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Hell's-paradise-episode-13 recap- the final battle with Mu Dan
Hell's-paradise-episode-13 recap- the final battle with Mu Dan

Hell’s Paradise Episode 13 Recap and Ending Explained: How did the final episode wrap up the intense battle with Mu Dan?

Mappa delivered the final episode of Hell’s Paradise yesterday, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next season.

Episode 12 dealt with the shortcomings Sagiri, Yuzuriha, and Santa-dono faced while fighting Mu Dan. He gave them a hard time, and they desperately fought to bring him down and end the fight as soon as possible. 

However, things went awry in the middle of the fight when they thought they had defeated him. In a matter of time, Mu Dan transformed into a monster, manifesting his male and female forms, and attacked Santa-Dono with poisonous stringers. 

The transformation of Santa-dono into flowers was still in progress, which shook Sagiri and Yuzuriha before they were saved from Mu Dan’s attack by Yamada Asaemon Shion. 

Hell’s Paradise Episode 13 Recap: What will happen in the final battle with Mu Dan and Will they be able to kill him?

Episode 13 of Hell’s Paradise opens with Asaemon Shion arriving on time and cutting away at the stringers. He orders Nurugai to pluck out the blooming flowers and roots from Santa’s body and take the others away at a safer distance. 

Seeing the pathetic condition of Santa-Dono, Yuzuriha gives him medicine to stop the bleeding for the time being. On the other hand, Sagiri gets anxious about Shion and wonders how he will fight single-handedly against Mu Dan. 

Nurugai assures Sagiri that Shion is the fittest to face Mu Dan. Her master is more than capable of confronting the monster. Shion has been experimenting with his knowledge of waves on the Soshins all along. 

Hell’s-paradise-episode-13 recap-Asaemon-Shion

With the newly acquired knowledge, Shion tests his theory on him and attacks him by accumulating his waves, or, in other words, his Tao. Using his Tameshi Itto-ryu technique, he showers back-to-back attacks on him and, with one go, pierces his abdominal area. 

Seeing Shion’s fighting style, Mu Dam, whose healing has slowed down, recognises the technique and says that his incredible Tao is fatal for him. 

Flowers started to bloom on Shion’s body shortly after the scratches by the stringers. He says that Shion will make a good tan. He makes the mistake of underestimating the power of Shion, who slices the parts where the flowers have bloomed despite the consequence. 

He started losing too much blood from the wounds he inflicted on himself, but that did not stop him. He was not afraid to walk the path of death. What mattered was the death of the monster in front of him. 

Watching Shion fight alone and sacrifice himself, Sagiri decides to help him despite running low on stamina. Standing there idle will not do any good. So, she decides to create an opening for him to kill Mu Dan. Nurugai agrees to help her, but Yuzuriha is already out of steam by then. 

They prepare themselves by coating in bandages and Yuzuriha’s fluid, which acts as an antidote to the stringers and prevents flowers from growing. She informs Shion about the Tanden being his weakness and how, by striking his core, they can potentially kill him.  

Sagiri and Nurugai plan to act as decoys while letting Shion attack Mu Dan’s Tandens from behind. They are interrupted by Mu Dan’s stringers, which they dodge and save themselves.

Sagiri advances by slashing the vines, sensing the monster’s Tao. Shion applauds her for fighting so well, even better and more accurately than him.

Shion attacks him relentlessly, regardless of how well the monster defends himself. He gives him no opportunity to regenerate instantly. He fights the monster fiercely, using all of his strength. 

But after all, they are all humans. Fighting while using Tao leads to an immense loss of stamina and takes a toll on the mortal body. Sagiri bleeds from her nose again. Shion, on the other hand, has lost a significant amount of blood, which has sapped his strength.

Shion then advances forward with more determination. He knows the dangers of fighting the monster, yet he cannot stop himself.

