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Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: What makes the first episode so enjoyable?

Finally, the wait is over, and Horimiya makes a triumphant return. Season 1 was a complete story, but it left out some of the manga’s details. This season aims to fill in the gaps with a new and fresh perspective, capturing more of the protagonists’ romance. It is not a follow-up to Horimiya Season 1. 

The story revolves around two high school students, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura. 

Hori is a popular student who is a braggart at home. Miyamura, on the other hand, is a gentle tattooed guy who keeps his piercings and tattoos hidden from everyone except Hori and his best friend, Ishikawa. Their unexpected and unusual meeting leads to a beautiful friendship. 

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 1 Recap: How does it explore the growing affection between Hori and Miyamura?

The first episode opens with Katagiri High School’s 63rd graduation ceremony. Hori reflects on how time has flown by and how much has happened in these years.

Episode one is about the class trip they make to Kyoko. Yuki is all fired up to see the place, and Ishikawa teases her for being so excited and loud about it. 

Hori and Miyamura engage in a conversation where they talk about how they came to Kyoto even when they were in middle school. 

But what worries him the most is how he will bathe in the public bath without revealing his tattoos. 


Soon they meet with Shu, who has already bought souvenirs on their first day of the trip. 

The girls, Hori and Yuki, share a single room, while the boys, Miyamura, Ishikawa, and Shu, are grouped.

The most haunting moment for Miyamura comes next. Bath time.

Shu is very excited and persuades Miyamura to bathe with them. Miyamura finds himself in a tough spot. 

He signals Ishikawa to help him, and he comes up with a practically impossible excuse that raises questions about his gender. 

After the mortifying incident, Miyamura heads back to his room, where he comes across Hori in the hallway. He hears his story and she cannot help but laugh at it. Later, she offers him a bath in their bathroom. 

He freshens up and says this out of the blue,

Would you let any other guy into your room if they were in a tight spot?

This question catches her off guard. She never expected Miyamura to ask this question. She fumbles and says she let him in because it was Miyamura. She would not have done it otherwise.  

She blushes hard when he asks what it is about him that made her do it. She trusts him and has such confidence in him that he would not try anything on her. But what Miyamura says flusters her and makes her go all red with embarrassment.

This gives us a hint at the rising affection of Hori and Miyamura for each other. The discomfort and hesitation Hori had in her tone while answering him said it all. And Miyamura’s asking her not to allow guys in her room even if they are in a difficult situation showed his protective side. 

The next day, they go on the trip. She asks Miyamura about his bathing plans for today. He informs her that it is permissible to use the bate at late hours when there is nobody around. He gives an embarrassed smile and apologises for not reading the rulebook properly. 

The class trip ends, and they create a lot of cherishable memories together. 


How does Miyamura’s accidental encounter with Remi lead to a humorous discussion about gender, sailor uniforms, and blazers?

The following scene returns us to the school. Miyamura is seen with freshly cut hair that reveals his piercing holes. He gets soaked by the water from the hose pipe that Remi was using by accident.

Remi takes him to the clinic and offers him a towel. She insists on him taking off his wet cardigan. Miyamura’s refusal makes her suspicious of him wearing his cardigan all year. Her suspicion compelled her to touch him in order to confirm his gender. 

He shares this story with Ishikawa. It led to the time when Miyamura wore a sailor uniform because Hori told him to, and Izakawa witnessed it. This discussion continues, and it culminates in a debate over whether girls look better in sailor uniforms or blazers. 

The class president, Sengoku, is caught in the crossfire but stays neutral by choosing tracksuits over sailor uniforms and blazers. And he ends up getting teased by them. 

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 1 Ending Explained: How do Miyamura and Sengoku try to avoid swimming, and what amusing incidents occur after that?

The Student Council has decided that the boys should opt for swimming on the last day and that it is compulsory to attend. This news is a nightmare for Miyamura and Sengoku. 

Miyamura cannot attend it because of his tattoos, and Sengoku is very conscious of his slender physique. They try to come up with several excuses to ditch it. After a lot of nagging, their English teacher agrees to talk about it with Sasaki Sensei. 

Remi admires Sengoku’s slender demeanour and accepts him for who he is. She enjoys teasing him, as she did by borrowing his slippers and leaving him barefoot in the sweltering heat. 

It is not just her either. Sengoku adores her and is protective of her. We see his jealous and protective side when he chases away the boys who leave the pool just to get a glimpse of Remi’s exposed legs from wearing the slippers. 

Sengoku and Horimiya end up getting the job of keeping the deck clean. They get punched and scolded for slacking off in the middle.

At least it’s better than swimming. 

Shu suffers a leg cramp while swimming and is rescued by Ishikawa. He asks Ishikawa why Miyamura and Sengoku are excused from swimming, to which he answers Sengoku’s arm blew up and Miyamura’s on his period. 

And each time, his answer left Shu speechless and question a lot of things. 

The first episode contains many amusing scenes that will have you giggling a lot. With cuteness overload, it ended on a high note. A lighthearted and easygoing first episode that will actually help you relax. 

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