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King the Land Episode 6 Recap

King the Land Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained: What Upsets Cheon Sa Rang?

King the Land Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

King the Land starring 2PM’s Junho and Girl’s Generation’s Yoona, is the story of a chaebol heir who hates smiles and a concierge in his hotel who has the prettiest of smiles. It is interesting watching him smile again, despite his denials, as he falls in love with an angel. Cheon Sa Rang literally means like an angel.

As predicted earlier, Netflix’s latest Korean romantic comedy is taking the classic knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress route to induce romance, albeit with chipped armor.

King the Land Episode 6 Recap: Does Cheon Sa Rang Open Her Heart to Gu Won?

Gu Won is worried because they have stopped searching for Sa Rang. He wants to use a helicopter, but he needs permission from Hwa Ran. Sang Sik tells him he needs to fight for power to protect her. Meanwhile, Hwa Ran is in a meeting talking about how their duty-free shop, Alanga, where Da Eul works, is a bad investment.

Gu Won interrupts the meeting, and Hwa Ran reminds him that he’s just a manager. He asks her to discuss it with the board later. Despite her refusal, Gu Won goes to the helipad and tells the pilot he’ll take responsibility.

Sang Sik tries to stop him because it’s dangerous, and he worries about his job if Gu Won gets hurt. Sang Sik tells him to step over him if he wants to go, to which Gu Won tells him to lie down. Sang Sik lets him go.

Gu Won jumps to a ledge and finds Sa Rang. They are relieved to see each other, and she hugs him because she was scared. They realize they can’t leave because the helicopter left due to bad weather. Sa Rang laughs at his rescue attempt, but he confesses that he lost his senses when she was in danger. She gets flustered.

Gu Won calls the pilot for help, but they have to stay there until the morning. He promises to protect her but swiftly hides behind her when they hear rustling. They scream when they see a strange man.

The man turns out to be the farmer Sa Rang was trying to meet. He helps them, laughs at Gu Won for being scared, and tells Sa Rang not to risk her life for a company. After the farmer goes to sleep, Gu Won agrees with his words. Sa Rang says it’s not up to her because she’s just a low-level employee, but Gu Won promises to protect her.

The next day, they playfully argue while sweeping the yard. Gu Won gets worried when he thinks he hurt Sa Rang, but she was pretending, and they continue sweeping happily. They meet the farmer again, who says he will be loyal to the First Royal Hotel but can hire Sa Rang. Gu Won gets jealous when he sees them holding hands and snatches her hand.

The ginseng Sa Rang found was rare. The farmer changes his mind and promises to supply the hotel with the best batch. Sa Rang accepts the ginseng from the farmer for her grandmother. Gu Won is sad to hear that Sa Rang doesn’t have parents to give the ginseng to.

On their way back, Sa Rang thanks Gu Won for his help. He wants her to be casual with him, but she bows deeply instead. She is friendly with Sang Sik when he arrives in a car. Gu Won wants her to sit with him in the back, but she thinks he wants her to close the door. He sulks as she sits in the front seat with Sang Sik and calls him oppa.

King the Land Episode 6 Recap
Still from Episode 6 of King the Land

Gu Won offers to drive, but Sa Rang sits in the back with Sang Sik. They get cakes from a rest stop, but Gu Won refuses to eat them. Sa Rang tries to feed him, but Sang Sik takes it because Gu Won doesn’t like being forced. Sang Sik gets a stomachache and runs off at the next rest stop.

Sa Rang worries about Sang Sik, but Gu Won is upset that she doesn’t worry about him. She says she can if he tells her his concerns, but he brushes it off. He gives Sang Sik his card and tells him to take a sick leave. He drives Sa Rang to her grandmother’s place instead.

At Sa Rang’s grandmother’s restaurant, Gu Won peeks at her from the door while she is working. Her grandmother catches him and makes him peel onions. Sa Rang is shocked to see him there, but they don’t have much time to talk. Grandmother sends them to the market to buy tofu.

Sa Rang wonders why Gu Won is still there, and he says it’s because they almost died together. The market opens a whole new world for Gu Won. He tries different foods and enjoys them.

He plays the king carp game but loses every time. Not having his wallet with him, he approaches Sa Rang and even acts cute. Amused, she gives in. They win a game eventually and hug in excitement before realizing it’s awkward.

They forget to buy tofu, but Gu Won gives flowers to Sa Rang’s grandmother. Her grandmother packs him food and pays him for his work. Initially, he tries to refuse but then accepts it with gratitude.

Back in Seoul, Sa Rang thanks Gu Won for everything. He suggests she treat him to a meal, and she agrees. He calls it a date, and they smile as she gets flustered.

Gu Won shares a meal with his father, and they bond over it. Sa Rang finds taffy, which Gu Won won in the game, while unpacking and remembers the moment they hugged after winning the game.

King the Land Episode 6 Recap
Still from Episode 6 of King the Land

Meanwhile, Da Eul’s supervisor makes her ghost-write reports for her.  She makes her work overtime, disregarding her need to look after her young daughter. She drinks her colleagues’ drinks and then berates them for their choice of drinks.

Da Eul begs her husband to help take care of their daughter. He refuses on the grounds of being busy, but he is just out playing golf.

King the Land Episode 6 Ending Explained: What Upsets Cheon Sa Rang?

At King the Land, the staff members help organize a birthday party for Han Yu Ri, the youngest child of the Han family that owns the First Royal Hotel. Gu Won enters with Sang Sik and a big present.

Sang Sik has to leave. He hands the present to Sa Rang, and she follows Gu Won as he greets people. She gets upset after seeing Yu Ri hit on Gu Won. Gu Won is surprised to find Sa Rang instead of Sang Sik beside him. But he wonders why she looks upset.

Sa Rang leaves, with Gu Won staring at her the entire time. Yu Ri tries to get Gu Won to date her. But he advises her to date someone who will like her back.

Sa Rang finishes work and leaves, and Sang Sik sees her. He asks about a movie, but she rants about people calling it a date when they don’t even like each other. She walks away, leaving Sang Sik to wonder why she got mad. He was just asking whether she had a date rather than asking her out on a date.

Sa Rang drinks with Pyeong Hwa and Da Eul. She is upset by his mixed signals and thinks Yu Ri is Gu Won’s girlfriend. Drinking soon escalates to karaoke. Hungry, the girls decide to order some food. When Sa Rang goes to open the door for the delivery person, she is shocked to find Gu Won on the other side.

King the Land Episode 6 Review

Sa Rang is starting to react subconsciously to Gu Won’s advances.

Gu Won is very transparent, at times, about his feelings—at least when it matters, like the rescue mission. If Sa Rang is unable to comprehend that, she would be no different from the Korean romantic comedies from the previous decade.

This might be an attempt to bring back 2016 Korean dramas, but we’re so used to seeing female leads show their girl boss energy that this feels a little weird.

The humor in this drama is mostly contributed by Noh Sang Sik and Gu Won’s relationship. An Se Ha contributes amazingly as a comic relief character. And Junho’s reactions to his leg-pulling are hilarious at best.

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