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Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: How did Miyamura's surprising boldness steal the show?

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: How did Miyamura’s surprising boldness steal the show?

Horimiya season 2, episode 4 takes place mainly in Hori’s household.

This episode shows levels of comfort shared between the characters, the intricate relationship and bondings, some blasts from the past and a few scenes bound to give the viewers butterflies in their stomachs. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: What hilarious consequences ensue as Hori, Miyamura, and Kyosuke attempt to untangle their twisted legs around the kotatsu?

The episode begins with Miyamura struggling with his studies for the upcoming examination, especially in all subjects except Classical literature. He even thinks of ways to skip the test, which is actually not possible as the School does not accept medical excuses for missing a quiz. 

Hori and Miyamura are both studying around the kotatsu in Hori’s home. In the meantime, Hori’s father, who Hori generally addresses by his name, comes and joins, only to get ordered by his bratty daughter to go away with a straight face. 

Well, it has always been this way. Hori has never treated his father as a father; rather, she sees him as one of her friends, and at least her behaviour and attitude towards him show that. She does not even see him as her family member but considers Miyamura, her boyfriend, as her family but not her father. And Kyosuke does not even take a serious stand against it; he just takes it casually and is often seen playfully reacting to it. 

The TV is on, and all four, Hori, Miyamura, Kyosuke and Sato have dozed off to sleep in the kotatsu. Miyamura needed to use the washroom, and he woke up but could not get out of it. 

While he tries to get out from under the kotatsu, it wakes Hori up. She moves, and Miyamura feels severe pain in his legs. While they were sleeping together, their legs got entangled and hence this situation.

He desperately wants to get out of that “twisted-legs” situation cause he has to use the washroom very badly. 

In the meantime, Kyousuke wakes up, and this time Hori feels the pain.

Amid this chaos, Sota is sleeping peacefully.

Miyamura sees Sota, and out of concern, he tries to wake him up so that he does not catch a cold from sleeping on the floor, but just when he shifts a bit, Kyosuke screams in pain this time. 

After struggling and bickering about it a lot, surprisingly, they free themselves, and Miyamura rushes to the washroom. They come up with a better way to sleep in the kotatsu to avoid any other “twisted-legs” situation.

How does Sengoku react upon realizing the connection between Miyamura’s secret and his behaviour during the field trip?

In the next scene, Kyosuke comes across Sengoku. Recognizing him immediately, he remembers the warning his father had given him about the Hori family- how troublesome they are and never to fall for their advances. Sengoku tries to escape, but he has already walked into trouble, and there is no going back. 

Kyosuke takes him to his place. It’s midnight, and Hori wakes up and finds Sengoku sleeping with them. He wakes Miyamura up but is so deep in sleep that he blabbers something, probably about the game he plays with Sengoku. And Senoku even replies to him in his sleep as if they are having a real conversation. They wake up in a jolt after Hori’s interference in the game they were playing in their dream. 

Sengoku whines about how he was abducted by her father and that he has not taken a bath or had dinner yet. Miyamura also did not take a shower, so Hori asks them to take a shower in her place. 

Miyamura whispers, reminding her of his tattoos that he cannot show anyone. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks

But Sengoku has good ears. He hears it, smells something fishy, and suddenly remembers their class trip, where Miyamura was the only one to take a bath at night after everyone else. 

Miyamura, to keep his secret buried, comes up with an excuse. 

Sweet and Surprising: Miyamura’s Mandarin Kiss

It’s already morning. Hori wakes up first and wakes Miyamura up, only to find a very suspicious text on his phone that ruins her mood, and since she is not the one to bottle up her anger, she lands a punch on Miyamura’s forehead as hard as possible.

In anger, she lays down again, pretending to be asleep, but is busted by Miyamura. Sensing a change in her mood, he tries to lighten her up by using Mandarins as bait. It worked for real. 

She gets up, and when she is about to have a bite, she remembers the decision she had taken about having only two mandarins each day. Miyamura tries to make her eat them, as he has already peeled them for her, but she is persistent in not having another one again. 

And what he says next must have captured the hearts of our female viewers. I am betting on it. 

If you don’t eat, I’ll kiss you. 

And I’ll kiss you if you do eat it. 

An ideal trap. Am I not right, Ladies? 

