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Demon Slayer: How many Hashiras has Muzan killed? 

The Demon Slayer Corps came into existence because of Muzan, the progenitor of all the demons. Born a human, his terminal illness and desire to recover prompted his doctor to prepare a medicine for him, which resulted in the birth of the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji

Years of hardcore and rigorous training and battles later, the second generation of Hashiras and other demon slayers finally got the opportunity to battle against Muzan, who was the real deal, in the Infinity Castle Arc

Muzan has killed a number of demon slayers during his lifetime; the exact number is unknown. However, we can comprehend that Muzan was directly responsible for the deaths of three Hashiras. 

Let’s get into the details first to know who the Hashiras were who got killed by Muzan. 

Demon Slayer: How many Hashiras has Muzan killed? 

The final battle between Muzan and the Hashiras began when he appeared at the Ubuyashiki estate.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki had a solid plan up his sleeves when he sacrificed himself and his family, acting as a decoy, and exploded the mansion with Muzan in it. 

The explosion had burned Muzan completely, but with his Blood Demon Technique, Flesh Seed, he was in the middle of regenerating himself when he was immobilised by Tamayo’s drug. 

It was then that Gyoumei Himejima, the Stone Hashira, reached the scene and attacked him with a chain mace, an iron ball attached to a metal chain, which severed his head in one blow. 

However, with Muzan’s regenerative speed, which was obviously superior to the other demons, Gyoumei remembered what Kagaya said when he told him about his plan. 

“The sun is the only way to destroy Muzan. If he doesn’t die after slaying his head, prolong the battle.”

Shortly after, Muzan attacked him using his Blood Demon Art, Chain of Thorns, which was defended by Gyoumei with his Third Form of Stone Breathing, Igneous Reflection. 

The other Pillars had arrived by this point, and they were all shaken by the news of Muzan’s appearance. They immediately attacked him all at once, but to their surprise, they were teleported to the Infinity Castle by Muzan. 

Due to the teleportation, everyone dispersed throughout the castle, facing the Upper Moons and other lower-ranking demons. 

While the Hashiras were busy fighting them, Tamayo was still trapped with Muzan, who had cocooned himself in the flesh to revive himself.

Gyoumei then arrived in the middle of the fight between Sanemi and Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1. After Sanemi was brutally injured, he took charge of fighting against Kokushibo. 

The Stone Hashira used his refined, muscular body and extraordinary strength and unleashed his two weapons, the axe and the flail, at the same time.

They engaged in a fierce battle in which Gyoumei unlocked his demon slayer mark and defeated and killed Kokushibo but at a high personal cost. He withstood several heavy injuries inflicted while fighting him.


While the Hashiras were dawdling around with other demons, Muzan had already recovered, rendering the medicine that turned demons into humans ineffective against him.

On the other side, Mitsuri and Obanai were fighting Nakime, the present Upper Moon 4, who was basically stalling them from reaching the other Pillars. But they got out of the situation with the help of Yushiro and his Blood Demon Art: Blindfold. 

They reached where Tanjiro and Giyu were fighting Muzan. Mitusuri saved Tanjiro from Muzan’s tentacle attacks. With her sixth form of breathing, Kitty Paw Love Breeze, she directly attacked him, which had no effect on him. 

Seeing Mitsuri and Obanai alive, he grew furious at Nakime’s failure. Blocking Nakime’s vision disrupted the configuration of the fortress. 

Muzan got a grip on their strategy and immediately understood that someone was manipulating Nakime.

While he was attempting to put an end to what Yushiro was doing, Giyu and Obanai attacked him simultaneously, but it was Muzan, after all, and it was all futile against him.

Still, inside the fortress, Muzan unleashed attacks on Obanai, which he dodged. When Mitsuri was caught off guard by Muzan, he rushed in to save her.

The consequences of Yushiro’s interference in Nakime’s blood demon art were disastrous.

