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Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained cc: BONES
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained cc: BONES

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: What happens in the fight between the Heroes and the Criminal?

With the revelation of Fukuchi as Kamui in the previous episode of Bongou Stray Dogs, we were pushed closer to our seats. I am sure no one was prepared for that unexpected revelation. The realisation that Fukuchi had been Kamui all along sent shivers down my spine. It gave me goosebumps to think Fukuchi was the mastermind behind all of the terror attacks and that tarnishing the Agency’s reputation as criminals was his idea. Things become more interesting and engaging with the arrival of Akutagawa, and the third episode will not disappoint your expectations. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: How does the arrival of Akutagawa affect the plot?

The episode begins with a flashback two days before the Decay of the Angels Incident, showing the moment Akutagawa was summoned by Dazai in a forest that was unknown to everyone except them. That was the place where they had met for the first time.

Dazai had summoned him to ask for a favour. He had predicted that the world would soon be ripped apart, and all that would emerge from it was chaos and anarchy. And if that happened, he wanted Akutagawa, his most trusted man, to “be his eyes” by remaining neutral and undetected. He wanted him to be the one to save the world, the Agency, and Atsushi. 

Akutagawa flatly refused to be his eyes and ears to save the Agency, let alone Atsushi. But Dazai knew that he would end up saving Atsushi and the Agency.

We know that Atsushi and Akutagawa do not share a friendly relationship, as Akutagawa cannot tolerate him snatching away the spot that he held under Dazai when we know that Atsushi is not at fault.   

Back on the deck, Atsushi, with his injured leg, confronts Fukuchi, who is ready to end the weretiger’s life but is interrupted by Akutagawa. Despite his reluctance, Akutagawa still comes to save Atsushi because he was ordered to do so by Dazai. No matter how unwilling he may be, Akutagawa cannot bring himself to refuse Dazai’s commands.

Atsushi questions his presence here, to which he responds that he is simply following the orders of Dazai to help only when he sees a smoke signal. Fukuchi broods over the fact that he will have to face another opponent who looks like a pain in the ass. 

Akutagawa firmly refuses to reveal Kamui’s identity, claiming that he intends to deal with the mastermind himself. With a menacing edge to his voice, he threatens Fukuchi to give him a sadistic death and launches a swift attack on him instantly. Simultaneously, he points it out to Atsushi to get a hold of the situation and reveals that he has destroyed the engine room to halt the ship’s arrival at the port, thereby cornering Fukuchi on the ship. He shares his strategy of slashing his throat and ending it once and for all. 

Back in the flashback scene, Akutagawa does not understand why Dazai ordered him to do the task. Dazai urged him to recall the first time he invited him to the Port Mafia. It came to light that enabling him to collaborate with Atsushi on occasion was his secret weapon against the demon, a tactic aimed at creating a new generation known as the Double Black. 

It was only in the present that Akatagawa realised what Dazai meant. It was Fukuchi and his wrath that he was referring to.  

With his special ability, Akutagawa attacks Fukuchi again, but this time Fukuchi has a weapon to attack his opponent. 

Fukuchi has the incredible power to amplify the strength of any weapon by a hundredfold, and he simply slices through the entire ship with a handrail. With his agility, Akutagawa manages to avoid the initial blow. Fukuchi, on the other hand, attacks with even greater force, forcing Akutagawa to admit that evasion is no longer an option.

Akutagawa unleashes his devastating technique, Rashoumon: Tenma Agito, effectively stopping the railing attack, driven by a desire to prove his ability to Dazai and vanquish death itself. Seizing the opportunity, he dashes straight towards Fukuchi, only to be flipped over by his opponent’s quick countermove.

As Fukuchi’s katana approaches Akutagawa, Atsushi, who has now fully recovered his leg, comes to his aid. He saves Akutagawa with a quick and well-timed manoeuvre, and both of them dive off the deck, retreating into the ship’s corridor.

