to such an extent that even his best friend could not recognise him. 

Suddenly, Gojo asks him whether they should kill these men behind him who are celebrating the death of Amanai. Because he is certain right now that he would not flinch at killing those people with his current emotional state of mind. 

That emptiness in Gojo’s gaze had us stay still for a moment. This emotionless side of Gojo is truly dreadful, sending shivers down our spines. Gojo’s legit consideration of slaughtering the entire cult is horrifying.

With his eyes frantically moving, Suguru dismisses the idea, stating that it’s futile because the responsible individuals have already escaped. With the sorcerers still in pursuit, the Time Vessel Association can no longer manipulate the situation in their favour. 

Satoru wonders if a reason is necessary, but Suguru insists that it is, especially for jujutsu sorcerers.

Geto’s mindset undergoes a significant change after this event, and the darkness enveloping his feet indicates his faltering belief. 

Gojo, from his recent enlightenment, possesses the ability to see the beauty and ugliness of the world simultaneously, accepting it as it is. In contrast, Geto is unable to accept the harsh realities. He was previously blinded by beauty, but now he is overwhelmed by ugliness, unable to rise above it and becoming burdened by its weight.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc MAPPA
Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 4 Detailed Recap and Ending Explained cc: MAPPA

In the final scene, a striking contrast of lights envelops Gojo and Geto as they face each other. Is this some visual symbolism that foreshadows their friendship, which may soon be tested and strained due to their opposing philosophies and values? The interplay of light and shadow reflects the intricacies of their connection; does it imply that problems and obstacles await them, threatening to break their bond?

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