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Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained: How do the moments of jealousy and acts of reassurance between Hori and Miyamura contribute to the development of their relationship?

The second episode of Horimiya: The Missing Pieces was out yesterday, and it is already overloaded with cuteness. Despite being titled “Cooking Class,” the episode primarily focuses on the preparations for sports day, and it continues to deliver its signature charm and endearing moments.

The tale is centred on the developing relationships between Hori and Miyamura as they navigate the challenges of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Throughout the episode, moments of reassurance and jealousy play a vital role in establishing their emotional connection and giving viewers glimpses into the strong bond they share.

The jealousy that develops between Hori and Miyamura and the following acts of comfort that support their growing affection for one another were the two main themes of yesterday’s episode.

We discover the intricacies of their emotional journey and the enormous influence they have on one another’s lives, from their shared anticipation of sports day to their interactions in the classroom and cookery class.

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: How do the preparations for sports day and the cooking class highlight the camaraderie and growth of the characters?

The winter has come. A new day, but we see Sengoku and Miyamura agonising over the new crisis—Sports Day. Right after they were able to overcome the dangers of Pool Day, they were again faced with another challenge. 

It’s not that Miyamura cannot run or is not sporty; it’s just that he does not like it. 

Shu comes in with the team assignment for Sports Day. They are grouped into different teams, and Miyamura is paired against Hori. Miyamura feels relief as he is on the team with Ishikawa.

Hori is not an athlete, but she is more interested in sports than most of her friends. She is enthusiastic about all of these extracurricular activities, which sets her apart from Miyamura. And she is very excited about the sports day. 

No sporting event is complete without cheerleaders. And, to be honest, seeing cheerleaders cheering them on is a fascination for all teenage boys, or, with all due respect, men in general. Cheerleading is an effective way of motivating players and keeping their morale high and fired up. Is that not true, boys?

In addition, the school has made cheerleading mandatory for all female students. We felt for Sakura in the same way we felt for Sengoku and Miyamura. Poor Girl! Cheerleading is not her cup of tea, but Hori is excited about it. 

Sakura feels more pathetic when she hears that she will be cheering for the team Ishikawa is in. The fact that Ishikawa will see her making a mess out of herself and flailing like an idiot while dancing traumatises her. 

As they walk back home from school, Hori and Miyamura discuss how clumsy Sengoku is despite being the President of the Student Council, which reminds Miyamura of how he did not have many good memories of Sports Day in middle school.

Hori gives him a firm pat on the back and encourages him to run a 100-meter dash because he is a fast runner. It’s just that his indolence and slowpoke attitude overpower him, and he gives in to the desire to evade it at any cost instead of giving that a shot. Hori is always persuading him to do one thing or another, which will actually keep him active instead of slacking.  

I think it’ll be more fun than last year. Call it a hunch. 

Miyamura is convinced to give his absolute best in the 100-metre run and cheer as much as he can on Sports Day. He is such a good boy. Hori did not have to push him hard to take part in the event.  

When he asks if she will cheer for him, she immediately says yes, forgetting that they are rival teams. However, when Miyamura playfully reminds her of their rivalry, Hori’s cheeks flush with a charming blush, revealing her momentary lapse in awareness. She quickly recovers, affirming that she will indeed be watching him.

This heartwarming interaction between Hori and Miyamura becomes nothing short of a miracle for Miyamura. Witnessing this side of Hori, where she momentarily lets her guard down and reveals her affectionate nature, deeply affects him. 

It serves as a reminder of the connection they share and the unexpected ways in which their relationship continues to evolve. The scene captures a precious moment of vulnerability and affection, leaving viewers’ hearts melting as they witness the genuine bond between Hori and Miyamura.

Hori’s presence in his life has had a transformative effect on him, akin to that of an angel. Activities and experiences that previously held little appeal for him now capture his interest, all because they bring joy to Hori. Even mundane tasks or events that he once wished would pass quickly now become moments he eagerly anticipates, wishing he could freeze time to savour them longer. 

This newfound perspective and the accompanying sense of happiness occasionally catch him off guard, leaving him pleasantly surprised by the depth of his emotions. The remarkable impact of Hori’s influence on his life continues to unfold, bringing about unexpected changes and a profound appreciation for the simple joys they share. 

I think the days ahead will be a little lively than usual. 

The scene then shifts to Sakura, who is seen struggling with her cheerleading dance routine. When she is about to give up because she is too sacred to embarrass herself in front of everyone, especially Ishikawa, Yoshikawa appears, breaks down the choreography, and makes it easier for her in spite of being on the rival team. 

In a cooking class, Sakura finds herself paired with Remi and Sengoku, and the three of them make an adorable group. However, Remi and Sengoku appear to lack even the most fundamental common sense when it comes to their cooking skills. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap Cooking-Class
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 Recap Cooking Class

Sakura makes an effort to be patient with them, regardless of whether they are unintentionally burning ingredients or exhibiting a total lack of cooking skills. Despite their problems, Sakura recognises their real efforts to improve.

As time goes on, it becomes obvious to the rest of the group, as well as Remi and Sengoku themselves, that cooking might not be their strong suit. They start to worry that their inability to cook could make it harder for them to find a life companion. 

“if no one wants ypu, I’ll marry you both.” 


Sakura, however, tries to cheer them up and reassure them that their cooking prowess does not determine their worth or their capacity for love because she is a caring friend.

Despite their cute clumsiness in the kitchen, their camaraderie and dedication come through, reminding them that life is much more than just cooking. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode and Ending Explained: How does the portrayal of jealousy deepen the emotional bond between Hori and Miyamura?

In their English class, Miyamura shares his book with a girl, a friendly gesture that triggers a pang of jealousy in Hori. Despite Miyamura’s innocent intentions, Hori’s emotions are stirred. However, she manages to control her jealousy, refraining from reacting impulsively. Little does she know that Miyamura has become aware of her feelings.

The following day, Hori finds herself working on signs for sports day, which were being done by Yoshikawa at first. Her legs feel cold due to her school uniform. Mizouchi, a classmate, lends his blazer to Hori. 

Observing this act of kindness, Miyamura reacts by giving his own sweater to Hori and putting on Mizouchi’s blazer. This gesture appears to serve multiple purposes—it asserts his claim on Hori, symbolising their connection, while also demonstrating that he, too, recognises Hori’s worth and that others acknowledge it.

Miyamura’s actions subtly convey a sense of possession and a desire to protect Hori’s feelings. By offering his sweater and donning Mizouchi’s blazer, he not only keeps her warm but also symbolically asserts his presence in her life. 

It becomes evident that Miyamura is attuned to Hori’s emotions and seeks to reassure her, showing that he values her and wants to be seen as someone who understands and appreciates her worth. 

Indeed, the display of jealousy between Hori and Miyamura in response to seeing each other with someone else or witnessing acts of kindness becomes a notable highlight of the episode. 

Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 ending explained
Horimiya Season 2 Episode 2 ending explained

It serves as a clear indication of the deepening connection between the two characters as they navigate their complex emotions and showcase their growing care and concern for one another.

The fact that both Hori and Miyamura experience these feelings of jealousy further emphasizes the mutual understanding and connection between them.

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