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One Piece 1067 Ending Explained: How was Big Mom defeated? Is Big Mom dead?
One Piece 1067 Ending Explained: How was Big Mom defeated? Is Big Mom dead?

One Piece 1067 Ending Explained: How was Big Mom defeated? Is Big Mom dead?

The One Piece anime is back with yet another thrilling and groundbreaking episode. This episode was a combination of amazing animations, thrilling battles and some important revelations.

With each passing episode, the stakes grow higher, and the mysteries of the vast One Piece world deepen. This episode marks the defeat of one of the Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom at the hands of Eustass “Captain” Kid and Trafalgar D. Water Law.

With the defeat of Big Mom, the only major enemy left for The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to defeat is the ruler of Onigashima and the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido.

In this article, we will discuss the events that took place in episode 1067 of One Piece and answer the question: How was Big Mom defeated? Is Big Mom dead?

With this episode, the last phase of the Raid on Onigashima begins. The name of episode 1067 of One Piece is “To the New Era! Settled! The Determination of the Brats”

How was Big Mom defeated?

How was Big Mom defeated?
How was Big Mom defeated?

The episode starts with Big Mom taking the blast of Kid’s “Dammed Punk” as she is about to fall from the hole in the island made in the previous episode.

Momonouske is worried about what is happening inside Onigashima as he is pulling the island away from the Flower Captial.

Kid is giving it his all to make sure Big Mom falls off the island. But Big Mom suddenly starts using the Haoshoku Haki (Conqurer’s Haki) and covers her body with it as a protective coating.

She is quite impressed by Kid and Law. Big Mom speculates that they both are at their limits now. They pushed her into a corner but could not defeat her.

The crew members of Law and Kid start to worry about their captains. Big Mom asks both of the Supernova Captains to choose before she repels their attack.

She asks them to either forfeit 50 years of their lifespan or stay alive and become her slaves. She then uses her Soul Pocus and asks “Life or slave”.

Everyone gets scared after seeing Big Mom’s Soul Pocus and starts running. Their lifespans start getting sucked by Big Mom.

Everyone is scared of how powerful Big Mom is even on the verge of her death. Law then tells his crew to run without him and Kid taunts Big Mom that he is not afraid of her.

Everyone notices that not even a second of the lifespans of Law and Kid is taken away and they don’t feel even the slightest fear of an Emperor of the Sea.

Law uses a new technique named “Re-Room” and states that Big Mom’s dying scream will be unpleasant. He then remembers his past and the time he spent with his father figure Don Quixote Rosinante.

He remembers his ability “Calm” which didn’t allow any sound to pass through the sphere that he made. Then Law uses his “Re-Room” on Big Mom and activates it with his attack called “Silence”.

Due to this, the sound of Big Mom and her Soul Pocus gets negated. Law explains that this technique cancels out all the noise that Big Mom makes.

We see that Misery is about to attack Big Mom from behind. Kid then launches another attack of “Dammed Punk” upon Big Mom and Law instantly cuts Misery in half.

This causes Big Mom to finally fall inside the hole as she thinks of Prometheus and Hera and asks for her help but no one comes to help Big Mom.

Next, we see Yamato trying to protect the explosives from Orichi’s monster. Yamato then sees Big Mom falling from the performance floor.

Big Mom notices that nothing she touches makes a sound and grabs one of the explosives. Yamato stops a big explosion by freezing it but Big Mom takes a big hit.

Due to this explosion, Orichi’s monster disappears. Momonouske then sees Big Mom falling into the hole in the ground that was made by Law in the previous episode. 

One Piece 1067 Ending Explained: Is Big Mom dead? 

Is Big Mom dead? 
Is Big Mom dead?

As Big Mom is falling down she thinks that she was very close to becoming the King of the Pirates.

She then thinks about Rorger and how he started the Great Pirate Era, how everyone believed what he said about the One Piece which led to a lot of people becoming pirates and looking for the One Piece treasure.

She says that the Great Pirate Era didn’t affect Roger as he was about to die that time, but so many brats have stepped up across the world and the Emperors of the Sea are the ones who’re obliged to deal with those annoying punks. 

We then see Zoro who is facing a Grim Reaper in his dreams who struck his scythe onto the ground and Zoro starts falling off Onigashima in the real world.

We then see the confrontation between Raizo and Fukurokuju as Raizo is engulfed in flames and Fukurokuju also catches fire. We then see Komurasaki playing the shamisen as the island is crumbling and Orichi who is with her gets scared. 

Big Mom asks Roger if he is listening. She tells Roger that he should’ve told his generation about One Piece before he died. She asks him what the One Piece is and if is it real.

Big Mom then sees the Flower Capital and everyone in it. She then starts having flashbacks of her life and states that she won’t forgive Law and Kid and that she won’t die like this.

Big Mom finally falls inside the magma hole. After that, a huge explosion is caused where Big Mom fell but due to Law’s technique, there was no sound.

With this, the fight between The Emperor of the Sea Big Mom vs. the New Generation that took place on the Performance Floor inside the Skull Dome came to an end.

The Winners of this battle are Eustass “Captain” Kid and “Surgeon Of Death” Trafalgar D. Water Law. Everyone celebrates as Big Mom is finally defeated.

Law and Kid finally pass out. It was not clear in this episode whether Big Mom died or not. There is no confirmation about this even in the Manga but there has been no appearance of Big Mom after this incident. 

We then see Momonouske hearing the Voice of All Things again and figure out that the one who is speaking to him is Zunesha.

Yamato freezes all the explosives in the basement and talks to Momonouske through the hole made in the basement by Big Mom.

Yamato explains to Momonouske how Big Mom caused the explosion in the basement but she managed to save everyone. Momonouske then warns Yamato about Zunesha.

Yamato recognises Zunesha from Oden’s journal. Momonouske tells Yamato that Zunesha was a companion of Joyboy who committed a crime 800 years ago. 

What will happen in One Piece 1068?

In the next episode of One Piece, we will see Kaido wailing over Big Mom’s defeat. The situation has grown tense in Onigashima. The battle for the existence of the people’s homeland enters a new phase.

The melody of the shamisen played by Komurasaki embodying the vindictive spirit of the Kozuki Clan terrifies Orochi. The next episode of One Piece will be named “Moon Princess Echoes! The Final Phase of the Land of Wano!”


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