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Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Bones
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Bones

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: Who is Kamui?

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Previously on Bungou Stray Dogs, we saw how Ranpo shining in the limelight in the first episode. Due to his extraordinary deductive skills, he assembled the members of the Armed Detective Agency and set the stage to find the true culprit behind the crime. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: How does Ranpo persuade Fukuchi to join forces with him and the Armed Detective Agency to confront the “Decay of Angels” and retrieve the Page?

It begins with the scene after the arrest of Ranpo by the military police. But he is soon saved by Inspector Minoura, who understands Rampo’s true intentions. 

While they are on the run from the military police, the latter catches them soon and tries to arrest him under the allegations of being a terrorist, but is saved by the police department. 

After Ranpo’s broadcast, the police get divided into two forces: the correct ones and the misguided ones. 

Ranpo did not know that his speech would have an impact on the officers who were present during the broadcast, but that’s what risk-takers do. 

The Armed Detective Agency would never have seen the light of day if he had not dared to confront the media head-on. 

Ranpo escapes with the help of Mimoura and soon joins Atsushi and Kyouko, as well as Kunikida, Yosano, and Katai, in Lucy’s room. 

Since it’s the Kamui Revelation Arc, anime-only fans are requested to be prepared to accept the unexpected. 

In episode 2, Ochi Fukuchi receives the most screen time. 

The following scene takes us to Fukuchi’s chamber, where he is approached by two of the members of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee. They have come bearing the proposal to establish an anti-terror organisation that will counter terrorist attacks and save mankind from them. 

Since the Hunting Dogs were the ones to save the world from extinction during the Sky Casino Incident, the UN has shown its inclination to put its trust in them as the only ones with the power to protect mankind from terrorism. 

To realise their dream of creating a military police force with the entire planet as its jurisdiction, they have prepared a special weapon for that end, which is why they have approached him. 

The special weapon is Ochi Fukuchi. The UN wants him to command that army. 

The ultimate motive of the organisation for the time being will be the extermination of the Armed Detective Agency, which was convicted as the terrorist group behind all the recent crimes. 

The fact that they consider the agency a terrorist group almost makes him decline the offer, but he agrees to accept it on one condition. 

I’ll have the priorities of the investigation changed.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Bones
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Bones

The UN meeting is held on Standard Mechanical Island, where the delegates are persuaded to vote for the creation of the anti-terror organisation named “Supernational Armed Security Force.”

It is ridiculed by everyone. Creating an armed force for that sake is nothing but nonsense. What they were not prepared for was the appearance of the trump card that would turn the tables in no time. 

The moment Ochi Fukuchi appears on the stage, it leaves the delegates speechless. To have the legendary Fukuchi address them regarding the formation of the army was not something they were expecting to see.

Everyone is stunned to bask in the majestic presence of The Ouchi Fukuchi. 

He addresses the delegates, saying that the reason he is here is because humanity will be doomed if terrorist activities continue. 

They are already on the losing side, and to retaliate against the new era of terrorists, they need to discard the primitive methods and the old force and replace them with the panhuman defence force. 

He concludes his speech by altering the name of the organisation to “The Army of Mankind” and requesting the delegates to vote in favour of the proposal.

Ranpo greets him in his chamber after his speech. A very unexpected meet-up. Fukuchi spares him 5 minutes to present his plea in front of him. Ranpo knows exactly what will make him say yes to his offer in order to persuade him. 

Memories come rushing back to Fukuchi. He recalls their last meeting during the Armed Detective Agency’s launching ceremony. On that occasion, Ranpo vividly remembers him as a rowdy, drunk acquaintance of Fukuzawa who raised quite a fuss that day.

Despite the event, the Agency’s President expressed his undying faith in Fukuchi and sympathised with his loneliness now that Fukuzawa had chosen a different path.

Ranpo is there at the orders of Fukuzawa to act upon the intel that the Decay of Angels is set to destroy the state in the following six days. Before they can stop them, it is an absolute necessity to defeat their leader, Kamui, and retrieve the Page. 

The only way to defeat them is to have the Hunting Dogs by their side. He is there to persuade Fukuchi to let him join his team and ultimately put an end to the “Decay of Angels”. 

Fukuchi shows disappointment with the straightforward and simple way he is asking for his help, as he was expecting Ranpo to use his brilliant power of rhetoric to convince him in a better way. 

However, Ranpo claims that he could have easily deduced his response instead of asking him face-to-face. He could have manipulated Fukuchi into aiding him, but he chose not to do so out of respect for Fukuzawa’s faith in Fukuchi. 

You may be guided by Justice, but I am guided by the president. 

Ranpo’s remark demonstrates his unwavering devotion to the President. 

Ranpo then kneels respectfully, stating that it is because of this trust that he lays his entire faith in Fukuchi, and the legendary Samurai, the leader of The Hunting Dog, is won over by his words, admitting that Fukuzawa has assembled some fine men by his side. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: What shocking discovery does Ranpo make with his special ability?