Akutagawa disagrees with Atsushi’s choice to flee instead of fulfilling their mission to defeat him. Atsushi argues that Fukuchi’s strength surpasses both of them combined, but Akutagawa is determined to prove himself and avoid being just another discarded pawn of Dazai. Akutagawa reveals that Dazai replaced him with Atsushi as his new subordinate, and now he sees it as his challenge to surpass and overcome Atsushi.

Akutagawa proposes a plan to Atsushi, suggesting they employ the Beast Beneath the Moonlight-Rashoumon: Kokko Zessou tactic, a combination of their abilities that was used against Fyodor. With this technique, Atsushi’s weretiger claws become powerful enough to take down even a god. 

However, there’s a catch: they have only one chance to use it, as their foe is exceptionally elusive. If exposed, Akutagawa’s life will be in grave danger, and he will be the first one to get slain. To ensure success, Atsushi must deliver a decisive blow on the first strike. They devise an ambush plan and head towards the submarine room to execute their strategy.

As they reach the submarine tank, they are surprised to find Fukuchi waiting for them, having predicted their ambush. Atsushi questions Fukuchi about his actions, and he reveals that it was the battlefield that changed him. Though he experienced torture, he was on the side of the torturers. Unlike them, who have never been to the battlefield, he has seen the harsh reality and believes in no benevolent state. 

Drawing his sword, Fukuchi Ouchi challenges the justness of heaven’s directives. Throughout his life, he has endured countless trials and tribulations, suffering hardships inconceivable in number. The lack of recognition for his struggles fuels his wrath and resentment. Determined to defy the order of things, Fukuchi Ouchi declares that he will embrace the cold cynicism of all creation.

Atsushi and Akutagawa were provoked by Fukuchi, leading them to launch a joint offensive against him. However, Fukuchi quickly gains the upper hand by seizing Atsushi’s fist and using it to increase the power of his attack on Akutagawa. Despite their best efforts, it becomes clear that Fukuchi is much stronger than the two of them combined, totally out of their league.

Akutagawa, on the other hand, refuses to give up. He uses Rashoumon to force his fractured hand back in place. Both of them ignore Fukuchi’s advice to surrender. 

Enough with the warmup, Fukuchi discards his katana and conjures the sacred sword, Amenogozen, with a blue blade. As Atsushi struggles to comprehend its power, Akutagawa suddenly collapses, and blood gushes out.

The moment Fukuchi drew the sword, it was game over for both of them. 

You should not have made me draw this sword. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained cc: BONES
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

Fukuchi’s enigmatic katana proves its prowess as it stabs Atsushi from behind despite being directly in front of him. He reveals that Shinto Amenogozen, known as the “space-time sword,” can pass through airspace to strike from a distance. Moreover, Fukuchi has amplified its efficiency a hundredfold with his ability, surpassing its usual limitations.

Fukuchi berates Atsushi for his lack of faith in their capacity to overcome him, attributing it to their lack of trust in each other as Atsushi collapses near Akutagawa. Fukuchi believes that if Atsushi had assumed the attacking position while Akutagawa defended, they would have had a better chance against him. Atsushi grudgingly agrees, questioning whether this strategic pairing is why Dazai brought them together in the first place.

Akutagawa is thrilled at the prospect of earning Dazai’s recognition by defeating Fukuchi. However, Fukuchi’s attention turns towards Akutagawa and he threatens to use torture to extract information about the Agency and the mafia.

To Akutagawa’s surprise, Fukuchi suggests a different proposition. He proposes that Akutagawa become his apprentice, citing their shared ideals and methods. Akutagawa declines the offer, convinced that no one can replace Dazai. Fukuchi insists on training him to become the strongest among the Hunting Dogs before returning him to his mentor. Despite Fukuchi’s persistence, Akutagawa remains resolute, but Fukuchi vows to fulfil his promise nonetheless.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Ending Explained: How does Fukuchi outmatches Atsushi and Akatagawa? Will the criminal win the fight?

Here comes the first twist of the episode. Fukuchi discloses that he has a motive to bargain with Akutagawa and needs a favour from him. He is requesting that Akutagawa perform a task on his behalf, which is to eliminate Atsushi, the tiger boy.