The entire fortress rose above the ground and collapsed, which brought Muzan and everyone else above the surface. Muzan blasted the wreckage away with his newly manifested Spine Whips, taunting the Hashira for attempting to keep him there for that long, and started to attack again.

Obanai used his second form of Snake Breathing, and Misturi, with her second Form of Love Breathing with Giyu, aimed at Muzan’s neck and delivered a strike straight to it, thinking that if he did not die after his head was severed, least it will weaken him if they slice him into pieces. 

To their dismay, Muzan’s regenerative power was so extraordinarily quick that it did not take him even a nanosecond to regenerate his head. No sooner did they realise that they had come in very close proximity to Muzan, which can prove dangerous than Muzan attacked them. 

The Hashiras were protected by the other demon slayers, who formed a human shield and took all of the attacks that led them to their unfortunate demise.

Undeterred, Obanai, Mitsuri, and Giyu continued to fight relentlessly. Obanai remarked that he could not breathe continuously and was failing to keep up with Muzan’s pace. Despite being slashed in the head and shoulder by Muzan, he refused to back down.

In the midst of it, Mitsuri fell victim to Muzan’s attacks and collapsed. She asked them not to worry about her but instead to protect themselves. 

This is where Gyoumei and Sanemi came in, and Muzan’s attacks grew fiercer as he knew that these two were the ones to defeat Kokushibo.  

Muzan’s attacks got so fast that it was getting difficult to perceive his strikes.

Gyoumei could not feel the see-through thing anymore, and neither could Mitsuri see any attacks. She was dodging his attacks with pure luck and instinct. 

Mitsuri immediately thought of getting closer to him and twisting his arm behind his back when she got fatally injured by Muzan’s unrecognizable technique. 

Seeing Mitsuri collapse, Gyoumei, Sanemi, and Giyu attacked him in unison, and Obanai rushed to her side. 

Mitsuri Kanroji

The Hashiras have become more desperate now.

In order to buy even a nanosecond, they were fighting with whatever they had. But the poison from Muzan’s attacks started showing its effect on them when Chachamaru saved them by injecting them with antidotes. 

As Muzan’s attacks grew furious, Obanai unleashed his true potential, which turned his blade burning white.

Using the distraction created by the other demon slayers and Hashiras, Obanai used his Serpent Breathing, Third Form: Tightening Coil, and sliced Muzan’s arms off.

Gyoumei took advantage of the situation and changed the colour of his weapons too.

His offensive powers increased, and with that, he smashed and punched holes in Muzan’s body, giving him no time to regenerate. 

Obanai, the other Hashira, and the three continued to assault Muzan, landing heavy blows on him.

This situation helped Gyoumei concentrate, and he gained access to the Transparent World, where he discovered Muzan has numerous hearts and brains.

He immediately shared this discovery with others when, in the immediate moment, Muzan unleashed his extremely fatal whips, which caught everyone off guard and sent them flying. 


Muzan was always a thousand steps ahead of them and overpowered them every time. 

He was well aware of the fact that the Hashiras were simply stalling until sunrise because they were not enough to kill them. Muzan did not leave any opportunity to not slaughter them with his extraordinarily unique Blood Demon Art Techniques.

There was not a single time when the Hashiras had the upper hand against him. Even if they did have it by chance, it was ephemeral. 

Muzan mercilessly attacked them, showing how formidable and ruthless he could be.

He went along with their plan, knowing that no matter how determined the Hashiras were until the end of the battle, he would kill them in no time. 

After a fierce battle between Muzan and the Hashiras, the demon slayers triumphed, but at a high cost.  

Gyoumei, the Stone Hashira, the strongest of all the Hashiras, succumbed to the injuries he had withstood since the beginning of the battle. Obanai, the Serpent Hashira, and Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, too, died together due to the fatal injuries they had sustained.

The deaths of these three Hashiras were so heinous that the entire fandom mourned their unfortunate and tragic deaths. 

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