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One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?
One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?

One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?

Episode 1069 of the legendary anime series One Piece is in front of us now and fans are wondering about the fate of their beloved Straw Hat Captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

This episode had a tragic and sad ending for all the One Piece fans. Even the main antagonist of the Wano Country arc, Kaido was upset at the end.

This episode concluded the battle that took place between Raizo of the Mist and Fukurokuju. In this article, we will review everything that happened in episode 1069 of One Piece and will attempt to answer the question: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?

We also saw the end of the intensive and long battle that took place between the Captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy and the Strongest Creature in the World, Kaido.

Or was it the end? 

The name of episode 1069 of One Piece is “There is Only One Winner – Luffy vs. Kaido.”

One Piece 1069 Recap: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? 

One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?
Did Luffy lose to Kaido?

This episode starts with Raizo and Fukurokuju amidst their battle. They both are paralysed by each other with their ninjutsu. Raizo is already in flames, and Fukurokuju also catches some flames.

Fukurokuju starts showing signs of dehydration and falls to the ground. Raizo asks Fukurokuju if he is whining because it is not like him.

Serving Orochi, who is frightened by the past and only thinks about controlling people, makes Fukurokuju weak. With this, Fukurokuju passes out, and Raizo starts extinguishing his flames as it is very hot.

He suddenly remembers how his master Kuzoki Oden got boiled alive and lost his life to save him and his friends. With this, the winner of the battle in the connecting hallway, the third floor inside the castle, is Raizo of the Mist. 

Jimbe saves the samurais trapped inside the castle by extinguishing the fire. He then finds Raizo, who is down on the ground and tells him to take a rest. Raizo asks Jimbe for a favour. 

At the first-floor basement inside the castle, the CP0 agent states that “precaution” is the reason he’ll get killed, but X Drake pierces his stomach with a sword from behind.

When asked by the CP0 agent why he is doing this, Drake replies that it is the right thing to do. But the CP0 agent suddenly disappears and uses Finger Pistol on Drake, immobilizing him. 

Inside the Flower Capital, everyone is enjoying the festival without the knowledge of the impending doom that is occurring towards them. 

At the rooftop of Onigashima, Luffy is hitting Kiado with a barrage of punches with the help of his Gear 4: Snakeman form.

He uses the attack “Gum-Gum Hydra” on Kaido with multiple punches, all coming at once towards the King of Beasts.

Kaido observes that Luffy is bending the trajectory of his attacks, which should be impossible due to the nature of rubber.

Luffy gives it his all, attacking Kaido while he is about to reach his limit. He uses a “Gum-Gum King Cobra” attack against Kaido, which Kaido hits with his weapon.

Both of their Haki clashes make a huge impact which sends both of them far away. Luffy continues to hit Kaido with his powerful punches, which are hurting Kaido.

Kaido makes a drunken face and tells him to stop because it hurts. This is the “Drunken Beggar” form of Kaido after getting drunk.

Kaido tells Luffy not to think that he’s the only one who can predict what’s coming and activates his Kenbunshoku Haki. He then takes a form of a Dragon and approaches Luffy by predicting his punches and dodging them.

This is the “Drunken Thief” Kaido, who suddenly grabs Luffy with his huge mouth and swallows him. Kaido takes a huge leap into the air and goes to the top of Onigashima.

He then throws Luffy out of his mouth and uses a “Blast Breath” on Luffy at point-blank range. The Blast Breath goes straight inside Onigashima and enlarges the already-made hole inside Onigahsima.

Everyone inside the castle is shocked to see Kaido’s tremendous power. Luffy is engulfed by the flames and is falling down the island with them. 

One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy die?

One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?
Did Luffy die?

Luffy suddenly transforms from Gear 4: Snakeman to Gear 4: Bounce-Man and gets out of Kaido’s Blast Breath. He then suddenly leaps towards the rooftop again to face Kaido.

Luffy wonders how much longer will the fight last because this is his final Gear Four. Kaido sends a few Fireballs towards Luffy which he dodges without any difficulty.

Kaido then tries to grab Luffy with his mouth again but this time Luffy leaps back to protect himself. Kaido states that Luffy’s Gum power is more troublesome than he thought.

Luffy then creates a huge version of his Kong-Gun and tells him that he will take Kaido down no matter what. Luffy then says that the people of the Land of Wano can hardly find drinking water and cannot eat their fill as long as Kaido is here.

To which Kaido replies that it was because they lost the battle. Kaido does not care who Luffy sides with but the people of the Land of Wano are getting used to being losers and he is sick and tired of those resentful faces.

Luffy tells Kaido to stop and that Samurai warriors are strong. Kaido asks Luffy if they are really strong or just trying to act strong.

This angers Luffy even more and he prepares an attack with all his might. He uses “Gum-Gum Over_Kong Gun” combined with advanced Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki.

Kaido also prepares his ‘Blast Breath” but Luffy quickly attacks Kaido, causing some serious damage to him. Kaido falls and Luffy runs towards him for another attack to bring Kaido down completely.

Kaido gets up and transforms into his Dragon-Human Hybrid form with rage in his eyes and uses “Thunder Bellow Bagua” on Luffy which made Luffy almost lose his Gear 4 form and caused serious damage to his body.

Kaido is finally in his “Blood-Thristy Drunk” stage and asks Luffy whether he can see the outcome Kaido wants. Luffy gathers all his strength and is ready for one last attack.

If this attack does not work he will lose. Kaido also prepares to attack Luffy with all his might.

Luffy and Kaido both are about to make their final clash but suddenly the CP0 agent appears in between the battle and holds Luffy from behind and strengthens himself with his “Iron Body” technique.

Kaido wonders why CP0 is there.

Kaido suddenly remembers how the same thing happened during his duel against Kuzoki Oden when Oden was distracted by the fake threat of Momonouske’s life, but same as before, he is unable to stop his attack and hits Luffy with “Thunder Bellow Bagua” while Luffy was held down by the CP0 agent and unable to use his “Gum-Gum Over_Kong Gun” attack.

Kaido’s expression suddenly changes from aggressive to sad because he realises that this has happened to him again. Just like last time Oden, who was the only one to face Kaido on an equal level was defeated because of someone else’s intrusion, the same happened again with Luffy.

Although Luffy and Kaido were fighting on an equal level, Kaido was unable to have an honourable victory against his rival which deeply saddened him. This is the blow that Killed the Captain of the Straw Hats, Monkey D. Luffy.

Yes, our beloved Captain was killed by Kiado, the Strongest Creature in the World. But, is this the end or will a new power awaken inside of Luffy which will help him overcome this impossible situation? Only time will tell us about the fate of Monkey D. Luffy who aspires to become the King of the Pirates. 

One Piece 1070 Spoilers.

One Piece 1069 Ending Explained: Did Luffy lose to Kaido? Did Luffy die?
One Piece 1070 Spoilers.

The paramount battle at the Skull Dome came to an unexpected end. Deprived of a serious fight, an angry Kaido confronts the wounded Samurai with their defeat.

Now that 20 years’ worth of hope has crumbled before their eyes, will they be able to find a way out of hell? The name of episode 1070 of One Piece will be “Luffy is Defeated? The Determination of Those Left Behind!”


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