Hell's-paradise-episode-13 recap-
Hell’s-paradise-episode-13 recap

In a monologue, he claims that a pitch-black emotion of hatred and frustration has enveloped his mind and soul. Shion, in reality, has yet to forgive himself for whatever he did the day Tenza died at the hands of the Tenzen. He cannot forgive himself because all he did was flee while Tenza sacrificed his life to protect Shion and Nurugai. 

He unleashes all of his pent-up frustration, hatred, and guilt on the stringers until he is close to the Tandens. 

Yamada Asaemon Shion, you will never be forgiven. Not until your own life has ended. 

He gathers all his waves and wraps them around his blade. But he halts at his inability to sense any strong waves from the Tanden. It is when Santa Dono yells that its weakness is its Ovule because it is plant-based.

Shion wastes no time and slashes its ovule into two, revealing multiple heads of Mu Dan.  

The death of an immortal sounds very absurd. Right? But Shion proved that even immortals can be killed. 

When Mu Dan is close to his death, he appreciates Shion’s Tao. Seeing Shion fight without fearing death, captivates him. He praises the perfect balance of yin and yang in Shion which he could not attain even in a thousand years. He wishes he could show such a mesmerising sight to Rien. 


Shion cuts through it and finally kills the immortal Mu Dan. With his death, the surrounding area becomes covered with flowers. 

Sagiri rushes towards Santa Dono. Seeing Shion and Santa-Dono fatally injured, she falls into a dilemma about who to save first. 

Listening to Yuzuriha, she agrees to use it on Shion. It would be pointless to use the salve on a half-dead man. They let him die in peace for the good of everyone. They bury him and decide to stop for a while before they resume their journey. 

Sagiri pledges, I won’t let anyone else die. I swear we’ll all leave this island alive. 

The next scene jumps to show Gabimaru’s condition after he loses consciousness. He wakes up with a jolt and finds himself in a cave with the others. 

To his horror, he has no recollection of anything except that he is Gabimaru the Hollow, Iwagakure’s current greatest ninja. He decides to play along with them and get information about everything. 

hell’s-paradise-episode-13 recap

When Mei asks if Gabimaru is okay, he responds in a lifeless manner, as if he has reverted to his former self, the one who was actually hollow. But Mei senses his Tao and recognises the danger in him right away.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 13 Ending Explained: Unravelling the Illusion of  Gabimaru’s Past and How Does Sagiri React to It?

Sagiri, Shion, Nurugai, and Yuzuriha enter Horai and take shelter there. They talk about the Waves and the Tao and how mastering them can grant one superhuman abilities. But at the expense of endangering the user’s life.

Its side effects are still unknown, but it is known that it may cause mental and physical changes, amnesia, or death.

Yuzuriha raises the most serious issue: no elixir exists in reality. But Sagiri says that it exists, as confirmed by Gabimaru when he said that his village chief was immortal. 

Yuzuriha remarks that it must be an illusion, a technique used by Shinobi to gain dominance over others. Not only this, she questions everything related to Gabimaru and even speculates, Does his wife really exist? Within a few minutes, whatever Sagiri thought she knew about Gabimaru was exposed as a lie, an illusion. 

It is too much for Sagiri to handle. The deaths of so many Asaemons, and now Santa-Dono, as well as Gabimaru’s revelations, shatter her. Shion goes to check on her and tries to lighten up the mood.

Sagiri feels sorry for Gabimaru and wonders what will happen to him when he comes across the truth that everything was an illusion from the start. Shion could not help but ask her, What are you to Gabimaru? after seeing her concern for him.

What she believes is that Gabimaru will never give up and will make it back alive. 

The episode’s credit scene transports us to an inn in the Satsuma Domain, where we meet two new Yamada Asaemon, Asaemon Jikka and Asaemon Shugen, who are ordered by the Shogun to return to Shinsenkyo to monitor those who have been assigned to the mission. 


The next season will unravel how Gabimaru deals with his memory impairment and what the deal is with the new task assigned to the Asaemon. 

The next season will undoubtedly be a banger, with much-anticipated fights with the other Tensens. We hope to learn more about the secrets surrounding Shinsenkyo and what else the ostensibly paradisiacal island has to offer.

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