The plan is to leave the island and meet up with Atsushi on the Boswellian ship. Soon the two, Ranpo and Fukuchi, start bickering after Ranpo calls him a lame, middle-aged man, whereas Fukuchi believes he is still a young, jubilant man. He accuses Ranpo of being envious of his long-standing friendship with Fukuzawa and feeling upset because Ranpo has spent fewer years with Fukuzawa compared to him.

Then Atsushi bribes Ranpo with lemonade to use his glasses and activate his special ability, “Ultimate Deduction”, to learn more about this mystery man, Kamui, the mastermind in shadow. 

As he is about to activate his ability, we see Fukuzawa stand. 

(You will know why this simple line is mentioned.)

From his deduction, he tries to connect the dots. What he believes is that Kamaui has never come to the forefront and always uses Fyodor and Nikolai as his pawns. Judging from the personalities of these two, it takes a competent and charismatic man to persuade them to do the work for his sake. 

Considering that they have deliberately selected the Agency as the target of the false accusation, it strongly suggests that the man must have some form of connection or affiliation with the Agency or perhaps be directly involved. 

The deliberate targeting of the Agency raises questions about the individual’s motivations and activities, implying that they may have inside knowledge of the Agency’s operations or a special reason for targeting it. 

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained. cc: Bones
Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained.
cc: Bones

Then he puts forth the point that Kamui has profited extraordinarily from the series of terror attacks, and there is only one man who fits the above descriptions.

The moment he comes closer to the truth and finds the real identity of Kamui, he is shaken to the core of his being in utter disbelief. He could not believe his own deduction, as he could not understand the motive of that man. The image Ranpo has of him from listening to his President talk about him is in sharp contrast to what he has deduced. 

So, do you want to know who Kamui is?

Behold Ochi Fukuchi, a towering figure who inspires both admiration and dread in all who come into contact with him. At the helm of the Hunting Dogs, an elite and feared unit within the Military Police Force, lies the enigmatic and ruthless Kamui.

Huh! What irony!

As the realisation sinks in that Fukuchi is well aware of his exposed identity, Ranpo swiftly snaps out of his shock and takes immediate action. With only a few seconds before Fukuchi launches his attack, Ranpo knows he must act quickly to avoid the impending danger.

Ranpo walks past Atsushi without saying anything, grabs a smoke candle, and lights it. On the other hand, Atsushi stands there, all confused. 

Ranpo deeply regrets trusting Fukuchi, and to create a diversion, he uses a smoke flare. Realising his mistake, he apologises to Atsushi and urges him to escape. Fukuchi swings his sword at the same time Ranpo escapes by activating a mysterious detective novel written by Poe. Just before dodging Fukuchi’s attack, Ranpo warns him about Kamui’s dangerous ability, which enhances any weapon’s power a hundredfold. And Atsushi immediately recognises the book as Poe’s work, a means Ranpo uses to escape.

Fukuchi reveals that he expected Ranpo to uncover his identity. Then he goes on to say that he was known as “The Man of a Hundred Faces” due to his past undercover missions in the military. Atsushi is in shock as he asks if Fukuchi is Kamui, finding it hard to believe that someone synonymous with justice and a close friend of the President could be their enemy.

Fukuchi recalls a period in his military career when his route deviated from Fukuzawa’s. He gives Atsushi two options: face him or flee. Fukuchi displays a little piece of paper, the reality-altering Page, which he believes is the root of all evil. He dares Atsushi to take it from him, vowing to restore normalcy and preserve the Agency.

Atsushi finds himself in a dilemma, realising that if he manages to win the fight, it could resolve the entire incident. However, the stakes are high and losing could lead to both his and Ranpo’s deaths, leaving the agency vulnerable to betrayal and destruction through its alliance with the Hunting Dogs.

Atsushi steps forward, silently challenging Fukuchi. Fukuchi asks Atsushi if he plans on fighting on that leg, Atsushi is confused until he realises the lower half of his leg is severed. His regenerative ability has masked the pain of his injury.

Fukuchi orders him to get up, recognising Atsushi’s extraordinary regenerating capability and even questioning if his skull would regrow if severed. 

As Atsushi freezes, his mind races with thoughts of fear and loneliness. He admits that he is scared, not just because of the enemy or the pain, but because of the overwhelming feeling of being alone. Even during the Agency’s split, he had friends like Kyoka, Francis, Ango, and Lucy by his side. Now, faced with this critical situation, Atsushi longs for someone, anyone, to fight alongside him. 

Meanwhile, a group of people on the deck witnessed the ruckus and smoke. As they approach the area, they contemplate contacting the cops. A person among them is peering through binoculars, showing himself to be Akutagawa after removing his hat. Akutagawa observes that the seemingly impossible forecast has finally been fulfilled.




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