As Fukuchi raises him, he points out that Akutagawa was never motivated solely by the desire to stop terrorism or to kill him. He senses Akutagawa’s reluctance to harm Atsushi and questions the significance of the weretiger’s life to him.

Fukuchi compliments him for apparently accepting his offer. He reveals that anyway, his purpose in life is to kill Atsushi in six months.  Atsushi chides Akutagawa for choosing such an option, as if placing his own life over their mission.

Akutagawa tells him that he does not fear death itself but dying without earning Dazai’s acknowledgement. Especially because he does not have much time left due to his lung disease, Akutagawa asserts that he will use such time not to disappoint Dazai. Atsushi understands his situation and prepares himself to fight Akutagawa.

With a subtle apology passing between them, Akutagawa and Atsushi charge towards each other, seemingly heading straight into a clash with Fukuchi. However, as they draw near, they execute a brilliant feint, quickly swapping positions. In a swift and synchronised move, Akutagawa cloaks Atsushi with Rashoumon, empowering his tiger claws to their peak using Kokko Zessou. 

A surge of suspense fills the air as Atsushi launches a perfect surprise attack on Fukuchi, severing his right arm and delivering a fatal blow. Fukuchi’s fate hangs in the balance, and Atsushi desperately implores him not to succumb to death just yet. Instead, he urges Fukuchi to reveal the Agency’s innocence to the public, introducing an unexpected twist to the intense encounter. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: BONES
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained

As Fukuchi takes his final breath, he wonders when the heavens will release him from his relentless mission. Atsushi leans closer, only to realise that Fukuchi is now lifeless. His hand trembles as he retrieves the page from Fukuchi’s pocket, completing their mission.

Akutagawa notices Atsushi’s sombre expression and wonders what’s bothering him after their victory. Atsushi can’t shake off the memory of Fukuchi’s last words. Suddenly, his mind flashes back to the enigmatic space-time sword Fukuchi wielded during their earlier encounter. Doubts gnawed at him, questioning what Fukuchi was truly slashing at during that critical moment.

As Atsushi ponders Fukuchi’s unusual behaviour of letting them leave unscathed, time inexplicably rewinds to when they were running towards each other for the final attack. Despite their supposedly flawless surprise attack, Fukuchi effortlessly severs Atsushi’s right arm and slashes Akutagawa, leaving them shocked and bewildered. The suspense builds as Atsushi desperately seeks answers from Fukuchi, trying to understand how their well-coordinated assault could have been foreseen so easily.

Nobody could have predicted such a twist in the plot.

An overwhelming realisation dawns on Atsushi and Akutagawa as Fukuchi wields the powerful Amenogozen. The sword bestows upon him the ability to transcend defeat, altering time itself to rewrite any defeat into an unshakable victory. It cuts through history from the future, changing history to achieve triumph. 

With their lives on the line, Fukuchi insists that Atsushi and Akutagawa say their final words before dying. In the face of approaching death, Akutagawa’s voice steadies as he reveals his sudden realisation: deeds speak louder than words.

He manifests Rashoumon with his shirt, controlling the ship’s fire extinguisher to create a distraction and provide them with an opportunity to escape, committing the mistake of forgetting Fukuchi’s space-time sword’s insurmountable abilities. 

As the terrifying scene develops, Akutagawa stands defenceless, commendably choosing action over hopeless pleadings. Recognising Akutagawa’s determination, Fukuchi approaches him with a lethal purpose, executing a last, dramatic slash to the neck, which brings the episode to an end. 

Despite early indications with the space-time sword and repeating clocks, the episode’s final scenes took viewers by surprise with a mesmerising storyline twist. The unexpected twist gave the ending an exciting and emotional depth. Bungo Stray Dogs once again captivates the audience, leaving them deeply unsettled by the last few minutes of this edition, as it has done in prior episodes.

Fans are kept on the edge of their seats by the show’s ability to create tragic and dramatic situations. This newest episode highlights the series at its best, sending viewers on an unforgettable emotional roller coaster and leaving them anxiously expecting what’s next.


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