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Who is Kokun? And who is Vayer? Which group do they belong to? How powerful are they?
Who is Kokun? And who is Vayer? Which group do they belong to? How powerful are they?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Kokun? and who is Vayer? Which group do they belong to? How powerful are they?

Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen began with a bang. Already winning hearts from the first episode, people are all fired up to see what more MAPPA has to deliver and what more is yet to come. 

Season 2, episode 1, takes us back to the timeline where Gojo Satoru was a Tokyo Jujutsu High School student. It basically deals with Gojo’s past, where mysteries that have been plaguing us for a long time will be revealed. 

The first episode gives us an insight into what will be served to us in the following episodes.

Along with this, it has introduced new characters to us. 

This article is dedicated to two of the series’ new characters, Kokun and Vayer

(Spoiler-content warning)

Who is Kokun? and who is Vayer? Which group do they belong to? How powerful are they?

Kokun and Vayer are introduced to us as members of the revolutionary Q-Association, which is against the idea of Master Tengen’s body swapping with Riko Amanai, his vessel.

Their mission? To thwart the exchange and put an end to Master Tengen’s attempt to reset his cursed technique. As they delve deeper into this high-stakes battle, Kokun and Vayer find themselves at the forefront, standing firm to accomplish their mission. 

But are they called revolutionaries simply because they want to prevent Master Tengen from reviving? Or is it just an excuse to kill two birds with one stone?

What I mean to say is that simply preventing the revival from happening is not their ultimate goal.

They are called revolutionaries because they are planning something on a larger scale. Q-Association wants to overthrow the current jujutsu society and replace and reform it according to its principles and ideologies. 

Now, whatever you are assuming, you are right about it. 

These two guys play the roles of villains in the series. Secondary villains, of course, because you know who the actual villain of the series is.  

Given the task of abducting and destroying Master Tengen’s Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai, Kokun, and Vayer set the stage for the episode’s conclusion. 

Despite being secondary antagonists, they help move the plot of the story and make it exciting and engaging.

They have sparked enough curiosity among anime-only fans. Those who have read the manga know that they will not be getting much screen time. Nonetheless, their presence is crucial.

Kokun and Vayer are both adults, the former with short hair and the latter with long hair.

They both are draped in the uniform of the organisation, a military-style uniform. Vayer, like Kokun, wears a cape that is attached to his uniform. 

Both have their faces masked, except for the eyes and the area around them, signifying that perhaps it is the signature style of the organisation. 

Let us learn more about Kokun.

Though not much is mentioned about him in the manga, from the series of events, we can assume that he is the second-most powerful member of the organisation and can be speculated to be the second-in-command. 

From the series of events, we know that the location of the vessel has been compromised, and the Q members were the first ones to arrive. 

Grabbing every opportunity, Kokun attacked Riko, their target. It was followed by an explosion, which sent Riko plummeting from the building’s roof. 

The mission’s objective of assassinating a high school student didn’t faze him in the slightest. No wonder they were hired for such a task; only someone devoid of empathy and remorse could carry out such ruthless acts. 

The way he wished to be forgiven after throwing her out the window proved that he really did not care. He believes that had Master Tengen not made such a decision to revive his body; this could have been easily evaded. 

He was confident that his attack had killed the girl. But, Surprise! 

Suguru Geto has come to the rescue. With his fast reflexes, he saved the girl, which interrupted Kokun’s assassination plan. 

Geto’s interference enraged him, and he is willing to go to any length to complete his mission! 

While the manga does not delve into the specific details of the fight, it is implied from the outcome that Kokun’s encounter was highly unfavourable, resulting in a resounding defeat.

Despite his position as the second-strongest within the association, the magnitude of his defeat suggests that he encountered an opponent who vastly outclassed him in skill and power. 

Despite being the second strongest in the association, facing off against one of the most powerful jujutsu sorcerers, especially a student, was expected to be a relatively straightforward task for him. 

Much to his horror, all of Kokun’s assumptions were shattered when Geto effortlessly defeated him. The ease with which Geto overpowered Kokun indicated that losing to him was an unsurprising outcome.

Kokun found himself ensnared by one of Geto’s cursed spirits, his desperation and fear evident as he pleaded for mercy. He apologised profusely and made promises to withdraw from the mission, vowing to abandon his profession altogether. 

The defeat left Kokun humiliated and willing to do anything to extricate himself from the clutches of Geto. 

Kokun vs Geto
Kokun vs Geto

On the other hand, Vayer, Q’s most powerful soldier, was assigned to oppose Gojo. The strongest versus the strongest. Who would triumph in the fight? 

They may have anticipated that Jujutsu High would send their students to deal with the situation, so they planned ahead of time and divided the work among themselves. 

Their prediction proved correct. So, did everything go as planned?

Well, the initial phase was carried out as planned, but with the arrival of our most powerful Jujutsu sorcerers, it was jeopardised.

Vayer greeted Gojo in an unusual manner: he attacked him with knives. He is a curse user who has exceptional skill with blades. Acknowledging the strength of his opponent, he wanted to have a firsthand experience of the might of Gojo. 

He lost his calm when Gojo asked him to surrender nonchalantly, even before starting the fight. Pretty insulting, isn’t it?

Finding Gojo’s attitude humiliating, he wanted to teach him a lesson, but it cost him his victory.

The fight was over in a matter of seconds, and Vayer was easily defeated. Their fight was also not depicted in great detail in the manga. But we already know the outcome.

If the association considers that to be the strongest soldier, then they must upgrade and upskill their troops. 

Vayer’s defeat was unbelievable. When Geto showed Kokun the picture of a defeated Vayer that was sent by Gojo, he could not believe his eyes. 

Their last resort, their only hope of victory, was rendered unconscious and defeated by Gojo

Vayer vs Gojo
Vayer vs Gojo

Much detail has not been provided by the author regarding Kokun’s and Vayer’s power and abilities, but one thing that we know is that Kokun and Vayer might be the most powerful members of the Q-association, but they were no match for Gojo and Geto, the two strongest jujutsu sorcerers of their generation. 

With their defeat, the organisation was disbanded, putting an end to the revolutionary Q-Association. 



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