Miyamura is literally pushing the envelope. With each episode, he establishes himself as the ideal boyfriend that every girl desires by setting high standards. 

What he does next must have made the hearts of our young ladies go crazy like Rambo. A surprising sight that must have left them breathless with delight for a moment. 

Miyamura actually kisses her. Yes. He does kiss her when she is about to ask him about the suspicious text. 

But hold your horses. Before you let your imagination run wild, let’s stop you there. 

With a peck, he puts a section of the mandarin in her mouth. 

Did you feel deja vu? 

He had done the same thing in the first season, where he took the candy out of her mouth in a kiss. 

How sweet and romantic it is!

Hori questions why he did this after returning to her senses after a brief pause. And then she recalls the same thing he did with his friend Shindo. 

Not the kiss part, mind you.  

Old Albums, Awkward Moments: How Does Sengoku’s Curious Question Leave Miyamura Speechless?

The next scene takes us to where the boys are going through their old childhood albums. Sengoku gets caught when he tries to keep a particular album hidden.

Miyamura goes through the album and stumbles upon a picture. It is a picture of Hori and Sengoku swimming together in a kiddie pool. 

And right after that, Sengoku wonders and questions if Hori still changes in front of others. This question leaves Ishikawa and Miyamura in an awkward position, leaving the latter speechless. 

Sengoku makes the remark in front of her boyfriend. 

He recalls an incident that happened the other day when Hori did not hesitate to change her uniform in front of Sengoku. But when asked if she can do the same thing if Miyanura were there, she replied with a blatant no. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained: How are the Sengoku’s still at the mercy of the Hori’s?

Then, in a convenience store, Miyamura and Hori meet with Sengoku’s father. And there he goes again with his warning. This time, it’s Miyamura. Never let the Hori family corrupt you. 

On their way back home, Miyamura and Hori discuss how her parents were classmates with Sengoku’s father.

When they return home, they find Sengoku and his father with Kyosuke, who has been abducted by him yet again. 

Sengoku’s father asks Miyamura if he lives with them, to which Kyosuke gladly and proudly says that Hori and Miyamura are dating. Sengoku’s father says that his son has no time for all these distractions. 

The moment he says that, Hori looks at him devilishly, almost on the verge of spilling the beans. Even Miyamura joins Hori. 

Mr Sengoku, you obviously do not know your son very well. 

Sengoku is dating Remi. Everyone knows that except his father.

It’s just that he did not find the right time to confess to his father about his relationship. 

Kakeru-kun probably has someone he’s into. 

Isn’t it unreasonable to say that he can’t date? 

~ Kyosuke

From this, we also get to know the difference in the attitudes of the parents towards their children. Hori’s parents are cool beans, so much so that they have accepted Miyamura as their family and are completely cool about it. Whereas we have on the other side, Sengoku’s father is a conventional parent in a real sense and who considers these love affairs as distractions and nothing else. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks

They have always been like this since high school. Kyosuke’s lackadaisical attitude, open-minded approach towards life, and accepting the world and people as they are without judging make him different from Sengoku’s father, who still holds onto the old-school approach to life. 

The argument spirals into a sidesplitting vent-out session. The two dads go head-to-head like rival high schoolers! Bringing up old incidents and exacerbating the situation. 

A comedy showdown between the two. The clash of parenting styles – it’s a riotous scene!

While they are deviating from the main topic, Hori reminds them to come back to what they were discussing earlier. Sengoku’s girlfriend. 

Sengoku is still at the mercy of the Hori. True enough.  

From Innocence to Bold: How Did Miyamura’s Sweet Moment Turn Spicy?

In the next scene, Miyamura and Hori are sitting around the Kotatsu again. Hori is eating mandarins again, and Miyamura reminds her of her decision once again. 

She offers the piece to Miyamura instead. Hori feeding Miyamura mandarins and him eating them like a baby was such an overly cute moment. 

But what he does next is not babyish at all. 

He licks her finger clean. I repeat he licks her finger. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks

What on earth did Miyamura think he was doing?

He licks, and the way he does it surprises Hori and us as well. 

Innocence is gone. Miyamura has robbed us of our innocence.

Miyamura has unleashed a new side of himself that has us all on the edge of our seats, yearning for more spicy surprises!

This is how the fourth episode concludes, with viewers receiving an overload of excitement in a single shot.  


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