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One Piece 1068 Ending Explained: What does Zunesha want? Is Kurozumi Orochi's rule of Wano coming to an end?
One Piece 1068 Ending Explained: What does Zunesha want? Is Kurozumi Orochi's rule of Wano coming to an end?

One Piece 1068 Ending Explained: What does Zunesha want? Is Kurozumi Orochi’s rule of Wano coming to an end?

One Piece is back with yet another amazing episode. With the previous episode marking the defeat of one of the Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom the only major enemy left to be defeated on Onigashima is Kaido, Captain of the Beast Pirates and the Strongest Creature in the World.

This episode showed us the continuation of some fights that were happening in Onigashima. With Luffy’s Gear 5 near, fans are excited about the episodes that are about to come.

This episode was not full of any kind of epic battle, but it was important for the storyline of the Wano Country arc and the overall narrative of One Piece.

This episode raised some questions in the mind of fans, such as: What does Zunesha want? Is Kurozumi Orochi’s rule of Wano coming to an end?

In this article, I will try to answer these questions and provide you with a better understanding of the newest episode of One Piece. The name of episode 1068 of One Piece is “Moon Princess Echoes! The Final Phase of the Land of Wano!”

One Piece 1068 Ending Explained: What does Zunesha want?

What does Zunesha want?
What does Zunesha want?

The episode starts with Izou facing the members of Cipher Pol “Aigis” Zero. Although CP0 does not want to fight Izou as they are ordered to capture Nico Robin, Izou is still determined to stop the agents of CP0. 

We then see Zunesha at the coast of Wano who is saying that he is waiting for Momonouske’s order and is here to fight alongside him.

Momonouske tells Yamato that he talked to Zunesha a while ago. Yamato says that Oden predicted it and that he is the one who’ll lead the world to a new dawn.

Momonouske tells Yamato that they do not know the most important part. Momoniuske says that by reading his father’s journal, he understands that he has to live no matter what, but his father, Oden tore off the most important page of his journal himself.

That last page was about Laugh Tale, the Final Island and what Roger and his crew see that makes them laugh.

Momonouske states that his father was not a prophet, and he wonders that if Oden was here now, would he still tell everyone to open the borders of Wano as he did before?

Momonouske does not want to open the borders of Wano as it might put the people of Wano in danger.  We then see Master Nekomamushi, a.k.a. Cat Viper, telling Carrot to take cover as the battle is over and they get their revenge.

After that, we see that Franky barely manages to rescue Zoro, who is about to fall off Onigashima and wonders if Zoro is still alive or not.

We then see Usopp with the unconscious Foxfire Kin’emon and Kikunojo of the Lingering Snow, and Usopp is taking them to a safe place on the back of Hamlet, one of the Gifters tamed by Tama. Kikunojo is thinking about her brother, Izou, while she is unconscious. 

After that, we see Izou facing the agents of CP0, who tell Izou that he is already beaten up and will lose. But Izou starts shooting the agents of CP0, who dodge his bullets and starts attacking Izou.

The agents of CP0 use a combination of Finger Pistol and Shave to overwhelm the already injured Izou, but Izou still manages to take out one of the agents, whose name is revealed to be Maha, before he passes out.

The other agent regrets the death of his comrade and wonders why the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates want to help the Straw Hats and that he has to find Nico Robin quickly.

But that agent suddenly receives a call from one of his other comrades who tells that he has an Imperial Command from the Five Elders who told CP0 to “Eliminate Straw Hat Luffy immediately”.

Then at the Animal Kingdom Bath Forehead Floor inside the Dome of Onigashima, we see Tama. Hihimaru and Komachiyo are with her, but they are asleep due to exertion and fatigue.

Nami is also there with them and wonders if Usopp was able to meet up with Kin’emon. We then see Marco the Pheonix who comes to Nami and tells her that his crew is quite tough.

He tells Nami and Tama that he is tired of helping people and that he will rest with them for a while. We then suddenly hear cries of celebration after the defeat of Big Mom.

Zeus is sad over the defeat of Big Mom but Nami gets jealous and asks Zeus who is more important to him, Nami or Big Mom.

