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See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained: Who Caused Mun Seo Ha’s Accident?

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

We are halfway through the latest Korean fantasy romance on Netflix, and it is taking our emotions on a roller coaster ride.

The Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Ahn Dong Goo starrer See You in My 19th Life is a live-action adaptation of a manhwa (webtoon) by the same name. The story revolves around Ban Ji Eum, a woman who remembers all her past lives. She sets out to connect with people from her previous life.

In the previous episodes, it has been made clear that Ban Ji Eum’s quick reincarnation is a result of her life being cut short. In this episode, we explore the mystery of the car crash. Adding the revelation of her identity to the mix, we get some bonding between our main female characters and a little growing warmth between our lead couples.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap: Was the Crash Really an Accident?

We step into our latest episode with Ji Eum revealing her previous life as Ju Won. She shares memories and details that only Ju Won would know. She also admits that she had been watching over the family from a distance. We see nine-year-old Ji Eum and teenager Ji Eum crouching outside the Yoon family home, watching them.

Initially, Cho Won is unsure about believing Ji Eum’s reincarnation story, but she decides to ask her mom about the revealed memories. To her surprise, her mom confirms that the memories are real. Cho Won’s mom doesn’t say much about the kind of person Ju Won was, leaving Cho Won feeling conflicted about what to believe.

Cho Won talks to Seo Ha about it at work, and he mentions that Ju Won always talked about past lives and reincarnation. This strengthens Cho Won’s belief that Ji Eum might indeed be Ju Won.

Ae Gyeong is worried about Ji Eum revealing her secret to Cho Won. Ji Eum had shared with her the negative consequences of such an action in one of her past lives.

Min Gi overhears their conversation and tells Han Na about it. They are both concerned about what might happen. Min Gi is sure that Ae Gyeong’s illness is because she knows the truth about Ji Eum. It is also revealed that Han Na is the one replacing the flowers in the lobby and seems to be worried about Seo Ha.

The next day, Ji Eum is on leave and uses her day off to deal with her brother’s debt collectors. She uses an expensive Goryeo vase to pay off her brother’s debt. The loan shark boss, Bang Ho Sik, seems very vested in Seo Ha.

It turns out that he was the truck driver who caused the car crash that killed Ju Won. He was worried for a while that the wrong child had been killed. Someone wanted Seo Ha dead. Dong U had eavesdropped on their conversation and planned to use it to his advantage.

Returning home, Ji Eum laments not having seen Seo Ha the entire day, and then—lo and behold—he visits her. Unaware, Ae Gyeong, who is in the kitchen, keeps referring to Ji Eum as Uncle. She gets a little awkward, caught unaware by Seo Ha, and blurts out that Uncle is Ji Eum’s nickname. She welcomes him warmly with a meal.

Cho Won’s mom, on the other hand, has a change of heart and tells her about Ju Won. She explains that Ju Won always talked about reincarnation and promised to come back in her next life. Cho Won’s mom had hoped and waited for Ju Won to return to her, but she never did. This revelation is the last lick that convinces Cho Won to believe Ji Eum, and she sets out in that very instance to meet her.

Cho Won agrees to give Ji Eum a chance and believes her. Overwhelmed with emotions, she runs into Ji Eum’s arms, and the sisters embrace each other tearfully. They have missed each other so much, and Ji Eum is happy to have her younger sister back in her life.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap
Still from Episode 6 of See You in My 19th Life

Cho Won wants to know how much Ji Eum remembers, so she listens as Ji Eum explains. Min Gi overhears their conversation and tells Han Na, who worries about the potential consequences. Ji Eum asks Cho Won to keep their secret between them. She doesn’t want things to get complicated, especially with Seo Ha.

Min Gi and Ae Gyeong continue to hide Ae Gyeong’s illness from Ji Eum. Ji Eum becomes worried that Min Gi is getting too close to Ae Gyeong, so she checks his room and finds the shaman’s bells in his briefcase. When she touches it, she gets dizzy, has a flashback of her recurring nightmare, and wonders why it happened. Min Gi notices her but doesn’t confront her for invading his privacy.

Dong U decides to follow and message Seo Ha while he’s out for an evening run. Seo Ha spots him, and Dong U reveals that Bang Ho Sik was involved in the accident that almost killed him. Seo Ha is shocked to learn about the murder attempt and starts remembering more about the accident.

