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Horimiya season 2 episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks
Horimiya season 2 episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks

Horimiya season 2 episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: What happens on the Sports Day?

The second episode of Horimiya 2 saw Sengoku and Miyamura dealing with the impending crisis of Sports Day, and the third episode of Horimiya Season 2 is all about “Sports Day.”

While Sengoku and Miyamura were particularly tormented by the impending event, we see a change in Miyamura’s perception of the event. Uncharacteristically, we witnessed Miyamura harbouring a genuine sense of anticipation for the upcoming occasion, which deviated from his usual disposition.

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: How successful was the sports day at Katagiri High School?

The Sports Day that had kept Sengoku, especially, and Miyamura on their toes with trauma and fear has finally come. 

Katagiri High School Sports Day officially begins with being fortunate to have been blessed with a clear sky and ideal weather for Sports Day.

Every Sports Day begins with the School Pupil Leader addressing the students and pledging for fair play. With no exception, Katagiri High School President Sengoku is also called upon to pledge. 

It is not unknown to us how apprehensive and uneasy Sengoku was about the event, yet he attended it with a heavy heart.

The gloominess from the compulsion to attend the event is mirrored on his face and in his speech, leaving his schoolmates frozen in surprise and concern for a brief moment.

The class president’s looking a little blue despite his red hair. 

Sengoku, you poor soul! We feel your pain.

Miyamura finds some relief in the milder weather, which allows him to attend the event comfortably clad in his tracksuit. Without this lucky scenario, he would have had an uphill challenge enduring the blazing heat while participating in the events at the same time.

Hori tells Miyamura that Sengoku felt betrayed by Miyamura’s newfound eagerness to work hard for the sports day. Sengoku and Miyamura had previously been together in crises like this, albeit for different reasons, but this time he left Sengoku all alone with his reluctance to participate in the Sports events. 

He admits to Hori that he did not have any reason to try hard previously since these things never sparked any interest in him. But the scenario has changed this year.

What more reason do you need when you have your girlfriend cheering you on to do your best on the sports day and fight her hard, developing an interest in you when you never had any in the first place? Indeed, having Hori in his life has been a game-changer.

Let the real games begin. 

Who will claim the victory? Team East or Team West?

Horimiya season 2 episode 2 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: CloverWorks
Horimiya season 2 episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
cc: CloverWorks

The game begins with Remi and Hori competing in a Hurdle race. Remi is intimidated by Hori because Hori is well-known for his athletic abilities. 

Remi uses her tact to divert Hori’s attention by deftly raising the issue of Miyamura, catching her off guard and delaying her. Hori is successfully diverted by Remi’s shrewd manoeuvre. 

Remi takes the lead, and Hori is totally frustrated for lagging behind in the race. The fact that Remi messed up with her and she slacked off because of that demotivates her to the core.

When nobody else notices what Hori is going through, Miyamura, just like an ideal boyfriend, cheers for her in the heat of the moment, despite being rivals at the game. And it does have a “speedy impact” on Hori.

What a boost, Hori-san! 

Miyamura checks on her after the race and asks her what caused her to stall in the race, only to be blamed for her finishing last. But we know Hori will not simply blame him for her failure, and we know how much she appreciates it when Miyamura does anything out of character for her. 

Ishikawa and Shu face off against each other in the Obstacle course event. As requested, Miyamura, Remi, and Sakura cheer for Ishikawa all at once, which makes him happy. It makes him happier to see Miyamura, who is cheering for him at the top of his voice. Seeing him gradually come out of his coop is what makes Ishikawa feel good.

The next event was something that all of the boys were looking forward to. Can you guess what it is?

Cheer Competition. 

An event that takes a boy on cloud nine, and Katagiri High School Boys are no exception. 

Team East, led by Hori, takes the stage first. 

What the boys see clearly does not help them even touch the sky but steals the hearts of the girls. Disappointment washes over the boys, as they have never seen such “un-girly” cheerleading before. Should they, after all, have expected normal cheerleading from a team that is led by Hori? 

But Team East saves them from their recent utter disappointment. Remi and her team, bless the boys with their charm and cheer routine. 

After the cheer event, Sakura thanks Yoshikawa for helping her out with the cheer routine and hopes that perhaps the boy she is crushing on, Ishikawa, might have noticed her because it was all for him. 

Here we see Miyamura in deep sadness, as he was really excited to see Hori in a cheerleading outfit, but what a letdown!

A team falls short of a member for the Scavenger Hunt game, and Miyamura takes the place at the request of his teacher.

Self-doubt immediately creeps into his thoughts as he questions his own talents, wondering if he is genuinely capable of replacing the empty post. Memories of previous situations reemerge, where he was bullied because he was unable to earn the top rank. These disturbing recollections have always fueled his seclusion and persistent self-doubt.

However, thanks to all of his friends for making it a special day for him and a memory he will cherish for the rest of his life. 

Oblivious to the fact that Hori and Miyamura are in the same game. They pick up two separate cards, but the cues point out one guy. Guess who the guy can be?

None other than our beloved Student council president, Sengoku.

Horimiya season 2 episode 3 Ending Explained: who wins the mock cavalry game? what does Miyamura think about Sports Day now?

The next event is the show-stopper of the day.

Third-year boys, prepare yourselves to gallop into action for the “mock cavalry” game.

In the game, Miyamura becomes the rider for the West team and Sengoku for the East team.

To our surprise as well as much to his own surprise, Sengoku actually starts enjoying the game and it bolsters up and he shows some spirit. 

And an intense fight begins between them. The game is all about strategy and attrition. 

Sengoku, with all his new-found energy, is all fired up and attacks Miyamura, who dodges him every time. They indulge in a hand fight while riding their friends.

Knowing that Ishikawa is getting tired from playing the horse, Miyamura wastes no time and tactfully deals with the situation. 

The vibe around Miyamura turned sombre all of a sudden, and he got in his Zone.

Using one of his tactics, he tricks Sengoku into turning back, which gives him an opening to seize the chance to snatch his headband. Miyamura knew Sengoku would fall for the trick, and he did. Such an innocent chap Sengoku is!

They win the game, which actually increases their total points. The team that was initially losing wins the Day. 

West wins! 

Horimiya season 2 episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained cc: CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
cc: CloverWorks

Seeing her team lose does not affect Hori that much, as her heart is full of contentment and happiness as a result of her boyfriend’s victory. 

After all the intense games under the sun, Miyamura gets a sunburn on his nose. As he leaves the washroom, he comes across Hori. 

But Hori leaves him flattered. How?

Hori dresses up in a cheerleading outfit for a group photo. The cheerleading costume in which Miyamura wanted to see Hori so badly.

His wish comes true. Finally. 

Miyamura simply admires the person who has been his constant supporter since before Sports Day and even before that, and now she is radiating so vibrantly. He compliments her, saying how super cute she is looking in that outfit.

Horimiya season 2 episode 2 Recap and Ending Explainedcc: CloverWorks
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
cc: CloverWorks

And yes, Hori gets so flustered at the sudden compliment from her boyfriend that she gets all red from blushing and runs away. 

As the day comes to a conclusion, Miyamura realises that it was an unquestionably enjoyable day as he commemorates both the first and final Sports Day of his school life. 

It is a day that will be imprinted in his memory, embellished with a treasure trove of happy memories.

“Sports Day” is a compelling episode that seamlessly blends together the essence of ordinary life, imbuing it with a touch of magic that connects with the viewers. 

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