Zeus gets scared of Nami and tells her that she is more important. Suddenly some rubbles start to fall off, and Marco tells everyone to be alert as this is the most dangerous island in the world right now. Nami wonders if Luffy is still fighting. 

We then see the agent of CP0 telling his superior on the call that Straw Hat is fighting Kaido and that it would be foolish to get in the way of Kaido’s fight.

His superior tells him that they know it is not an easy task, but it is too risky to let Straw Hat fight the world’s fines, and it is a necessary precaution.

It is something that even the Five Elders are cautious about, and they only know about it through rumours. We then see X Drake who was unconscious from his fight against the CP0 agents getting up and thinking that he cannot die without having done anything. The CP0 agents, what’s so special about the Straw Hat crew? 

One Piece 1068 Ending Explained: Is Kurozumi Orochi’s rule of Wano coming to an end?

Is Kurozumi Orochi's rule of Wano coming to an end?
Is Kurozumi Orochi’s rule of Wano coming to an end?

We then see Orochi, who is angry that Fukurokuju is making him wait. We see Kumorosaki playing Shamisen again in front of Orochi, which distresses Orochi and tells her to stop playing music in such a life-or-death situation.

Orochi tells Kumorosaki to take off her mask, but she does not listen to Orochi and keeps playing the Shamisen. Orochi wonders if she is Kumorasaki as she was killed earlier.

Orochi thinks that Kumorasaki is a ghost and is terrified of Kumorasaki. Suddenly some huge rubbles fall on Orochi, and his crown falls off the ground. Orochi is trapped under the rubble and Kumorasaki takes out a nail and stabs Orochi with it. 

At the Rooftop of Onigashima, Luffy and Kaido are still fighting with all their might. Kaido asks Luffy if he has noticed it or not that Law and Kid defeated Big Mom.

Kaido finds that out through Kenbunshoku Haki, the Color of Observation Haki. Luffy is happy to hear this news. Kid asks Law if they should prepare for Kaido, to which Law replies that it is not necessary.

If Kaido is the one who’ll come down, they don’t have enough energy to fight back. Kaido remembers the sibling-like bond he and Big Mom shared during their time with the Rocks Pirates and shows sadness over her defeat.

Kaido cannot believe that this happened just as they vowed to go get the One Piece. This is the “Tears in his Beer” stage of Kaido after getting drunk.

Luffy activates his “Gear Four Sanke-Man” and starts punching Kaido. Kaido tells Luffy to stop as he is feeling nostalgic right now. 

We then see Orochi is not able to get out and is trapped inside the rubble. Orochi tells Kumorasaki to get the rubble off of him. Orochi notices that he cannot use his Devil Fruit abilities.

Kumorosaki tells Orochi that she stabbed him with a nail made of Sea Prism Stone to stop him from using his powers.

Kumorasaki starts playing Shamisen again and tells Orochi that she bears no love towards him. It was by a curious coincidence that the piece Orochi like, “Moon Princess” is the same piece his father Kozuki Oden loved.

Orochi is shocked to hear that Oden is Kumorasaki’s father and that Kumorasaki’s real name is Kozuki Hiyori. After that we see Luffy using “Gum-Gum Hydra!” on Kaido.

He launches a barrage of punches upon Kaido in his Snake-Man form that are causing some serious damage to Kaido.

Luffy tells Kaido that he doesn’t care what kind of ambition he and Big Mom have, but their ambition will make the people of Wano Country starve even more than now.

Luffy states that this is his final Gear Four and that he won’t stop attacking until he runs out of energy to fight. Kiado is unable to keep up with the speed of Luffy’s punches. Luffys tells Kaido that he is going to kick Kaido out of the Land of Wano at any cost. 

One Piece 1069 Spoilers.

The name of One Piece Episode 1069 will be “There is Only One Winner – Luffy vs. Kaido”. There is only one enemy left to defeat. With the samurai warriors’ wish in his fists, Luffy fights head-on. Kaido exerts himself in the pure battle for life. As the end of the battle nears, the two grow more determined. 

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