As Ji Eum and Cho Won grow closer, Cho Won forgets to be cautious about how they act in public. Ji Eum reminds her to be careful. Do Yun overhears their conversation. However, he doesn’t believe that Ji Eum is Ju Won. He thinks Cho Won is naive, but he promises to keep their secret. Cho won tries to express her trust in him but ends up blurting out that she likes him.

Do Yun meets Seo Ha, who asks him to free up his schedule. Seo Ha then goes to meet Bang Ho Sik. Ji Eum sees Seo Ha leaving and decides to follow him. She overhears Bang Ho Sik talking on the phone about Seo Ha’s visit and realizes that she was murdered in her past life. She confronts Bang Ho Sik, but he refuses to reveal the mastermind behind the accident out of fear for his life.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Recap
Still from Episode 6 of See You in My 19th Life

While Seo Ha is on his way home in a taxi, he receives a text from Lee Ji-Seok, who asks if he knew that Do Yun’s dad was the driver who died in the accident. Seo Ha changes his plans and heads to Do Yun’s house. Meanwhile, Ji Eum decides to wait for him outside his house and calls Do Yun, wondering if he knows where Seo Ha is.

Cho Won sees Do Yun still in the office and jokingly asks if he is waiting for her. Do Yun is once again cold to her and rejects her offer to have dinner together. Cho Won is disappointed but doesn’t push him further. Do Yun does not seem as unaffected by her as he shows. He tried to stop his instincts to agree with her wishes by clenching his fist.

On his way out, Do Yun encounters Lee Ji Seok, who belittles him for being Seo Ha’s secretary. Cho Won defends Do Yun and pulls him away from Lee Ji-Seok and his friends. Do Yun is still upset and asks Cho Won to let him go. He doesn’t want to invite more gossip and ridicule by being seen with a rich heiress. Cho Won is hurt by his words but doesn’t know what to do other than watch him walk away.

At the Mun family residence, the older Mr. Mun meets with Jang Yeon Ok and her troublesome son, Chan Hyeok. She wants to restore her son’s image and asks Mun Jeong Hun to help. He promises to reconsider Chan Hyeok’s future in the company.

As she is leaving, Yeon Ok notices someone very familiar visiting Mun Jeong Hun. He is a former member of the Agency for National Security Planning and the CEO of 24 Caps, a security company. She finds the meeting weird and asks Lee Sang Hyuk to look into it for her.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Ending Explained: Who Caused Mun Seo Ha’s Accident?

Do Yun arrives home to find Seo Ha waiting for him. They go outside to talk and end up arguing about why Do Yun kept the cause of his father’s death a secret. They exchange words and even punches, but eventually, they calm down and apologize to each other.

Seo Ha was angry because he didn’t know the truth, and Do Yun was upset that Seo Ha brought it up. However, Do Yun doesn’t hold a grudge against Seo Ha.

Seo Ha leaves and starts walking home. To his surprise, Ji Eum is waiting for him. She asks if she can keep him company, and he asks her for a hug. Ji Eum embraces him and assures him that their story will have a happy ending.

Elsewhere, Min Gi is staring pensively at his shaman bells.

We see a memory of Ju Won and Seo Ha floating in his swimming pool. Ju Won, in voiceover, tells him that she will stay by his side. As the kids dive into the water, the image stills and is dyed red.

See You in My 19th Life Episode 6 Review

With the amount of control Do Yun shows around Cho Won, the dam is sure to explode one day. His stand against getting into a relationship with Cho Won might seem twisted to some, but it is the only way he can protect his pride.

Do Yun’s connection to the accident is sure to be unexpected to the manhwa readers among the viewers of the drama, just as his mother’s presence is missed. She was a motherly figure in Seo Ha’s life after he lost his mother and couldn’t maintain connections with Ju Won’s mother.

We also miss the little stories about how Seo Ha became an honorary member of the Ha family. Hopefully, the drama will use them in upcoming episodes, but the chances are low.

We have finally encountered the arc of the mystery of Seo and Ju Won’s accident with no obvious suspects narrowed down so far. We do expect more focus on this in the upcoming episode.

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