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Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: What part of the Hidden Inventory Arc has been shown in the first episode?

The wait has come to an end. Jujutsu Kaisen has returned, capping off a two-year wait. It is an anime with a massive fan base and no detractors. Its popularity soared during its first season, and otakus and rookies have flocked to it ever since.

Furthermore, this season will give us a glimpse of the past lives of the most appreciated and loved character, who has won millions of hearts, our very dear Gojo Satoru, and one of the most despised characters, Geto Suguru, making us even more eager for its release. 

It will be quite fascinating to see the transition from Gojo sensei to Gojo as a student back in 2006 at the same school.

After season 1 and the movie, people are highly excited to get to the depths of the mystery of how Gojo and Geto’s friendship, which was once like best buds, devolved into enmity.   

And not to mention, this season will also animate that one character who has driven the female fandom insane even before getting animated: the bad boy, Toji Fushiguro. 

Those who have read the manga already know what will happen next. However, this article is primarily for those who have not yet read the manga.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 1 Recap: What is the mission that Mei Mei and Utahime undertake at the beginning of the episode?

The first episode starts with Chapter 65 of the Hidden Inventory Arc of the manga, where Grade 1 Sorcerer Mei Mei and Grade 2 Sorcerer Utahime are dispatched on a mission to investigate the Haunted House of the Shizuoka Prefecture in Hamamatsu City. 

These two are stuck inside the mansion with a time-manipulating barrier, where they strategically find an escape route and work on it. They succeed in their plan when Gojo arrives on the scene to help them after they are already out of the loop. 

Since Mei Mei and Utahime were unresponsive for two days, Gojo, Geto, and Shoko, then second-year students, were sent to retrieve them from the mission. 

Gojo, in his usual self, mocks Utahime, his senior, for being a weakling. It infuriates her, and when she promises to take her revenge for the mockery, a cursed spirit rises from behind. 

Geto takes care of it, sarcastically chastising Gojo for being rude to her because of her vulnerability. But, after all, it is Gojo who is too full of himself—an egoist, an arrogant sorcerer who belittles the weak and believes that picking on the strongest is the stupidest thing one can do. And we know it is not a ruse. Gojo is indeed the strongest sorcerer, and he takes pride in it. For him, it’s not wrong at all.

Shoko shows up to check on Utahime. This gesture melts her, and she requests that she must not turn into trash like these boys. 

Differing Viewpoints: What ideological clash occurs between Gojo and Geto?

In the middle of this, Gojo makes a mistake. Guess what? He forgets to cast the veil before blowing up the mansion, and the whole thing is broadcast on the news. 

Generally, while conducting any Jujutsu activity, a veil is cast above the area to keep the activities hidden from the public, which otherwise might create chaos and unnecessary panic. 

While reporting the course of events to Masamichi Yaga, their Principal, Gojo gets a good beating from him for his irresponsibility. 

Gojo questions the necessity of the veil and the confidentiality of the jujutsu activities at this point. When ordinary people cannot see cursed objects and spirits, then what is the point of casting veils? And how difficult it is to protect the weak. 

Suguru is in favour of confidentiality and points out why it is necessary and how it helps to protect the weak and keep the strong in check. 

Jujutsu exists to protect non-jujutsu users.

All of this righteous TED talk, however, is not Gojo’s cup of tea. In fact, he loathes it, and he asks him not to bask in pride after that dreadful lecture. 

The discussion suddenly takes an intense turn, and Geto loses his patience and gets all fired up. And Shoko, who sensed this ahead of time, escapes the place to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 episode 1 recap

Suguru and Satoro are almost about to get violent with each other when Yada interrupts them. 

The Threat to Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel: What is the task assigned to Gojo and Geto, and why are they chosen for it?

Yada assigns a very crucial task to them, for, currently, they are the strongest sorcerers and the most eligible ones to take up the task. 

It was from Master Tengen, the immortal Jujutsu sorcerer, without whom the security of the Jujutsu world would be impossible to manage. Tengen even fortifies barrier tactics such as the Curtain or, in other words, the veil, to defend the school. With Tengen’s immortality, it is the finest choice for protecting the fundamental cornerstones of jujutsu society.

Yada reveals Tengen’s metamorphosis and evolution, saying that his cursed technique of immortality gives him endless life but does not prevent him from ageing. However, this procedure is a little inconvenient. Tengen must undergo a bodily change every 500 years and combine with a Star Plasma Vessel. After a certain age, he must rebuild his body’s genetic code.

If Tengen is unable to switch bodies, the Immortality method will attempt to do it on its own. Tengen will be forced to evolve, and he will no longer be human. He will reach a higher level and may take on a non-human form. Tengen will be obliterated at that point as well. In the worst-case scenario, Tengen might turn against mankind.

This begs the question of what task has been assigned to them.

When humanity is threatened, Jujutsu Sorcerers step in to save the day. 

And only Gojo and Geto are capable of completing the task better than anyone else.  

They are appointed to escort and erase the Star Plasma Vessel of Tengen. It’s not only them who are after the vessel. Other two organisations, the Curse User Group Q and the Time Vessel Association are also hunting her down.  

Jujutsu Kaisen 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Unveiling the Sorcerer Killer and how does it add suspense and anticipation to the upcoming episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2?

While they are on their errand, Geto advises Gojo over the phone to drop his cocky attitude and be more polite to his seniors and superiors. But give this man a break already. That bratty attitude is what defines Gojo. 

Meanwhile, the girl is attacked by a member of the Q organisation the moment Geto reaches her room. He immediately leaps into action and saves her.

On the other side, another member approaches Gojo by attacking him with knives, which, of course, could not even touch him, and you must already know why. 

While the two of them encounter the Q members, little do they know that they have spectators. 

In a distant building, a plan to assassinate the vessel is waiting for an assassin to execute it. And we know who the assassin perhaps is: none but the infamous Sorcerer Killer, Toji Zenin, or should he be addressed as Toji Fushiguro now?  

The episode ends with Toji accepting the offer. 

Jujutsu-Kaisen-2 episode 1 ending explained: Toji Fushigurosm first-appearance

We might see Gojo and Geto fighting the Q members in the upcoming episode. To some extent, we can assume that dealing with them would be a piece of cake for them. We may learn more about the vessel—the girl—and how both of them carry out their mission, whether they are successful or not. 

And, since Toji has already made an appearance, we can expect to see more of him on screen. We may even learn about his previous whereabouts and what he has been up to all this time, as well as how Toji and Gojo became intertwined at the first palace. Most importantly, we might get to see Toji in action, which we have been desperately waiting for. 

The first episode does an excellent job of introducing the season. With a change in director, there are noticeable differences in plot execution, but these do not detract from the manga’s authenticity. It has remained true to the original plotline. 


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