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Demon Slayer: How many Hashiras has Douma Killed?

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Douma, the Living Buddha, is one of the Demon Slayer’s main antagonists. He is the Upper Moon 2 demon and the most despised one, as he resembles Muzan Kibutsuji in many ways.

He is an atheist, misanthrope, masochistic, apathetic, and psychopathic founder of the cult, Eternal Paradise Faith and a sadistic demon who feasts only on women. 

Chapters 140 to 143 of the penultimate arc of the manga deal with the fight between Douma and a Hashira. Let’s get back to the question of how many Hashiras has Douma killed. From the manga, it is confirmed that Douma had killed only one Hashira. To know which Hashira did Douma kill, let us delve into the details of it.

How many Hashiras has Douma Killed?

Douma was first seen fighting a Hashira in the Infinity Castle Arc, where he squared off against Shinobu Kocho, the Insect Hashira.

Though the battle between Douma and Shinobu came to an end rather quickly compared to the fights between the other demons and Hashiras, it was a very intense fight filled with vengeance and a lot of other emotions. 

As soon as Shinobu entered the Infinity Castle, she found Douma feasting on a group of women. 

Seeing an exquisite and beautiful meal walk towards him delighted Douma, but his mood soon switched to irritation when one of the women, still alive, begged Shinobu to save her. He attempted to kill her when, at that moment, Shinobu saved her. But that was just for a fraction of a second until she exploded and died in front of her eyes.

This incident and the justification he provided to kill her fueled her anger. It intrigued her even more when she saw him using a pair of sharp fans as his weapon. It originally belonged to her elder sister, Kanoe. 

Shinobu’s desire to kill him stemmed from her desire for vengeance for the death of her elder sister Kanae, who was killed by this cynical and misanthropic demon.


In the confrontation between Douma and Shinobu, he discovered Shinobu’s combat abilities to be inferior to those of the other Hashiras, ensuring that she would not be able to easily behead him. 

Shinobu is one of the Hashiras who does not have the physical strength to slay a demon’s head. Now it will definitely give rise to the question, Why is she a Hashira? 

Well, she might not possess extreme muscle power like other Hashiras, but she applies her lethal breathing style, Insect Breathing, to kill them.

Shinobu was venomous, unlike the other Hashiras. If you know, you know. Her true strength lay in the poisonous techniques of her Breathing Style.

When Douma enraged her by mocking her sister’s death, they switched back and forth in action and words. Shinobu’s relentless attacks with her poisonous blades managed to stab and wound Douma, but they were ineffective against him. 

Douma counterattacked with his Blood Demon Technique, Lotus Ice, which dropped the surrounding temperature enough to rip someone’s lungs to shreds. But she was able to dodge the attack, thanks to her agility and speed. 

The prior information he had received from the previous battle against the daughter Spider demon, Rui, allowed him to sustain the poisonous attacks. This is the reason why he could neutralise the poison, rendering it completely ineffective against him. 

He soon became immune to all the attacks of Shinobu. His Blood Demon art helped him dominate the situation by making it impossible for Shinobu to breathe. His technique turned her frozen blood into mist, and his fans dispersed it, damaging her lungs.

Douma’s resilience and endurance to withstand her poisonous attacks made her realise the strength of an Upper-Moon 2 Kizuki. Her poison was being nullified every time by his abnormal speed in building resistance, which left her speechless in disbelief. 

The fight between them intensified with every passing moment. His attempts to provoke Shinobu by mocking his sister’s death and how he was unable to eat her up were successful each time. 

The taunts infuriated her, and she became desperate to kill him. With relentless determination, she launched a series of precise attacks, harder this time, with her katana, using the Insect Breathing Technique, and injected a heavy dose of poison into him. Her attacks did have an effect on him, but he attacked her at the same time. 

Douma’s attacks damaged her collarbone and ribs, as well as punctured her lungs. She was severely wounded, which caused her to lose all hopes of victory. 

Douma overpowered her in every way, showing her how weak she was in front of him. 

But this did not discourage her. She gathered every ounce of stamina she had left and made a move, using her breathing style to distract and confuse him. 

Shinobu managed to aim at his neck and skewer him with her lethal strike, which sent him flying to the ceiling. It relieved her to see Douma retreat from her attack and slowly be poisoned. Extremely wounded and exhausted from the fight, Shinobu slowly started to succumb to her injuries. 

However, we must never make the mistake of underestimating the demonic power of Douma. Though her poison may have impaired him momentarily, Douma was not done with her yet.

He immediately recovered from her poisonous attacks and instantly retaliated against her. Shinobu, who was already on the verge of her death, lost her temper. The thought that her poison did not work on him made her furious. But before she could act on it, Douma caught her as they fell from the ceiling. 

Douma, as usual, gave in to his attraction to women and embraced Shinobu in a bear hug, only to mock her futile attempts to kill him. 

He maintained a cool demeanour throughout the fight, showing signs of how insanely he was enjoying the battle with her as if he were playing with a poisonous toy. Whatever he said to her during the fight, he said it calmly and gently, with a carefree smile that was even more infuriating. 

In the end, when he grabbed her, he praised her, with tears in his eyes, for keeping her spirits high. He even said that she did not possess the talents of her elder sister but appreciated fighting toe to toe with him despite her small and weak physique.

It’s a miracle you aren’t dead yet. I’m impressed!!

Such a weak girl doing so much. 

~ Douma

Acting on his sadistic desire, he devoured Shinobu and absorbed her into himself, leaving her katana and butterfly-shaped hairpiece, which ultimately resulted in her tragic demise. 

Shinobu Kochu, the Insect Hashira, died tragically at the hands of the Upper Moon 2 demon, Douma, in the penultimate Infinity Arc Castle.


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