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Loving Yamada at Lv999 Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers and What to expect?

Season 1 of Loving Yamada at Lv999 is based on the Shojo manga under the same name, written and illustrated by Mashiro and produced by Studio Madhouse. It scored a rating of 4.9/5 on Crunchyroll and is one of the most romantic animes you can watch this Spring.   

Nowadays, almost anything online can lay the groundwork for romantic relationships in real life. In the age of “Online romance,” if you know what I mean, this anime will show you how gamers fall in love with each other through a video game. 

If you have loved Wotakai: Love is Hard for an Otaku and Horimiya, Loving Yamada at Lv999 is the perfect anime for you to watch. 


Wotakai: Love is Hard for an Otaku shares the same plot of two gamers falling in love, with the avatars of the lead male actors being gloomy in appearance but their players being swoon-worthy. And, like Horimiya, the main male actors are dark-haired, pretty boys with blue eyes sharing the same voice actor. 

It is not a typical romance in which the couple is all lovey-dovey. It encompasses elements of obvious romance along with humour and twists and turns. It follows the trope of strangers becoming friends, then lovers, with the girl being a few years older than the guy and hints of unrequited love. 

This 13-episode anime has proven to be pretty engaging since its premiere and has captivated the hearts of the Otakus, especially those who are into these tropes and genres. The opening song by Kana Boon and Yuzo Kitazawa is such a bop, as it sets the tone of the anime. 

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Season 1 Overview: What Happened When love bloomed in the “Forest of Savior”?

The story is about a college student, Akane Kinoshita, voiced by Inori Minase. Her boyfriend dumped her because he was cheating on her with a girl he met while playing the online video game Forest of Saviour.

The irony is that Akane started playing the same video game for his sake. And, to be honest, whatever happens, is for the best. Her joining the game, him ditching her, and her continuing the game all happened for a reason. The reason was Yamada. It set the stage for his entrance into her life. 

The game anniversary event for the same game was a watershed moment in Akane’s and, in some ways, Yamada’s lives. 

Yamada is a high school student, a computer geek, and a pro gamer who enjoys FPS games. Grumpy on the outside but a cinnamon roll on the inside—the total opposite of Akane’s personality. 

Akane is a beautiful and charming blondie with pretty green eyes, who is easily approachable, jovial, innately kind, and who occasionally rumbles her emotions when she gets overwhelmed. Her warm and welcoming aura is one of her pleasant traits. 

On the other hand, Yamada is an introverted person who struggles to communicate his emotions. He is extremely handsome, with sharp facial features and a slender physique that is magnetising. Yamada is a natural charmer who exudes a lot of confidence. 


The best thing in the anime is the standout dynamic between Akane and Yamada. Despite being total strangers, they faked being a couple to tease her ex-boyfriend, who attended the same event with his new girlfriend. 

From guild members in a game to being actual friends, it was the start of a sweet friendship in which the guy is grumpy and the girl is the sunshine in his life. 

The first episode proved that not all strangers are evil. The way Yamada handled heartbroken Akane, though it was initially against his wishes, still gave her company till the end and even brought her bandaids for her scraped ankles.  He did not stop there; when he saw that Akane was totally wasted, he brought her to his home and treated her the way a gentleman does.  

When Akane learned that he lives alone and survives on convenience store food, she felt bad and packed boxes of food for him. So generous and thoughtful of her. 

Yamada’s appearance as a knight in shining armour and arranging the necessities for her in the middle of the night in the episode where she fell ill demonstrated how caring and helpful he was despite his usual cold demeanour. 

With every episode, their relationship grew, and that fueled our desperation for them to become a couple. 

They met regularly; if not physically, they would always end up meeting virtually in the game, and soon they became each other’s comfort space. Yamada started loving Akane’s company. She grew on him, and so did he. 

Certain scenes were heartwarming to watch, such as Yamada grabbing her hand while crossing the street and asking if she is okay, Akane blushing at the sight of Yamada, seeking his help with technical stuff and games, daydreaming about him, Yamada handling drunk Akane, and Akane struggling to confess to him but Yamada confessing her first – attention was given to the smallest of details added to the essence of the plot.

When the slow burn between Yamada and Akane hit as hard as a sledgehammer, our hearts skipped beats, and butterflies in our stomachs drove us insane. Throughout the series, they implicitly expressed their love and concern for one another. 

The highlight of the season was the finale episode, where Yamada got busted and confessed his feelings to Akane. Their struggle to admit their mutual attraction to each other was finally over.


The main leads were not the only ones who kept the show going. Without the supporting cast, it would have been like having a bland chicken stew for dinner. 

Akane’s best friend, Momo, Yamada’s best bud, Sasaki, who was the master of the guild, “Chocolate Rabbit”, in the game they play under the stage name Rurihime and who also became Akane’s confidante in and out of the game, Mr Takezo, the sweetest member of the guild, and Runa, Sasaki’s middle schooler sister.  

All these characters contributed immensely to the growth of the plot in several ways. Momo and Sasaki console and cheer up Akane during difficult times, rooting for the two of them to end up together. Sasaki also advises rookie Akane in the game. Runa’s initial animosity towards Akane joining their guild evolved into a warm friendship in which she saw Akane as an older sister. 

I believe the role of Tsubaki, a classmate of Yamada, was a very important one. Had Tsubaki not confessed to him, Yamada would not have reflected on his true desires and feelings. She made him accept and acknowledge the truth that it is Akane with whom he is in love. 

The anime accurately explores the significance of friendship and the concept of love in the virtual era, where every other online platform can serve as a dating ground, taking into account our increasingly digital lives.

We can relate to the roller coaster of emotions the characters go through because it is so realistic. Keeping the essence of the manga intact, the anime is a charming mix of spirited romance and humour, with heartwarming moments, engaging scenes, cliffhangers, and a happy ending. The animation, art style, visually appealing character designs, and everything, in general, are top-notch. 

Loving Yamada at Lv999 Season 2 Release Date and What to Expect?

Season 1 ended on a happy note, to the delight of the viewers, serving a treat to our eyes and soul. What more could one want from a rom-com anime? 

After such a charming and easygoing first season, viewers are eagerly waiting for the second season. There has been no confirmation regarding the next season. However, it is speculated to stream in the spring of 2024 or early 2025.

Season 2 will most likely start with chapter 42 of the manga, and viewers are eagerly anticipating to watch the full-fledged romance between Akane and Yamada, as well as how Yamada will change in expressing his emotions to Akane and how openly romantic he becomes in his new relationship. We expect to see the introduction of new characters that will bring with them new twists and turns.

Will there be swoon-worthy and steamy scenes in their romance? Will the animators stick to the original storyline rather than skip chapters? Will there be more unrequited love, heartbreaks, or situations that lead to misunderstandings and breakups, if at all?

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